13 fetishes you may not want to have anything to do with

As an adult service provider, you probably get clients who may request pretty standard stuff. They want to see skin and be turned on. But some customers take a little more than the usual seduction: they must have taken Apple’s ads seriously and took to thinking differently.

Their tastes extend to fetishes that you may or may not feel comfortable indulging them in. The good thing about being an independent provider is that you get to decide which clients get their fetish requests approved. Before consenting to any fetish, however, it’s crucial for you to consider all pros and cons. Here are some tips about specific fetishes that your clients may inquire about:

  1. Anililagnia: the desire for intimacy with or attention from an older woman. If you’re a novice escort who is barely 18 years old, you’re probably not going to be able to help a client out with their guilty fantasy. But, if you’re a little more seasoned in life, this could be a fun fetish for you to specialize in, if you’re up to the challenge of facing younger clients frequently. Younger clients tend to be less polished, a little more crass and more focused on physical aspects of the adventure. They are inexperienced and, often, full of ego. It takes a special kind of provider to want to finesse these attitudes regularly… and to be continually reminded about how much older she is. On the bright side, though: you are desired by younger (possibly more attractive) customers who have endless energy levels and passion. Being around young people often make you feel younger, too!
  2. Sadism: Sadism is usually equated with pain. It’s based on the whole pain is pleasure principle. Customers will contact a provider and request whipping, spanking, harsh biting, scratching and other hurtful activities be included in a meet-up. Usually, a client wants the provider to be the one inflicting pain. Most clients don’t want to experience “serious” discomfort. But, if you have a squeamish stomach or just don’t have a mean bone in your body, this may not be a fetish you’re comfortable with. Unless you can find it within yourself to be slightly violent or to act like you enjoy being mean to a customer, sadism won’t work for you. On the flip side of the coin, some customers want to put you in pain. If you don’t buy into the sadism theory of enjoying pain, you won’t like this AT ALL! If you’re interested, but don’t want to go all in, try incorporating ice cubes, candle wax or light swatting. But if a client is really into sadism, just say no.
  3. Podophilia: Foot worship or foot fetishes are all about the love of feet. Customers want to see, touch and smell your feet. They enjoy administering foot treatments. They are overjoyed with the appearance of your toes. They get off on general foot odor (and, may request a sweaty sock as a souvenir). Clients enjoy licking, sucking and kissing your feet. This fetish is not to be confused with shoe fetishes — as they are about how the foot looks in various forms of footwear. The two fetishes may go hand in hand, but they don’t always accompany each other. This is a pretty harmless fetish to engage in with clients. It’s not terribly intrusive, unless they ask for intimate massages with your feet. The one down side to this fetish: it’s going to be really uncomfortable for you if you have ticklish feet. In fact, it may be an impossibility for you to provide these services if your feet are so sensitive you can’t allow people to touch them.
  4. Infantism: We all like a little nurturing, but customers who request to engage in infantism take it a little farther. Infantism is a fetish that involves clients wanting to wear diapers (and, sometimes, having them changed after soiling them), enlist baby talk, drink from a bottle, suck on a bink, wear baby clothes and act like a baby. Many people think it’s because they want to be nurtured and made to feel special. This kind of fetish requires extensive prep work, supplies and quite an imagination. If you’re up to the challenge, it’s pretty easy — even if it’s a little “different.” (Most providers put the kabosh on soiled diapers, due to cleanliness issues.) Another aspect involved in baby-minding often includes the fetish lactaphilia. This includes breastfeeding clients. Most providers who engage in lactaphilia charge significantly more for their services.
  5. Urolagnia: Often referred to as water sports, urolagnia involves arousal by urine. Clients get sexually excited by the smell, feel and anticipation of urine. They want to touch it, see it, bathe in it and, sometimes (eek!), bathe in it. They enjoy receiving golden showers where providers urinate on them. Some want to wet themselves, while someone else sits by and watches. And, others just want to watch a provider urinate. If you position you and your client in the bathroom, specifically in the shower/tub area, the clean up for this kind of activity is pretty simple. However, the concept of it is too much for many providers to even consider it on a regular basis. If you have a weak stomach or feel that urinating is too intimate to share with customers, this may be a fetish you will want to pass on.
  6. Rubberism: Any client who claims to be a rubberist enjoys costumes involving rubber, latex and leather. They want to see you in a cat suit. They enjoy the smell of the plastic. They are aroused by the feel of latex and leather. Bondage comes into play with this fetish, frequently, where the client desires to wear an outfit consisting of belts and tight garments made of leather and rubber. As long as it’s the client who wants to wear the PVC outfit, it’s really not a problem for you. (It’s not an issue, provided he brings his own outfit.) But, it could be an issue if the client wants you to wear it. If he desires only a rubber bikini, that’s pretty easy to pull off, especially for a short time period. But, if he’s into you appearing in a full-on cat suit made of rubber or leather, it’s going to be entirely different. The outfit will be hot, difficult to stretch on and impossible to get off. Additionally, if you’ve got a latex or rubber allergy, the fetish could cause you serious health issues.
