Tips on writing an effective escort ad

A bad escort ad is one where you barely describe yourself and only have a titty/ass photo on display. Sure, guys love looking at naked women, but in the case of hiring an escort, men like to have a clue as to who you are as a woman. Your job is to fulfill his fantasy and he needs to get a taste of who you are and what you’re offering. Are you coquettish?

Domineering? Playful? We all want to know what we’re paying for so give him a taste. Not too much. Your objective should be simply to pique his interest. If he’s interested then he’ll pick up the phone and you can work from there.

Good escort adThis is one of our recent favorite ads. It’s a favorite because her photos are clear, not blurry and seductive. She’s clear about the type of man she wants to meet, “well groomed, mature men”. She’s also clear about what she offers “classy, down to earth, mistress.” This ad instantly draws a man: he WANTs to meet her.

Uninformative escort adThis ad is very provocative, but there is absolutely NO INFORMATION. We know that she has big tits and that’s about it. Bad ad. If she described her personality more she’d get better results, while with this ad, she’s probably getting calls from Tom Cruise Risky Business types. Of course, underage clientele is not what we want.

Decent escort adDecent ad, simple and seductive. She’s clearly pretty, tells us that she’s outgoing and she gives you the option of exploring her good side or naughty side. TURN ON! She would probably benefit from adding more but this is good. She is definitely working. And isn’t that objective? Of course!

Poor escort adNice titty shot, but that’s about it. Your buyer needs to know who you are and what you’re offering. This photo tells us nothing about this woman. We need more.

Bad escort adThis is also a bad ad, however her saving grace is the link to her reviews. The reviews will definitely get the men curious, however she would benefit if she posted more about her personality.

Terrible escort adThis is an example of one of the absolute worst ads. Why? Well, she barely describes herself and most importantly there is no picture. No picture is very simply BAD BUSINESS. Would you buy a car you couldn’t look at? Always post a photo, ladies. It will only help your business. And also important, please make sure the photo you post is clear. A blurry photo is a no-no. A blurry photo makes your suitor think that you’re hiding something.

Try it yourself—it’s free

There are countless bad ads on the market. To avoid a bad ad describe who you are as a woman and what you’re looking for in a man. Make it short and sweet and your ad will bring you countless clients. Remember:

  1. Be positive, fun and/or sexy in the ad.
  2. Post a clear picture of yourself. You’re attempting to lure clients, so sound appealing.
  3. Be informative. Describe your offer and expectations.
  4. Never post your address or bad experiences.

Pique his interest and he’ll be happy to schedule an appointment with you.

Remember that on the description of your companionship is not censored in any way.