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Kansas prostitution law

The Sunflower State strictly defines prostitution and determines that it is illegal within the state of Kansas. Categorizing the crime into three specific types of offenses, the trade of prostitution and related activities are prohibited and punished. Continue reading

Delaware prostitution laws

With provisions for minimum mandatory sentences and clear specifications involving locations, Delaware prostitution statutes strictly prohibit prostitution within its state boundaries. Like many states in the United States, Delaware’s laws set forth clear, succinct guidelines about the crime of prostitution. Continue reading

Alaska prostitution laws

Just because it’s cold there doesn’t mean that Alaska forgives payment for some time with a warm body. Just like the other states in the U.S., Alaska has very specific and strict laws prohibiting prostitution and several acts related to prostitution. The guidelines explicitly define what prostitution is in Alaska and who is considered to be promoting it. Continue reading

Arkansas prostitution laws

The laws governing and defining prostitution in Arkansas are relatively straight-forward and very similar to standard laws prohibiting prostitution throughout the United States. However, generally classified as Class B or Class A Misdemeanors, the sentences for prostitution in Arkansas appear to be less severe Continue reading

Prostitution laws in Texas

Although it is said that everything is bigger in Texas, the statutes prohibiting prostitution in Texas are very similar in size and breadth to the other states in the U.S. That being said, prostitution is generally treated as a misdemeanor (until someone is convicted of multiple offenses or more serious ones), and relatively reasonable sentences are imposed upon guilty offenders. Continue reading

The fine legal line between escort and prostitute: some strategies for an escort to stay out of trouble

There are many benefits to taking employment as an escort: the pay is often lucrative and can be handled in cash, the hours are flexible, and the social nature of the job trends towards potentially interesting and exciting work. But the profession also carries a degree of danger, as the legal line between “escort” and “prostitute” can be easily and accidentally crossed. Continue reading