20 tips for giving divine oral sex

All adult entertainment providers who specialize in intimacy with clients should have some pretty good oral skills under their belts. After all, a good blow job is one of the most highly requested services among male clients, because it’s one of the sexual acts they don’t often receive at home. But to make sure that your effort and enthusiasm are applied efficiently, you may need to review your skills and technique.

  1. Lubricate! It’s impossible to provide good oral sex without proper lubrication. Whether that lubrication comes from your own saliva or from an edible lube you’ve picked up at your favorite online adult store is entirely up from you. But, the essential thing is that for the oral sex experience to be enjoyable, there must be lubrication. As oral sex often starts out with a hand job, you need to introduce some lube for that, too. The trick is to ensure that your lube increases with the intensity of the oral sex act. Too little is uncomfortable for your client. Too much just feels sloppy and reduces the sensation. Use common sense to know the difference and gauge the correct amount.
  2. Vary your efforts. A lot of adult entertainment providers have heard consistent praise about their seductive touch and oral abilities, but don’t forget to switch it up with your clients — or they may get bored. Male clients like to experience new things and will enjoy being surprised with your different techniques. Additionally, it’s important to remember that just because one style of blow job worked well with one client doesn’t mean that it will fulfill the job with the next one. Each guy is different and so are his preferences. Don’t expect to give the same oral performance to every client and get optimum results.
  3. Focus on more than just his penis. While your attention should be on your guy’s penis, obviously, it also enhances the sensations by adding other touching into the mix. Lightly massage his testicles while you are stroking him. Lick down the “treasure trail.” And, squeeze his booty. Tickle his nipples, as many men report they are pretty sensitive, especially during arousal. Focus on other parts of his body, along with his penis, to excite him even more. The thrill of being touched and stroked all over will amp up his enjoyment and create an even more fulfilling blow job.
  4. Listen to your guy. Sometimes, a guy will go to an adult entertainment services provider with specific requests regarding oral sex. They may want to try something new or have a particular technique in mind. Follow his instructions, pay attention to his comments and attempt to fulfill his wishes. Even if he doesn’t start out with directions, he may start commenting midway through the act, as he becomes aroused. Do your best to adjust to his preferences along the way. And, finally, pay attention to his body language. The tenseness and reactions of his body will tell you, easily, whether he’s enjoying himself or needs something different.
  5. Create an atmosphere conducive to pleasure. A lot of times, oral sex is pretty quick and to the point. However, if you’re trying to pleasure a client with too many distractions going on around him, you’re not creating an environment that is going to help get the job done. Temperature should be comfortable, external noise should be at a minimum and privacy should be assured. If you’re trying to deliver oral sex in any kind of circumstances than that, you’re working against yourself. If you really want to create the right mood, focus on lighting, music and decor of the room. But, honestly, most male clients aren’t going to go all crazy for candles or a new comforter in your bedroom. So, the basics are what you really need to worry about most.
  6. Consider a role play experience that leads up to oral sex. Many adult entertainment professionals get opportunities to play out scenarios that their clients fantasize about. Doctor/nurse/patient, athlete/cheerleader, teacher/student and other pairings are often popular ways to create an exciting experience that leads to oral sex. The role play can even continue into the intimate portion of your time with a male client. Sometimes, an imaginary scenario gets a client more in the mood and helps him focus on the experience, instead of other things that are going on in his life. He gets caught up in the fantasy, which leads him to pleasure.
  7. Talk dirty to your guy. While this is not for everyone, many guys get really turned on by a woman who can talk dirty. Depending on your personality, you may need to do a little practice with this ahead of time for it to sound authentic. Focus on describing his member or other body parts and on the deeds you intend to do to him. Use crude terms and slang phrases for the majority of what you say. And, keep in mind that you shouldn’t get so focused on talking that it gets in the way of your oral “communication” with your guy. If it’s distracting to your efforts, lay off of it so that your client can enjoy himself.
  8. Use your tongue. While it may feel wonderful when you take his penis in your mouth, it will also send him over the edge when you use your tongue to pleasure him further. Little tongue flicks can arouse your client to the point of near orgasm, especially if they precede using your tongue to lick his shaft and penis, much like an ice cream cone. Vary the pressure you use with your tongue and concentrate on seduction. Refrain from licking him like a dog licks its owner — use common sense about what is erotic and what is just plain gross.
  9. Let go of everything else, mentally. Many adult entertainment providers complain that it’s difficult to “get in the mood,” because they have too many things on their minds. It’s up to you to mentally let go and put all personal concerns on the back burner while with a client. Focus on him and how you can make him happy. This also means letting go so much that you actually enjoy the experience. Lose yourself in making him orgasm, enjoying the pleasure you are giving to him. Look at his face and take in the enjoyment you provided.
