Escorting: the other side of Hollywood

Every year, thousands of men and women migrate to Hollywood with hopes of breaking into the entertainment industry or in anticipation of becoming supermodels. They are not discouraged by the very low ratio of stellar jobs to the number of beautiful people, which makes it impossible for everyone to achieve their goals.

Ah… Hollywood!

On not landing a gig in the first few days, these Hollywood hopefuls must find some sort of gainful employment in order to pay the bills and keep roofs over their heads between auditions. For some, waiting tables, working as tour guides or finding other menial work is satisfactory enough until they hit their big breaks. Others, however, are not content until they start making big bucks.

Some aspiring big-timers get a taste of the big pie when they get a commercial or get to be part of an advertising campaign as a model. However, the money they make from that gig just whets their whistles and makes them want more. As a result, they start to seek out other higher-paying jobs — and find the escort industry.

According to Manhattan Madam Kristin Davis (who was busted in 2008), her list of escorts included many top models and women who were hoping to break into the show business. But, in the meantime, they were drawn into the escort industry for the drama and excitement it offered, in addition to the money. Some would even hope to acquire strategic networking for launching their careers past escorting.

Davis reports that her client list of more than 10,000 names included heads of industries, other influential people and stars. Not only did escorts get to collect an amazing fee for spending time with these clients, but they may have been able to add the client to their contact list for networking purposes. Add to this what for some is the thrill of being with a celebrity when you haven’t hit the big time, yet, you don’t get to rub elbows with the stars very often. Davis states that her clients always treated the escorts with the most respect and appreciation.

In addition to simply getting to rub elbows and other body parts with celebrities or actually influential clients, escorts are able to maintain a more luxurious lifestyle with the higher wages they earn. Some models turn to escorting, according to Davis, to pay their bills and support their lifestyles. For instance, she said that if a model lands a contract for a campaign for L’Oreal (for example), she may earn $30,000 for the deal. However, after agency fees and taxes are taken out, she’s left with $20,000. Depending on the model, that amount may last her one to two months or only a week, if she has expensive habits such as an addiction to cocaine or Louis Vuitton handbags.

Models who have appeared in high-profile campaigns such as Michael Kors or Gucci have turned to escorting in order to pay the bills with a consistently high income. Other models who work with Victoria’s Secret or the Ford Modeling Agency also spend their free time as high-end escorts.

While Hollywood hopefuls move to the sparkling city with the intention of becoming big stars, reality eventually hits. They discover that their big careers may never take off and that the full-time show biz jobs are scarce. Once they realize this, they often turn to other career choices that may lead them into the adult industry.

Even when there may only be a few modeling or acting jobs available, there are many more positions available for a beautiful women or handsome men in the world of exotic dancing, porn or escorting. It’s not a coincidence, after all, that porn industry originated in San Fernando valley, right over the fence from Hollywood.

You can almost touch the texture of dreams and wild hopes that Hollywood is made of: all big names and big wallets are right here, hardly a mile away! No wonder that sex is always for sale here.

Escorting is the most discreet of the adult industry careers. Hollywood hopefuls know they may eventually get a break into an acting or modeling career. When they do, they don’t want their chances to vanish when it’s discovered that they appeared in a low-budget porn flick like Sylvester Stallone, or that they regularly dance at a dive bar down the street. It’s rare that their careers as escorts will be discovered, so the industry is a natural match for many would-be stars and supermodels.

High-end escorts often make $3,000 to $4,000 per hour, with a two- or three-hour minimum. It’s very possible that an escort can bag $12,000 in one night. Once Hollywood hopefuls see these numbers, their motivation for a film or movie career often dissipate and they become fully dedicated to escorting.

While many people may think it’s a shame that the “hometown girl” didn’t hit it big with a movie star career when she went to Hollywood, odds are that if she’s working as a high-end escort, she’s doing alright. In fact, she may be doing much better than alright.

Some hopefuls hang on to bit roles as menial cast members or extras as they chase their acting careers, however those who are willing to give up the dream and move forward with where life takes them often fare much better than their counterparts. They make more money, have more flexibility and earn consistently more money. They have nicer homes, drive better cars and dress in clothes from Rodeo Drive instead of K-Mart. They eat at the best restaurants and visit the best nightclubs.

While escorting may be the other side of Hollywood, it certainly isn’t the life on the wrong side of the tracks. Even though your name may not be in the scrolling credits of the next Titanic, this life is still as Hollywood as it gets.