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How to register an escort business in Ohio

Ohio. Home to the first ambulance service, the first traffic light, the invention of the hot dog and the first professional baseball team. We can rock out in your Rock and Roll Hall of Fame or stare at very large men in your Football Hall of Fame. You gave us seven United States Presidents, Neil Armstrong, Steven Spielberg, Annie Oakley, Paul Newman and a form of chili all your own. Thanks, Ohio. Continue reading

How to register an escort business in Illinois

Illinois. Famous for skyscrapers, Abraham Lincoln and Oprah Winfrey. Bursting with cardinals, violets and white-tailed deer, you’re the urban/rural blend that so few states can boast of so highly. The blend of traditional / contemporary found in Illinois makes yours a welcoming state in which to legally start a small business. Continue reading

How to register an escort business in Oklahoma

Oklahoma. “Where the wind comes sweeping down the plain”. The Cowboy State, home to the World Championship Cow Chip Throw, Will Rogers and Garth Brooks. A state of shocking beauty and a rich Native American heritage, you’ve seen joy and tragedy, and more tornadoes than any other state can rightly claim. Continue reading

How to register an escort business in Virginia

Virginia. Named after Queen Elizabeth, the Virgin Queen, in a time when people still bought the story that if you were not married you were still a virgin. Your greatest cash crop is tobacco, though you innocently started out by trying to cultivate the mulberry trees that attract silkworms. Many of the old salts that would be our first presidents were born within your borders Continue reading

How to register an escort business in California

California: The Golden State. Home to the Golden Gate Bridge and the Hollywood that helped native Californians Marilyn Monroe, Robert Redford and Shirley Temple shine. California fostered Julie Child to revolutionize the way American kitchens run, Joe DiMaggio to become a baseball great and Robert Frost to become one of our most beloved American poets. Thanks, California. Continue reading

How to register an escort business in Alabama

So you live in Alabama? The alphabetical first state and the 22nd to officially join the union. It’s a beautiful state, with the camellia as its flower and the monarch butterfly as its insect. And what state owns that Sweet Home song that all residents of the other 49 states wish they could call their own? Continue reading