12 ways to design the perfect Halloween escort session

Halloween is a widely celebrated holiday in the United States that provides opportunities for perfectly sane adults to adorn themselves in embarrassingly naughty costumes and participate in all forms of debauchery.

Of course, it’s also the same day that kids go innocently trick-or-treating for candy. In the escort industry, there are lots of ways that you can take advantage of the holiday in order to provide memorable and fun encounters to your clients.

Utilize the following tips to develop exciting Halloween options to spice up your encounters:

  1. Engage in a trick-or-treat role-play scenario. Even though your clients have grown into adulthood, the appeal of going door to door, seeking candy or other treats is still prevalent. However, most residential neighborhoods frown upon fully-grown trick-or-treaters. But, you can invite your favorite “little” ghost or goblin over to receive some treats by venturing into a role play game. Arrange it ahead of time with your client that he will come to your door, dressed in full costume, and attempt to obtain treats from you. As he rings your door bell and announces, “Trick or treat,” you can invite him in for some special treats. You can make a fuss over his costume, answer the door in a naughty outfit of your own (or lingerie) and proceed to reward him for being your favorite visitor of the evening. The “treats” can be sexual acts or attempts to deliver pleasure of some kind, or you could give him sex coupons that he could cash in throughout the rest of the encounter.
  2. Attend an erotic masquerade with a client. Most large metropolitan areas offer an adult Halloween ball of some sort. Las Vegas, Los Angeles and New York hold famous bashes, but other large cities host interesting fetish- or adult-themed parties, too. Some of these may be held in public venues or at private clubs, where attendance is more limited. Often, masks are required to conceal the identities of party goers and to enhance the fun. When you visit such an event with a client, make sure that you agree on some ground rules ahead of time. Determine the expectations of your involvement with him while at the masquerade. Unless you are into it, do not agree to engage in any public acts of intimacy. Nor, should you agree to allow him to pass you off to another party attendee for sexual acts. While you and your client may enjoy the party and witness some steamy scenes, make sure that your client is aware that any action with you must occur behind closed doors. Do not imbibe in too many spirits and do not tolerate your client’s drunkenness if it occurs. Otherwise, enjoy the party and the sex-charged atmosphere, fueling the private encounter that will follow afterward.
  3. Dress up with your client. Even if you don’t intend to go anywhere dolled up in your costume, it can be fun to show off to each other as part of your session. Talk with your client ahead of time about his costume preferences. Some escorts and clients match up their costumes, while others choose to surprise each other. Discuss whether the costume should have a sexy theme or adhere to some other guidelines. Even if you and your client don’t settle on naughty characters or intentions, make sure that you select an attractive choice that plays up your best asset or allows you to wear your sexiest thong and bra underneath it. Often, clients will request something typical such as a French maid, cheerleader, nurse or school girl. Of course, while slutty, sexy costumes will get you your client’s full attention, something a bit more classy (and less revealing) may actually be more arousing to him. (What he can’t see is often sexiest.) In addition to making sure that you have on the perfect costume for your client, be sure to compliment him on his choice and indicate to him how much you like it.
  4. Decorate your incall for the season. While your clients don’t want to feel like they are entering a witch’s castle or a death dungeon, putting up a few decorations is a welcoming approach for visitors to your incall. Carve a pumpkin or two, scatter a couple of random cobwebs or put out a fall-themed flower arrangement. Putting out some decorations, as long as they are small and tasteful, will make your clients feel as though they are visiting someone real, who is someone they would associate with under other circumstances. However, escorts who completely make over their incalls with Halloween decor are going overboard. Your bedroom area should remain untouched from Halloween garb, in order to keep the atmosphere romantic and soothing. Keep the majority of your Halloween decorations isolated to one general area. For instance, it’s smart to set out a display on your porch or front stoop. However, decorations should filter all the way inside to the bathroom. A few items up in the living room is acceptable, but lights strung down the hallway is overdoing it. Avoid making your place look crazy; shoot for tasteful, subtle decor.
  5. Consider accompanying your client to a haunted house. Depending on his fright level, your client might enjoy some scary fun for Halloween by going through one of the many haunted venues in most towns. From the traditional haunted house to other variations, there is something available for everyone these days. Haunted hospitals, zombie apocalypse experiences and other options are popular for visitors. Coordinate with your client to select one that will work for both of you. Realize that your typical escort attire is probably not recommended for this type of activity. Consider a pair of great-fitting jeans, sturdy shoes and a hoodie or sweater. (You may get dirty or damage your clothing at some haunted houses. Inquire ahead about the premises if you’re worried about what to wear.) Be prepared to stay close to your client and snuggle close at the appropriate times. Remember that fear can be a great adrenaline producer, which can enhance the passion your client will feel for you later during the private portion of your encounter.
  6. Indulge your inner movie critic with a scary film fest. Ask your client what his favorite horror flick is and stream it to your television. Light some candles, set out pillows on the floor and settle in to watch a movie. Pop some popcorn and imbibe a spooky beverage (or anything else that sounds good). Re-live the days of teenage movie-watching experiences where snuggling leads to something a bit more intense during the middle of the movie. Of course, intimate acts can always be engaged in when the movie virgin nearly gets on in with her love interest or as she goes upstairs/outside/next door/etc. to “check things out” only to encounter the bad guy. Laugh at the silly parts of the film (as nearly all horror movies have ridiculous segments) and enjoy the scares you get from the thrilling parts. Simply sitting with your client and enjoying something he likes can be a great thrill for him. Even if you hate the movie, attempt to act as though you are fully enjoying yourself through just spending time with your client.
  7. Carving a pumpkin can lead to a lot of fun. Halloween is certainly the season for jack-o’-lanterns, and you and your client can have some fun creating one or two. Not only is the act of emptying out the pumpkin guts something that can erupt into a fun, messy fight, but it’s something you can do together and casually initiate those first few innocent touches. Brushing hands or being close to one another as you both work on the pumpkin creates a sense of casual, natural intimacy which helps work past any awkwardness experienced with a new client. Pumpkin carving can evolve into several activities, such as a carving contest. You and your client can compete to create the scariest, most intricate or most creative pumpkin. The winner gets his or her favorite form of sexual pleasure. You and your client can work together to create a sexy design for your pumpkin, too. This effort to get your creative juices flowing may conjure up all kinds of other steamy ideas that interfere with your pumpkin carving experience, which is perfectly alright.
  8. Go to a corn maze with your client. In most parts of the country, corn mazes are somewhat nearby and offer great fun for couples. Venturing into the unknown and attempting to find your way out is a great bonding experience that can lead to an intimate connection later when you are alone. However, some couples don’t wait to take their amorous adventures behind closed doors. If you go to a corn maze at night, finding a dark, isolated corner is fairly easy where you might be able to engage in a quickie with your client. However, beware of the risks involved in getting caught. Most corn mazes are family events, so strict guidelines are in place about propriety. (Some corn mazes shut down to families at a certain time and stay open for an adult crowd, though.) Even if it’s “adult time” at the maze, use caution to avoid being detected doing anything intimate in the maze.
  9. Spend your encounter at a haunted hotel or bed-and-breakfast inn. Throughout the United States, haunted overnight accommodations have become increasingly popular, especially around Halloween. Some are famous and have been featured on television series, while others simply have familiar anecdotes about spirits that are popular with locals. Regardless of which type of place you venture to, request the room with the highest level of spirit activity in order to receive the best experience possible. Tempt the ghosts to show themselves while you engage in amorous adventures with your client. As you and he enjoy the accommodations, look for signs of spirit presence and enjoy the thrill of being somewhere said to be haunted. Often, ghost hunters say that visitors to haunted locations rarely experience a spirit encounter, but it’s exciting to consider it with a client. It’s a unique way to celebrate the holiday.
  10. Is your client happy? That’s all that matters.

