Escorts and Donations

This article is outdated, and contains some incorrect information. We are currently working on updating it. (Link to be provided soon).

Our visitors are asking, “what to do with an escort?” This article should help by answering the question “what is the first thing to do with an escort?”: Hand over the donation—in cash, in full, in an envelope.

One of the most important moments during an escort’s visit with a client is the money exchange. After all, that’s what the escort is there for; so, he or she is anxious to receive it. However, it’s sometimes a very awkward exchange because a client doesn’t know when to present the cash or how to present it. Additionally, an escort must uphold certain standards when accepting “donations” for her (or his) services, including no checks or credit cards. Use these tips for payment in full for time spent with an escort.

The money exchange should always happen at the beginning of an encounter. An escort should never be expected to provide any type of service (other than showing up) prior to the money exchange. A client may make it easy for the escort by presenting an envelope of cash and saying, “Here’s a little something for you, just like we discussed.” However, in some instances, an escort may directly ask for the donation. During an in-call, it’s common for the escort to ask the client to leave his gift on the table by the door or on the dresser.

Escorts should never, ever accept credit card payments for services. While a client may be very wealthy and have a number of credit cards, there is always the possibility of the payment being charged back, leaving the escort with nothing. Additionally, use of credit cards leaves a paper trail.

Checks (whether of the personal or cashiers variety) should never be accepted for payment. It’s very simple for a client to forge or fake a check; unless the escort is a banking specialist, it’s nearly impossible to spot a fraudulent check. Also, the client has the opportunity to stop payment on a check after it’s been given to an escort. This is never a risk an escort should take. Furthermore, the acceptance of a check also leaves a paper trail.

Some clients have tried to pay escorts with gift cards to their favorite stores. Gift cards are nice gifts, but they should never be accepted as payment for services. Without being able to scan the card prior to the appointment, it’s never definite how much credit the card actually has available. For all an escort may know, the card could be empty. It’s just never a good idea to accept gift cards for payment.

Once the money has been exchanged, the escort should excuse him or herself from the client and check that the donation is entirely there. In other words, count the money! This can be done in a hallway, the restroom or just in the next room from the client. If the entire amount is not there, an escort shouldn’t be afraid to ask for the balance. If the balance is not paid, the date is over.

After being paid, the escort should place the money in a safe place. For instance, many escorts give the money to their drivers or security guards. If an escort doesn’t have a driver or guard, he or she should find some other safe place to keep it. Some escorts zip it securely into a pocket in his or her jacket or purse. Some purses have hidden compartments, which become ideal locations to store one’s payment. If the appointment is an in-call, the escort can lock the money away safely in a cabinet, drawer or safe. While most clients are trustworthy, there is the one here and there who may attempt to steal back the money when the escort isn’t looking. It’s a wise move to not give even the most honest clients that option.