7 steps to a better escort ad

We all make mistakes. It’s part of being human. Most mistakes can be avoided with a little bit more information or an objective eye. Skipthegames.com offers you an objective eye to spot the most common ad mistakes that can be easily avoided. Think of it as tricks for the trade…

  1. You are providing a fantasy for your client. Easiest way for you to dive into that fantasy is to create an alter ego for yourself. Maybe you’re “Barbie” for some clients and “Dorothy” or “Crystal” for others. Do you really want these guys knowing your real name? Of course not. Create an alternate name or names for yourself that you’re comfortable with. It will most likely help you get into character and enjoy yourself even more when you’re working.
  2. Since you’re building a business for yourself it’s best to buy another phone for your business. You want to use something other than a home phone. You can buy a phone cheap for under thirty dollars and buy time or simply buy another line with the phone service you’re currently using (Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T etc. all have great rates.) It’s worth the investment. Having a separate work phone allows you to be in more control. When that work phone rings you know it’s a potential client versus your Mom calling or Time Warner reminding you to pay a bill. It’s also best to separate your work life from your home life whenever possible and a separate phone allows you to do it—so make the investment! You won’t be sorry that you did.
  3. If you have another job besides working as an escort then do not use your work email to communicate with clients ever. Bad idea. You don’t want your boss and colleagues in your business, so best to separate the two. You can get a new email account by going to zoho.com, gmail.com, yahoo.com or hotmail.com to name a few—they are free.
  4. Very important: check your spellingwhen you write an ad. Spelling is important, because you don’t want to come off as illiterate to potential clients. That’s a total turn off. So please, check your spelling. You can use an online dictionary at dictionary.com. Also, don’t overdo it with cute computer slang — 🙂 smileys, <3 hearts or “LOL”s. It makes you come off as immature, not a high class lady. (Unless, of course, immature is what you’re going for). Remember that at Skipthegames.com we don’t censor, proofread, or modify your ads in any way.
  5. Do not post full nude shots. That’s a no-no. It makes you appear desperate, like a hoe, and reveals too much. Your objective should be to tease the potential clients’ interest, not to give it all away too soon.Consider breast shots, not fully exposed; crotch and booty shots, where you’re not giving all the goodies away: cover up a little bit. Just a little bit. Once you begin a relationship with the potential client, then you can send him more revealing photos.
  6. Regarding the cost for your time, always price upwards. $550 an hour? $350 an hour? $150 an hour? Costs depend on where you’re trying to work and what you have to offer. But remember, there’s a girl for every guy. Whatever price range you’re working, keep your number high. Don’t low ball yourself. If you start high you can always negotiate down so give yourself room to negotiate, ladies!
  7. When posting times available for “dates” with clients, never make it unended. Do not say you’re available, day or night, no. If you limit your availability, it automatically makes you more attractive to your potential client. Why? Because we all want something not readily available. It’s human nature. Thus, as an example, say you’re only available Tuesday—Saturday, 8pm—2am. Of course privately, you may be available for a “date” anytime, but publically, shut it down. It will make the client feel “special” if you meet him outside your posted availability. You might even consider adding more money because you’re meeting at a time you’re not usually available. Every man wants something he can’t have. If you’re not available Sunday at 8pm, he will want you more.

Good luck!