Pros and cons of offering specialty escort services

Many escorts start out in the industry providing general services to the client who wants a standard encounter. Some may expand their services to include the Girlfriend Experience (GFE) or role playing, but those are fairly “vanilla” provisions. When an escort who specializes in basic encounters looks for new ways to generate income, it’s fairly common for her to consider expanding her offerings. Expanded services might include fetish encounters, dom/sub experiences or specialized genres of clients, such as geeks, bankers or celebrities.

Expanding your services to include specialties may have both good and bad effects on your career. The impacts can be analyzed, but you may not know the true effect that new services will have on your success until you try them out. Here are the top six advantages and disadvantages to expanding your services beyond “normal” encounters:


  1. Your appeal to more types of clients immediately increases. When you expand your services, you provide more activities that clients will enjoy. The broader base of potentially interested men builds a stronger foundation for a client list. Including services that are beyond the traditional provisions of an escort will bring clients who are looking for something special into your targeted demographic. You might expand your advertising, thus increasing the number of potential clients who see your ads. Just like in any other industry, as you target more people with your marketing efforts, you increase the number of responses you may get.
  2. You can charge higher rates for specialty services. Traditional encounters are very much in-demand in the escort world, but fetish services and other less common activities command higher fees because they are not as easily available. Escorts who provide specialty services often have more experience and provide unique opportunities to clients they can’t readily find elsewhere. As a result, escorts charge higher fees. Additionally, higher fees may be required for these expanded specialties because they require more stuff. For instance, encounters featuring bondage experiences may use special tools including handcuffs, scarves and other items. Some encounters utilize sex toys that are expensive, while others demand special attire (such as dominatrix outfits). These supplies are costly and increase the rates that escorts must charge to offer these services.
  3. Escorts experience more variety in their careers by offering a wider array of services. Many escorts burn out and get tired of the routine. When they expand their services, they get to try out all kinds of new things. It adds an element of excitement and wonder to your career that keeps you upbeat about going to work each day. Additionally, a broader list of services provides you with more opportunities for fun pictures for your profiles. Standard escort pictures may be kind of boring; but, photos depicting fetish or risqué encounters may really entice your clients and provide visually appealing images that attract new prospects. Photos can actually tell a client more about you than your entire profile, so using these additional services for photo ideas is extremely helpful.
  4. Expanded services gives you more opportunities for branding yourself. It may be difficult to create an outstanding image for yourself when you’re an escort providing the same services as many others in the industry. However, once you have selected a few specialties, you have a better foundation to use for marketing. Utilize a personality associated with your expanded services to provide clients with a reason to call. Visual and verbal cues from a fetish service could help you establish your new, improved persona. Every escort needs to focus on her branding and image; your expanded services may help you nail down who you really are in an attempt to seek out a new or broader demographic.
  5. You may find that expanding your services makes marketing easier. When you attempted to inform clients about the traditional encounter you provided, your information may have sounded like everything offered by all other escorts. Even if you personalized it and added a custom flair to it, there is really only so much you can say about traditional services. However, when you attempt to share information about your more “exciting” services, the descriptions may come more easily because specific activities are included.
  6. Expanding your services makes you sound more worldly and experienced. An escort who provides just GFE is great, if you want that kind of an encounter. But, an escort who lists role-playing, dom, bondage and sploshing in her profile sounds even more proficient and daring. Even if you really aren’t that much more worldly or experienced than other escorts in your area, your marketing will probably imply that you are. Clients are enticed by exotic-sounding profiles and women who seem to know their way around all aspects of sex. Utilize the ability to impress with an expanded list of services.


  • Spreading yourself too thin by offering too many services can damage your performance. When you are accustomed to providing the same type of encounter over and over, you get a chance to perfect it. After all, practice makes perfect. But, when you jump from one “specialty” to another, you never get an opportunity to fully become comfortable with it. For instance, an escort who practices as both a dom and sub may have real difficulties alternating between the two roles, especially if she plays them close together. By offering too many things to clients, you may be doing a huge disservice to yourself by not giving any service a chance to become accomplished. Variety is good, but too much may distract you from becoming great at any of your services.
  • Your regulars may suffer from your service expansion. Every successful escort has a list of regulars who value their encounters. If you’ve expanded your services recently, your attention may be focused on the other encounters you’re giving and any marketing associated with them. Even though attempting to expand your business is a positive effort, being distracted with regular clients can seriously hurt your business. Regular clients help keep your budget consistent and your income steady. If you are having difficulties staying focused on them, it may be a sign that your expanded services are actually a detriment.
  • The more services you offer, the more challenging it is to keep track of everything. Escorts who provide standard services know what they are expected to do each and every time they meet with a client. However, if you have a long list of diverse activities that you offer to clients, you may become confused about what clients want and the personalities you attempt to maintain. For instance, if you’re in a hurry and run from one encounter to the next, you may not remember that the next client expects foot fetish activities instead of water sports. A broad range of services may give your client base great depth, but it requires serious organization on your part.
  • Avoid claiming expertise in activities that you aren’t proficient with. When a client looks for a dominatrix, he is looking for someone who is experienced and successful as a dom. He wants to be ordered around strictly and confidently. If you suspect you can perform this role but haven’t experimented with it yet, don’t list it as specialty. Find a client who wants to explore this aspect of sex and work on your technique with him. Clients hope their escorts are experts at the specialties they list. If you aren’t accustomed to providing the service, falsely marketing yourself as an experienced provider may give you a bad reputation eventually. “Professional” clients can spot a newbie in a minute. Don’t put yourself into a position to be called out for misrepresenting yourself.
  • You could get stuck providing a service you don’t especially like. If you’ve listed hard sports as a specialty in your profile, you may attract clients who want to explore this service. After you perform this fetish with a client a few times, you may find yourself wanting to remove it from the list of things you provide. But, after you’ve provided it to a client, it’s hard to avoid the request in the future. Don’t list services that you are uncomfortable with or would not wish to do regularly with clients. It’s Murphy’s Law that those will be the ones you will get the most requests for.
  • The clients you end up with through the offer of your expanded services aren’t really the clients you want. Of course, every escort wants the young-ish, good looking, wealthy clients who treat them like princesses. But, attracting these guys is a feat that is accomplished rarely. However, when you appeal to a distinct niche of client, you could be setting yourself up for a client list made up of men you don’t really want to see, let alone, regularly. For instance, some fetish seekers are very traditional-appearing guys. But, many of them are a bit more unique. Some are outright freakish. If you prefer the mainstream type of client, broadening your service list may not help you limit your black book listing to them. You will attract some less-than-desirable types, those who can only climax through untraditional means and clients that other escorts have already turned down due to their boundary-pushing requests. Realize that expanding your demographics will not always be positive.

Escorts who develop successful careers in the industry see their offerings evolve as they progress in their businesses. Often, this growth occurs slowly and gradually. A sudden expansion of your services could be advantageous for you if plans to scale them back based on demand are in your future. But, it’s best to keep in mind that you can’t be everything to all people. An escort can’t please every client out there; you’re much better off perfecting some skills and leaving some activities for others.