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Law enforcement inquiries

Please include a link to the ad or ads in question. This will allow us to find the information and get back to you much, much faster. A link will look something like If you cannot enter long addresses like this in your form, you may instead include the ad ID. In the example link above, the ad ID would be 5172697171234 - that is, the numbers after the last slash, "/".

If the matter is in regards to non-consensual activity (or to do with a minor), you do not need a subpoena/warrant/court order etc. Simply send a request from your law enforcement email to and we will respond with what information we can provide. Please include the exact link to the ad in question.

The owner's personal philosophy in this matter is that people who traffic or prey on other people (let alone minors) should be shot, and we are happy to help law enforcement in any way we can in these cases.

If per your protocols you need to send an official subpoena, you may send scanned copies of papers to .

Note for American law enforcement

We are frequently asked for a legal division and/or a physical address to send subpoenas to. These requests seem to be particular to American law enforcement protocols. We do not have a physical address (nor any systems) inside the United States, nor (at this time) is it our procedure to travel to the United States to testify in any court proceedings. However, we are more than happy, if it is necessary for your case, to sign a "Certificate of Authenticity of Business Records" for you.

We read all messages and do our best to respond within 24 hours.

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