15 things about autumn that make it a perfect season for escorting

Even though lust heats up during the summer and passions are renewed in spring, autumn really is the perfect season for the escort industry. Not only do you have the fall foliage and fun activities associated with the season for a backdrop for romance, but you also have several other incentives that make escorting easier for you and encourage clients to call you.

And while some people dread the end of summer, others welcome fall’s arrival with open arms and exuberant enthusiasm.

Consider these top 15 reasons that autumn is the perfect season for escorting:

  1. New wardrobe choices accompany fall’s arrival. While your summer attire may be a lot of fun and easy to wear, your options for fall are luxe and much more visually interesting. Summer is all about the concept of “less is more.” After all, how hard is it to get ready when you throw on cute sandals and a summer dress? However, fall fashions have a lot more to them, which make them more fun. In addition to an entirely new color palette featuring reds, golds, greens and yellows, you also have a collection of new accessories to incorporate into your style. Belts, scarves, hats and new fall bags help complete the look of any autumnal outfit. Some items that you wore during the summer may transition easily into fall, with the addition of a jacket or shrug thrown over them and some new accessories thrown in the mix. However, it’s the time now to bring out your snug-fitting sweaters and other fall staples.
  2. Boots are a reason of their own to love autumn. Every woman, escorts included, feel more confident and sexy in a stylish pair of boots. And, even though booties and other shoes are gaining attention on runways this season, boots are still a prominent standby for a good fall wardrobe. Additionally, boots are requested frequently by your clients. Whether they want to see you in thigh-high stiletto versions or riding boots, it doesn’t matter. Fall is the season you can easily bring these bad boys back out for your own and clients’ enjoyment. It’s difficult to pull off thigh-high boots when temperatures are nearing 100 degrees, but the crispness of the fall weather makes your boot-wearing habits seem perfectly normal. Nearly any outfit can be sexed up in a classy way with a good pair of boots, which is reason enough to embrace the new season.
  3. It’s finally coat and jacket season! While it’s fun to go a little bare during the summer, parading around in a sleeveless tube top during October is hardly acceptable. This is where a jacket comes in to play. When the season begins to permit it, it’s easier to hide your “work clothes” by throwing on a jacket or coat. For instance, if you want to arrive at your client’s hotel room in a sexy bustier, you can wear it under a jacket that will easily disguise it from nosey onlookers. And, jackets are fun and sexy. From the newly fab moto-styled jackets to more traditional versions, jackets are the “it” thing for fall. You can easily dress up or dress down an outfit, with the addition of a jacket, making your look even more versatile. Plus, clients who wish for you to arrive in the clichéd trench coat and lingerie can have their fantasies fulfilled during fall. During winter months, it’s too cold for only a trench coat. And, summer is much too warm to wear a trench coat, especially while avoiding suspicious glances. But, autumn is the perfect season for this adventure.
  4. Halloween inspires new role playing ideas. Many clients indicate that they want to engage in a role play experience with an escort during their encounter. However, they are often without ideas about what they want to do. Clients who usually lack creativity may suddenly be overwhelmed with it after walking down the costume aisle in the nearest big box store. From traditional costumes including football player, fire man and super hero to more interesting versions such as pirates, Hans Solo or the funky chicken, your clients may come up with a whole season of fantasies they want to play out with you. And, if your client is still lacking ideas, you may brainstorm some possible scenarios after looking online at costume options. During this season, it’s a great opportunity for you to stock up on sexy costumes that you can use with clients throughout the rest of the year. Of course, the Internet makes costumes available year round, however the best selections are convenient during fall. Many online vendors and adult stores feature “sexy” versions of nearly all kinds of costumes, which makes selection easy for you.
  5. Your schedule will probably change in the fall. As the days get darker earlier during the fall, your work day may get shorter. (Or, your working evenings may get longer.) As with nearly any season, your business trends will change. Some of your regulars will adjust their schedules and new clients may be working on different passions and desires than other clients you had over the summer. While fantasies were driven by the heat and humidity, they are now encouraged by crisp fall mornings and the fresher air associated with autumn. Trends with clients will be different during the fall. Some escorts experience surges in business, while others may have less busy schedules. Many escorts are thankful for the schedule changes, because it means something new in their business trends.
  6. Escorts create new money goals for the fall. Knowing that leaner months may lie ahead during the winter, many escorts increase their monthly minimum goals or begin looking at their overall financial picture for the year. As the holidays slowly approach, many escorts get the urge to start saving for Christmas spending, too. Usually, as you enter a new quarter, it’s wise to carefully examine your income and business expenditures to ensure that you are making wise choices and earning enough money to get you through the rest of the year. This is a great time to set new goals or adjust your current ones in order to set yourself up for being where you want to be by January 1.