  10. Know ahead of time whether your client wants to orgasm. Some adult entertainment providers assume that their clients want to finish during a session of oral intercourse. However, some clients enjoy a blow job as a great lead up to something else. They consider it foreplay and don’t want it to be the final show. If this is the case, carefully follow your client’s cues and don’t push the issue. Once your client seems VERY aroused, slow things down and go at a different pace—or change up the activity. Appreciate the fact that he wants to engage in more than one type of intimacy with you.
  11. Explore his secret erogenous zone. Between a man’s testicles and the base of his penis is an extremely sensitive bit of skin. You can lick or suck on the skin (gently) and it should create some serious arousal for your client. That area is full of nerve endings that are incredibly responsive to touch, which should provide excitement for your client, especially coupled with other licking, sucking and touching you are doing to him. Some clients may have never been touched there and will find it new and exciting. Try it out — each client will be different. Some will say it doesn’t do much for them; others will find it electrifying.
  12. Use your hands. Yes, oral sex is usually done with your mouth. But, it is even that much more pleasurable when hands are used to massage, tickle and tease along the way. While your mouth is tentatively licking your client’s penis, massage his testicles, touch his stomach or tickle some other part of his body. Prior to even touching your mouth to anything, use your hands to stroke him, get him excited and to explore his body. That physical touch does as much as anything for your efforts, because it sets the tone for affection and a connection that simply licking a client’s penis doesn’t do. Spend a little extra time with your hands, manually stimulating him, prior to going down on him.
  13. Give your client a view. Most adult entertainment providers realize that their clients are very visual beings. And, unfortunately, when you’re giving a client some hot and dirty oral sex, their view of your body is blocked. To up the ante, so to speak, position yourself in front of a mirror. Or, find a room where a mirror is present and go about your fun nearby, so he can catch random glimpses of you delivering pleasure to him. He may try to “sneak” a peek, which makes it even more fun and erotic for him, if he thinks you don’t know he’s looking.
  14. Tease him during oral sex. Getting right down to it during a blow job is the easy way to deliver his request for oral sex. But, adult entertainment providers who are truly great at their jobs don’t just go through the motions. They give an experience that will tantalize and cause fantasies far into the future. Tease and seduce your client along the way, add to the foreplay and create an experience where you client is nearly begging for more. Push the gamut, until he finally reaches his release.
  15. Be careful of your teeth. During a vigorous bout of oral sex, it’s possible to accidentally drag your teeth down a client’s penis as you bob your head up and down on him. Use extra caution to avoid this at all costs. If it hurts, it will destroy all of your efforts to deliver pleasure and fun to your client. However, realize that with arousal, most clients’ pain tolerance will increase. So, a little nibbling or extra pressure may actually be exciting and enjoyable, instead of all-out painful. Experiment and determine what seems to tickle your client’s fancy.
  16. Temperature may make all the difference. Everyone has heard about eating crushed ice and then delivering oral sex, but not everyone tries it out. Your client may be open to trying out different temperatures as part of his experience. Try ice cold (with ice cream or ice cubes) or warm (drink some coffee or warm tea) and see what the results are. Your client may not like either option, but the drastic change in them will surely do something to enhance his arousal. Additionally, try fizzy water to see how it feels on him. Or, experiment with mint, which is said to give a heated effect.
  17. Take a break, when necessary. Some clients have trouble finishing through oral sex. It feels like it’s taking forever with those clients. So that you don’t feel like you’ve got lock jaw afterward, take a break with your mouth, but continue to manually stimulate your client. Using your hands, continue to massage and rub him. Touch his testicles and manipulate other parts of his body. Just because he’s not penetrating your mouth doesn’t mean that he’s not receiving pleasure. Continue to rub on him, and continue with your mouth once you’ve had a brief chance to recover.
  18. Good vibrations may do the trick. One old trick that adult entertainment professionals continually revert back to is humming during oral sex. That slight vibration provided through the mouth and vocal chords is enough to sometimes push an already-aroused client over the edge to orgasm. If humming or moaning seems too boring and predictable, consider using a small vibrator. Put it up against your cheek when you have his penis in your mouth. The vibrations he feels should be exciting and arouse him. It’s an odd sensation and may be pretty fulfilling to your client.
  19. Paint your client a picture. Or, a picture on him. Flavored lube sometimes comes in a paintable substance where you can put designs on your client and rub them in, as intimacy progresses. Or, use something else a little more tasty to make a more creative atmosphere with your client. Use chocolate body paint (or chocolate syrup) and whipped cream (from a spray can) to liven up your oral sex experience with a client. He’ll enjoy the kinkiness and you’ll appreciate the yummy tastes!
  20. Always use protection, no matter what. Because you don’t know your clients and what their lifestyles are, protect yourself and future clients by always using protection during intimate acts. Require that your clients wear a condom. Taking a chance of getting an STD is not worth the risk. Of course, your clients will persist and try to persuade you to allow them to go without protection. Make it a standard guideline for all clients, no exceptions.