14 Android apps that every escort should know about

As an escort, you probably use your Android phone non-stop. Calling or texting clients, double-checking your schedule and doing other tasks related to your smartphone’s capabilities are common duties of your Android device. Hands down, it’s one of the most important tools in your escort career arsenal, because not only does it keep you connected to your clients, but it also serves as a safety link when you’re at encounters. But your phone can do so much more for you when you use the correct apps. Check out these top 15 14 must-have Android apps for escorts: Continue reading

17 must-have iPhone apps for escorts

Many escorts utilize iPhones and iPads. Although the phone is expensive, iOS apps are usually free or affordable. An escort’s apps can make her device even more functional and valuable for her career. Whether you use your phone as a productivity tool or just as a way to stay in touch, the apps your choose will turn your device into a perfectly personalized Swiss Army knife. Continue reading

5 inventions that made life easier for escorts

When asked to name the top 10 inventions of the modern era, many people mention technology that makes day-to-day life more pleasant: televisions, microwaves, refrigerators, automobiles, etc. These are items that most people have used or owned in their everyday lives. Similarly, there are some inventions that make escorting much easier and convenient than ever before. Here are the top 5 inventions that make escorting easier: Continue reading

How does virtual escorting work

While most of the time people think about real in-person encounters when an escort is mentioned, there are dates being had online that are just as steamy and erotic. Gamers and online game enthusiasts are finding that they can get their rocks off through virtual portals, too, such as in the game Second Life and others. Continue reading

10 phone tips for escorts

The phone may be the tool you use to do a lot of business as an escort: booking appointments, fielding questions from prospective clients, setting up advertising and scheduling travel arrangements. Because your phone may provide insight to the type of professional you are to clients, it’s essential Continue reading