Pros and cons of public dates with clients

Weddings, family reunions, work banquets… people often find these the kind of events that one would bring a spouse or a significant other to. If you arrive single and unattached, there are always questions. And, to be honest, many events are just much more fun if you have a partner in crime on your arm. As a result, escorts are known to be asked to accompany clients on public dates. Continue reading

12 ways to recover from a sex scandal

Every day public figures, respected professionals and trusted family members get caught having sex or engaging in other intimacies with someone they shouldn’t be spending private time with. But, a sex scandal with an escort is much more heinous than simply boinking your secretary or wife’s best friend. As shameful as it is to get caught with your pants down in a steamy affair with someone you work with or know socially, it’s even more deplorable to be exposed exchanging money with a paid companion. Continue reading

What effect does escort fiction have on public opinion?

The Internet is a great outlet for free expression, up-to-the-second news headlines and a wealth of information about any topic about which you’ve ever wondered. However, there is one thing the Internet is not: reliable. Mainstream news agencies are a part of the establishment and every words they say invites more questions than provides answers. Independent sites are in such hurry and on such small budgets that they can’t afford fact-checking step. Can anybody be trusted at all? Continue reading