13 relationship risks with regular clients that escorts should be aware of

Every escort builds bonds and relationships with the clients who regularly see them. However, while many advantages come with those closer ties, some pitfalls do exist that make encounters with regulars quite tedious. It’s natural that as you begin to spend increasing time with someone (such as your clients), the formality of the new “friendship” begins to wane Continue reading

Facials: Escorts’ fountain of youth?

Well-known as a porn industry standard, the “facial” is a common request for escorts. It involves the ejaculation of semen by a male client onto the face of an escort (or any other partner). Considered non-penetrative sex, a facial, also known as a “money shot”, usually accompanies and occurs after other sexual activities, such as oral sex, penetrative intercourse and/or anal sex. Continue reading

11 reasons for escorts to be careful with lube

The lubrication industry — a $219 million dollar business in the U.S. — is currently led by giants K-Y Jelly (produced by Johnson & Johnson) and Astroglide (a product of BioFilm Inc). And, while their marketing departments agree that sex cannot happen without their lube, sane folks are wondering about the synthetic and toxic ingredients of any mainstream product, including lubricants. Continue reading

No matter how slow the business, escorts should never take these 11 risks

During a slow economy, it’s extremely common for an escort to experience a reduction in the number of encounters she books. And, during the course of the year, a natural fluctuation of business can be expected, with certain times of the year being slower or producing more business than others. However, if you find yourself in a predicament where your number of clients is consistently dwindling to a point where you’re not able to pay your bills, it’s definitely time to take action. Continue reading

12 little known on-the-job escort injuries and how to avoid them

When one-third of adults suffer a sex injury each year, it’s really no surprise that escorts frequently suffer from some sort of job-related sex-induced issue. This is to be expected when delicate tissues collide with repetitive motions, unnatural positions, and passion. Add to that the fact that the body releases an increased number of endorphins during arousal, so pain is naturally suppressed. However, the next day (or even in an hour or two), when the endorphins are gone, the pain comes out. Continue reading