Should escorts adjust rates for low-service clients?

Escorts hear requests that revolve around rates, services, time and details. For every client, there is a different request, a reason he or she is different, a special consideration that could be made and a potentially different way to charge. It’s difficult to keep your rates and policies straight if you make special, separate allowances for every client you have. Continue reading

6 simple steps to set up a credit card merchant account for escorts

This article is old and outdated, we are working on updating it to provide you with better and more accurate information

When you decide to begin accepting credit card payments for sessions, you will have to jump through some hoops to establish yourself as a legitimate business with the card companies. Accepting credit card payments is easy, but there are some requirements you must meet. Continue reading

5 more reasons escorts should accept credit cards

In the age of digital money, it makes even more sense for escorts to accept credit card payments for sessions they book. Whether their clients pay for their appointments online or in person, several advantages make credit card acceptance nearly a no-brainer for high-end escorts who wish to cater to well-to-do clients. Here are five more reasons why escorts should accept credit card payments: Continue reading

Sugar daddy for an escort

Finding a sugar daddy or mommy might be the answers to many escorts’ prayers. Someone to pay the rent, make student loans go away and take you on trips to exotic locations sounds like the perfect solution to financial challenges. Even though it’s not possible to simply conjure up a sugar parent to fulfill your whims and desires, there are some tricks that you can use to find one of your own. Continue reading