13 indispensable leadership skills for every adult service provider

Most of the time, escorts work independently and rarely collaborate with others. Because of this, teamwork and leadership skills used to influence and guide other co-workers aren’t common traits that would normally be considered essential for an escort. However, escorts have to act as leaders in their own enterprises. They must have the confidence and passion that will inspire others to utilize their services and seek out their companionship. Continue reading

How escorts can make their sessions serve double duty

Many escorts clearly separate their personal and professional lives. They make certain that their activities and interests don’t intertwine, so as to keep their identities definitively apart. However, there are some escorts who have discovered that they can make the most of their encounters by allowing some elements of their professional lives to seep into their personal ones. Continue reading

Can escorts avoid falling into cynicism?

One of the standard hazards of the job when you’re an escort is becoming cynical about life and the people in your world. Unfortunately, cynicism is one of the most common traits that escorts (especially seasoned ones) share across the board. That general mistrust of others and their motives damages an escort’s ability to have faith, hope and compassion for others. Continue reading

Here’s why no decent escort will respond to your blunt correspondence

Maybe you’re busy. Sometimes you just don’t feel like talking. Other occasions catch you at a loss for words. Regardless of your reasons for leaving a blunt, overly direct message for an escort, it may have impacts that you don’t anticipate. Experienced escorts use your correspondence with them as a way to get a feel for you prior to even scheduling an encounter. Continue reading

13 valuable things that activists do for the escort industry

Just like in any field of business, the escort industry benefits from the efforts of dedicated, loyal activists who advocate for the interests of adult industry workers. Many of these activists work with established organizations with boards and long lists of members. However, some supporters put their efforts out independently, choosing to work alone, instead of being directly associated with others. These activists have significant impacts on the escort industry, providing progress for and awareness of issues of special concern to escorts and others involved in the industry. Continue reading

Do escorting and college mix? Yes: 7, No: 7

Many young women work in the adult entertainment industry while attending college and working toward their degrees. While the most popular adult career for college coeds may be stripper (or exotic dancer, if you like), many students are turning to the escort industry as a way to earn living expenses, make extra money or pay for school. The explosion of the escort industry through Internet offerings has made it an available and appealing part-time career for young women. Continue reading