  7. Agoraphilia: Agoraphilia is the desire to get it on in public. It’s pretty much exhibitionism. Everyone has a little bit of exhibitionist in them. Anytime that you show a little leg or rock a body-skimming outfit unleashes your inner exhibitionist. But, that’s a lot different than the level of showing off that your client may want to engage in. He may become sexually aroused by engaging in intimate acts in public, in full view of others. They may request for sex acts in movie theaters, taxi cabs, elevators or other public places. They may want to go down to the hotel pool and get it on. Getting too risqué in public can get you arrested or kicked out of establishments. To fulfill agoraphilic requests, rent a hotel room or condo in the city. Make sure the room is fairly high up in the building, so as not to be visible from ground level. Leave the curtains open and engage in intimacy with a client so others in nearby windows might be able to witness. If this isn’t enough for your customer, consider asking him to move on. There’s no sense getting in trouble, just to grant a customer request.
  8. Hirsutophilia: If your client adamantly tells you not to shave your arm pit hair, he enjoys the fetish of hirsutophilia. His desire may be to smell your armpit, touch the hair and nuzzle it with certain *ahem* parts of his body. Providers who get these requests can’t usually oblige them immediately, because keeping yourself shaved up and maintained is key to mainstream business. And, keep in mind, if you do this for ONE client, your other clients may NOT enjoy the experience as you grow your armpit hair out for him. This fetish usually accompanies others involved with body hair — like on the legs and genitals. If you’re going to engage in this one, you may need a strong list of followers to enjoy the trip along the way. Additionally, this fetish may be combined with others involving the hair on your head. They enjoy being tickled and caressed with your hair on their stomachs and private areas. They may also want to touch it, run their fingers through it and smell it.
  9. Food fetishes: There are a variety of food fetishes that involve sexual arousal. Some include masturbation with food objects, such as cucumbers, hot dogs or other things. Using certain foods for lubricants or adding flavor may also be part of this. While this may sound fun to the client, providers have to keep in mind the consequences that could result. Food objects that break off and get stuck may require a trip to the ER to have them removed. Certain food substances may cause irritation to the genitals. Use extreme caution when involving food play near your private parts. Another aspect of food fetishes involve feeding each other and wiping food on one another, often called sploshing. While these can be fun (and arousing), they can be extremely messy. Proper preparation and clean up will be required from these activities. Additionally, purchasing the various foods can be pricey. Make sure your fees include costs to offset the food expense. Overall, this may be a fetish you want to avoid, just due to the problems associated.
  10. Asphyxiation: Choking and blocking off airways to achieve momentary loss of consciousness are common fetishes that some customers may want to engage in. This is a very dangerous activity to engage in, whether you’re on the delivering or receiving end. Any time that you allow a client to choke you out to the point of losing consciousness is a time that you allow him control over you in all ways. (Never a good idea!) And, asphyxiating a client to the point of passing out could result in severe complications, such as brain damage and death. You should avoid this fetish completely.
  11. Incest: As warped as it may sound, many clients request role-play fetishes that include some form of imaginary incest. They may want to pretend they are feeling up their sister, step mother or some other relative. Of course, while it’s all pretend, it’s pretty disturbing to you, as a provider. Furthermore, many customers who inquire about this may want to pretend there’s a serious age gap, too — which may point to desires of pedophilia. If you can go through with this without blinking an eye, because, after all, it IS just pretend, go for it. However, if the concept of this is too heavy for you — and disgusts you by all that it refers to — then turn these clients down without a second thought. You do not have to engage in any kind of activity like this that seems immoral or improper to you.
  12. Rape fantasies: In the age of the “there are no genders” mythology, these kind of fantasies should not exist. Which is exactly why they do. With control being taken away from individuals, some customers will want to role-play a rape, where they get to take control over you. Some clients don’t really want to rape someone —they just want the seduction factor. However, there are others who take the role-play seriously and get off on it. Escorts who allow these kind of scenarios are few and far between. If you can stomach the fetish, roll with it.
  13. Group sex: Gang bangs, orgies, swinging, etc. Fetishes that include anonymous sex, group sex and intimacy with multiple partners and voyeurism are pretty popular. These kind of customers want a provider to be up for non-stop activities during a pound-fest. Usually, providers charge some serious coin for these kinds of gigs. If you think you can handle this kind of fetish, go for it. But, realize that it’s hard work, requires a TON of lube and may require you to take a few days off afterward.

The most important thing to remember as you take on various fetishes as requested by your clients is that you get to say yes or no. Establish some guidelines ahead of time that reserve you the right to turn down any request based on the comfort level you have with the concept. Always consider the prep work that a fetish will require, along with any clean up necessary afterward. And don’t forget that some fetishes have costs associated with them. Factor in consequences of fetishes gone wrong, before consenting.

Once you’re an established provider, you will receive numerous requests that involve fetishes. Some are pretty innocent and run mainstream. Others are a little more deviant and may require some serious consideration before taking them on. But when you work in the adult entertainment industry as a provider, these kinds of requests are the norm.