  7. Outside activities may increase during the autumn. Many escorts decrease the amount of time they spend outdoors during the latter months of summer, especially if they live in warmer climates. Exercising or enjoying leisure activities outside when heat indices exceed 100 degrees is nearly impossible and quite miserable. However, as temperatures begin to dip, early morning weather is ideal for a run or jog to get the blood pumping and build up muscles. Other outdoor adventures may increase after fall hits, such as afternoon walks, sitting outside while you read or return emails and dining alfresco.
  8. Football season is usually a welcome addition to the escort industry. During the fall, college and professional football starts back up, providing even more topics of conversation for escorts to use with clients. Additionally, many escorts are able to attract clients simply because of their love for sports. Clients either get excited (or disappointed) by their teams’ performances and want to seek celebration (or solace) with an understanding escort. Additionally, many escorts get to accompany clients to football games for tailgating and other game day fun, culminating in a great “date” afterward. Even if your clients aren’t football fans, maybe you are. And, watching your favorite team is a great way to relax and avoid the stresses that your profession brings into your life normally.
  9. Fire is a great way to create cheap ambiance in your incall. During the spring and summer months, it’s unlikely that you ever light a fire in your fireplace. But, during the fall, a small fire creates a romantic glow that is entrancing and inspiring. Encourage your client to build one for you (which lets him display his “manly” side) and sit in front of it with a glass of wine with him, letting the encounter naturally progress on its own. A fire in a fireplace seems to be a natural passion enhancer and works wonders to relax nervous clients. Additionally, some clients are firebugs and will want to engage in creating a bonfire outside where you can snuggle together near it. (And, maybe even get busy beside it, as long as the neighbors can’t see you.) If you don’t have a place for a bonfire, substitute with an outdoor fire pit. Custom, built-in versions are popular, but most home and garden stores sell portable kinds, too.
  10. Fall fruits are healthy additions to your diet. Pumpkins and apples are excellent options that are low in calories and high in nutrients. Pumpkins contain high levels of antioxidants and are high in fiber. From pumpkin bread to pumpkin pie (among many other craveable desserts), pumpkins are considered a “super food” that can be used in a number of ways. It makes a great soup, wonderful sauce and a good puree’ that is delicious on its own. Add it to a standard cake mix for low-fat muffins or simply add a bit of sweetener to it and enjoy it on its own. Apples, too, are seasonal favorites that are good for your body. As the saying goes, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Eating a diet rich in fruits, especially seasonal ones, is a great way to stay healthy. Enjoy apples in ciders, pies, crisps, fresh applesauce and as a topping on fresh bread through apple butter.
  11. Coffee is perhaps the sacred nectar of the gods for escorts and is a season favorite for fall. Sipping a hot coffee when it’s over 90 degrees outside just doesn’t really hit the spot. But, coffee lovers usually rejoice when fall hits, because they don’t have to ice their beloved “go juice” any more. In addition to being able to enjoy your coffee straight up, so to speak, there are also fun seasonal flavors to try, including apple and pumpkin laced ones. Starbuck’s spiced pumpkin latte’ is one of its best sellers, and other fall flavors are popular options at other coffee shops. As escorts find themselves working busy schedules, a steaming cup of coffee is almost always necessary to get moving in the morning.
  12. Autumn features lots of sales! Whether you’re looking to stock up on favorite fall fashion items or in the market for a major appliance or vehicle, fall is the season of sales. Not only are retailers trying to get rid of merchandise in preparation of getting in their Christmas stock, but they are also enthused about trying to clean up their inventory before the end of the year. Also, Veteran’s Day and Columbus Day are big days for sales in all businesses. Don’t forget that post-Thanksgiving sales yield the best prices of the season on most items, too. So, bargainistas are in their prime during this sale season, also called fall.
  13. Humidity levels decrease during the fall. Curly-haired escorts (and, all, in general) are extremely thankful for less humid days. The humidity is to blame for many bad-hair days that create frizz, lifelessness and crazy unmanageability. While rain may be common for some months during autumn, the moisture associated with an occasional shower is nothing compared to the levels of humidity experienced during summer. And, even if the humidity doesn’t cause you to have bad-hair days, it also creates sweltering conditions outside and high heat indices that make outdoor activities unpleasant. When the humidity levels are so high, many clients aren’t interested in working up a sweat indoors, too.
  14. Fall brings lower temperatures and falling utility costs. While this may not sound like a reason to celebrate in and of itself, many escorts recognize that being able to reduce any of their day-to-day expenses means more money in their pockets. With cooler temps, fall brings opportunities to turn off the air conditioning, open the windows and enjoy the fresh air.
  15. Finally, fall brings about changes that remind escorts that nothing lasts forever. If you’ve had a challenging summer or year so far, the onset of autumn is a great reminder that everything changes. Nothing is set in stone; the world is always evolving. The seasons demonstrate that life is not permanent and a change could be right around the corner, so faith and patience are necessary elements to life success.