On escorting and addictions

Society’s overall perceptions of escorts include the image of a drug-addled, runaway who performs sex acts for money. People seem to think they lack values and morals and have low personal opinions of themselves.

Far and wide, rscorts are intelligent, beautiful, entrepreneurs who rely on their skills and talents to provide companionship for those who seek it in exchange for generous compensation. However, just like all other slices of the world population, many ARE plagued by addictions and problems that are exacerbated by their careers. Continue reading

Solutions to escort burnout

At some point in her career, after a less than pleasant date, after a really busy couple of weeks, or after a year or two competing in the market, an escort can experience burnout. The signs of burnout vary a lot. For some girls it is nothing more serious than a bit of ennui at the prospect of the next date, for others it raises its head by way of substance abuse and for still other, a general depression can set in. Continue reading

How to stay nice while attending to your escort business

One of the misnomers about becoming a successful escort is that you must put up a tough image, as emotions and personal involvement have no place in the industry. However, much to the contrary, what many clients are actually looking for is  compassion, empathy, listening, and kindness, which are lacking in their daily lives. However, it is true that when you work in the business, keeping a stiff upper lip is necessary Continue reading

How to handle clients who accuse escorts of passing along an STD

When you’re an escort, you put your own sexual health at risk each time you meet up with a client. Although you implement strict policies about condom use and other safe practices, it is possible that, despite your best efforts, you could contract an STD. Additionally, you have to be aware that due to society’s outlook on the escort industry, your clients may be extremely fearful of getting an STD or infection from you. Being prepared for the STD discussion is a necessity Continue reading

4 New Year resolutions that every escort should make

New Year’s resolutions are easily made and even more easily forgotten. Excitement surrounds them as the first days of the new year arrive, but after a week or so, the best intentions become lost in the fray of day-to-day life as business as usual takes over. When you’re an escort, you may make several resolutions about your life and career, but this year there are three that should take prominence and become a way of life. Continue reading

11 issues that escorts have to face in the fall

Throughout the year, all escorts experience a period of burn-out, distraction or over scheduling that creates obstacles to success in their careers. For many, fall is a season with unlimited distractions that create challenges in focus, marketing and booking. From the change in weather to new attitudes associated with the time of year, autumn may be a difficult time to escort successfully. Continue reading