How thousands of escorts manage to dress sexily in cold weather

When you meet up with clients for encounters, their expectations for you include you knocking their socks (and pants) off with your appearance. Escorts typically find it easy to dress sexily during warmer seasons, as they can show a bit of skin in order to “up” the allure factor. However, during the colder weather, you may think it is more challenging to find ways to show off your curves, while avoiding goose bumps. But, by entertaining current fashion trends, it’s easier than ever to vamp it up this winter. Continue reading

10 overlooked health risks of escorts’ wardrobe

As you zip it up, it probably doesn’t even occur to you that your extra-tight, little black dress could be damaging your health, especially paired with the body shaper you have on underneath. Unfortunately, many of the staples included in escorts’ wardrobes may be unhealthy choices and, if worn continuously, could cause long-term health problems. Continue reading