    Participate in a ghost tour with your client. Various cities have haunted districts or buildings that are featured on Halloween-themed tours. Attend one of these tours with your client as a way to celebrate the holiday and get in the mood. Listen to the stories about people involved in the scenarios and consider role playing them out later when you get your client in private. Also, as you are on the tour, snuggle up close to your client anytime that the tour is a bit scary or you go through an especially creepy location. Scary adventures give you an opportunity to create physical closeness with your client not related to sex.

  11. Tell each other erotic ghost stories. Do some research online for some steamy stories about sexual experiences with ghosts or other spirits and find a few you really identify with. When your client arrives, set the mood with some spooky music, candles throughout the bedroom and a fog machine. Dress in black lingerie and encourage your client to lay on the bed, dressed or undressed. Begin reading the stories, stroking and touching your client. Ghost stories are quite traditional on Halloween, but erotic ones give a memorable twist to the simple activity. As your client becomes aroused from the stories, transition to other sexual acts or act out what you’ve just described in the story. At some point, offer to let your client read the stories, if he’s interested.
  12. Perform some black magic together. Role play is especially fun on Halloween, providing many new options to explore. Consider conjuring up some spells, concocting some love potions or performing some other forms of magic or witchcraft on your client in order to make him your love slave (or vice versa). You can play the part of a sexy, seductive modern-day witch who desires the client and entangles him in her web of magic. Do some research online to come up with some realistic-sounding chants or phrases in order to enhance the experience. As your client becomes excited, switch to intimate activities with the announcement that your spell has worked. Even though this may sound a bit corny, a lot of Halloween adventures are fairly cheesy. If your client is up for it, enjoy it for what it is: something different that can add a bit of spice to an encounter.

Always keep in mind that some clients may not choose to celebrate Halloween for personal or religious reasons. Make sure that you inquire about whether he’s up for such holiday-specific activities before planning anything special.