How to read and understand escort ads

If you’re a newbie to patronizing ladies (and gentlemen) of negotiable affection, then you do not know how to read an escort ad. Escorts use lots of abbreviations to describe their skills and some of your favorite sexual acts. They use a ton of terms to describe themselves as well.

“BBW”, big beautiful woman or “DDG”, drop dead gorgeous, to name two. I’m here to give you the heads up on some of the more regularly seen terms. However you can check out our dictionary of escort terms, which will give you the entire gamut!

Now if you pay to spend time with a lady you are a “john”, a man who pays for sex with a woman. The most regularly seen term you will see on any ad is “GFE” (girl friend experience.) It’s what most men are looking for so it’s what most women will offer. And as you know these ladies are “ASP” Adult Service Providers being paid to be physical with you. Now HOW and WHAT she will perform can easily be deciphered. There’s the classic “Missionary” or “Mish”, a man on top during intercourse. Or maybe you prefer an “Asian Cowgirl”, a woman who rides on top during intercourse, squatting over the man on her feet, not on her knees. Then there’s “Reverse Cowgirl” when a woman rides on top, facing away. There’s “WAH”, wild ass humping and of course the “69″, when partners perform oral sex on each other simultaneously.

There are many terms used to reference a condom. “A cover”, “raincoat”, “London fog”, “Jimmy hat”. Those are some of the most used. When a woman goes down on you without a condom it’s referred to as going “bareback”. Thus fellatio without a condom is “BBJ” bareback blow job and if you’re lucky it’s “BBJC”, bareback blow job to “completion”, orgasm. Although you will also see the term “CBJ” in many ads which stands for covered blow job. When a girl goes “deep throat”, it is a blow job when the whole shaft of the penis is “swallowed”. If you’re lucky, you can CIM—”cum in her mouth”, plus there’s always “BLS”: ball licking and sucking.

Ejaculating is dealt with in many ways for these professional ladies. There’s “facial”, when a man ejaculates in a woman’s face, or “pearl necklace” when a man ejaculates on a woman’s neck or chest. “HJ” stands for hand job. Many girls are very open to deep French, tongue kissing “DFK”, but some are only interested in “LFK”, light French kissing.

Many well let you touch their “blackholes”, anus. Still others will let you “toss the salad” which is tongue in the blackhole, anilingus. And if you’re feeling extra frisky there’s always anilingus and fellatio.

When reading the ads you will notice many references to foreign places. These are very simply sexual terms. “French” is oral sex. “Italian” is penis between butt cheeks, while “Russian” is penis between her breasts. And who would have known that “San Juan Capistrano” is a bareback blowjob to completion with swallowing? On this globe, Greece represents something many men are either afraid to ask or not likely to get at home — buttsecks.

How to know if an escort will do anal?

Look for the following flags: “Greek”, anything to do with islands like “a tour of the islands”, “Mediterranean”, “A-level” in British escort slang all refer to anal sex. “Around the world” is a code for 3 orifices and therefore includes anal.

Group sex is often an option and refereed to as “doubles”, threesomes. It is written in ads in the following ways, MMF (male, male, female), MFF (male, female, female). Whatever you do, be careful about “STD”‘s, sexually transmitted diseases, and “VD”, venereal disease. And when performing, if you need an extra pick me up, there’s always “the blue pill”, Viagra. With time and patience you will get to learn all the terms and be an expert.