How to discuss escort rates

One of the things that make people nervous when dating an escort is payment. “How to ask an escort her rates? Can I get in trouble if I text an escort and ask her for rates?” are real-life questions that gnaw at real people’s minds. Let’s see if we can help them.

It is very important for an escort to know how and when to share their rates with clients. If your clients don’t know your rates, they are unable to determine whether or not they wish to hire you for a particular event or time period. On the other hand, they know that an attempt to openly discuss escort’s hourly rates may immediately end the conversation. What’s the solution?

There are several ways to discuss escort rates, and it’s important to give clients easy access to information about your fees.

The best place to share your rate information is in your profile. Along with providing information about yourself and your services, you can include details about your multi-hour minimum booking requirements, your fees for basic services, extra rates charged for services beyond the basics and any other pertinent information about your rates. However, keep in mind that your profile’s purpose is to share details about you and what you provide to clients. Avoid using too much space on rate information within your profile area.

Don’t call your rates “donations” or “gifts

Yes, many escorts use these terms, but they are not accurate and let clients know that you are not entirely honest. Calling your rates “donations” or “gifts” is not a way to avoid getting in trouble with the law, nor does it do you any justice by side-stepping the issue. You provide your time to clients; you want to be paid for your time. Donations and gifts are voluntary, while you want to force your price onto people.

Consider how you describe the time spent with clients. Many escorts use the word “dates” when posting rates for clients to see. However, prostitutes also call the time they spend with johns by the term “dates”. As long as you can justify the term by including information about a multi-hour minimum booking or other information that infers you are a high-end escort, the term “date” is acceptable. Yet, without other qualifying details, the term may be taken the wrong way by clients.

Use other names to describe the time you spend with clients, instead of the word “date”. Other terms that high-end escorts use include:

  • Bookings: “Bookings for 3 hours or more are charged at the rate of $500 per hour”.
  • Fees: “Fees for my 3-hour session are $1,500”.
  • Packages: “Packages for 3 hours or more of special time start at $450 per hour”.
  • Appointments: “Appointments for Valentine’s Day evening may be acquired at the rate of $650 for a two-hour session”.

Provide details about any services that cost extra beyond the basic appointment or booking. For instance, many escorts charge extra for bookings where they must travel. If an escort in Los Angeles is booked for a night in New York, she will usually charge for the extra time it takes her to pack, fly to the destination and fly back home. Travel bookings usually cost extra. Other special events, such as charity balls, events that take specific attire or other activities that are out of the ordinary may require an additional charge, too, because preparation time is extra for the booking. Be open and honest about the fact that special rates may apply.

You don’t need to apologize or explain your rates to clients. After you have worked to figure out what rates you should charge clients for your time and attention, don’t second-guess it. It is what it is, and clients should accept this for that, or keep moving. Clients know and expect that an escort will be charging for her time. This is the agreement: they pay, you provide. They are willing to pay for your services.

Never cheapen yourself by discussing the rates. State them firmly and proudly, stand behind them, and know that you’re worth every penny.