11 steamiest roleplaying ideas that escorts can offer

Sexual role play scenarios have been around for as long as people have been able to use their imaginations. Often based on fantasies, encounters that feature erotic storylines and fictional personalities can be lots of fun when a client is excited about them. However, most clients don’t have unique ideas for role-play options. They ask for the traditional fantasies: doctor/nurse; nurse/patient; teacher/student; athlete/cheerleader; boss/secretary and maid/homeowner. And, while these can be fun to act out, as an escort, you may tire of them quickly.

To combat stale ideas for role-playing encounters with your clients, it’s best to have a long list of potential situations available for them to choose from. And, while you may not love each and every scenario, it’s better than replaying the same scene over and over, again.

Consider some of these ideas as ways to spice up your encounters:

  1. Adventure themes can be a lot of fun. Tarzan and Jane can be wildly exciting play out with a client. As Jane, you allow your client (Tarzan) to ravage you and moon over your ravishing beauty. You play up fear of Tarzan in the beginning, but are overcome with passion so much so that you allow him to drive you crazy with animal excitement. If Tarzan isn’t really your thing, try out a scenario where you or your client are an adventurer and are rescued/nursed back to health by a native/islander. Other adventurous ideas include comic book-based role plays: Superman/Lois Lane; Batman/Cat Woman; Robin/Wonder Woman; etc. Regardless of the characters, these roles should be exciting and include a bit of danger.
  2. Anytime a repair guy comes to the house, the housewife is hot and horny. Role plays involving an electrician, plumber, cable guy, pool boy, carpenter or other home repair professional can be extremely hot when matched up with an over-sexed housewife. Flirting, slight physical contact and lots of innuendos accompany these role plays. They are all based on temptation and resistance to give in.
  3. Hitchhikers have sketchy reputations, but they can be extremely fulfilling sex partners. In the movies, hitchhikers are usually horny strangers or psycho killers. (Or both!) Pretending to be an innocent hitchhiker seduced by the driver who picks you up can be fun. Many clients like to role play that they pick up an overly “friendly” hitchhiker who offers to pay for her ride through sexual favors. “Road head” and other activities can be easily simulated for extra fun.
  4. Fairytales and children’s stories are excellent foundations for dirty fun. Little Red Riding Hood can be chased and caught by the Big Bad Wolf. Snow White has to pleasure a dwarf. Beauty and the Beast automatically lends itself to role play action. Robin Hood and Maid Marion were real lovers, and acting them out may come easily. Many other stories with heroes/heroines can be used for imaginative sex play. Picking up a children’s storybook with traditional fairytales may give you more ideas.
  5. Animal role play can be as much fun as a barrel of monkeys. In fact, according to Liliane Hunt, a professional mistress who specializes in both pony and puppy play, this type of role playing is one of the fastest growing subsets of the BDSM and kink communities. Typically, one participant will take on the animal role, mimicking traits centric to the species, while the other partner acts as the trainer, groomer or owner. Costumes may be used, but many couples simply use their imaginations. Hunt explains that bondage, fetishism, sadomasochism, exhibitionism, training, discipline and other possibilities are open for exploration when a couple considers engaging in animal role play. Horses (and ponies), cats (including lions, kittens and tigers) and dogs (including puppies and wolves) are the most popular animals. Those who transform themselves into an animal usually seek praise for their strength and positive qualities from their partner. Additionally, it allows an opportunity to let loose of inhibitions and act more or less aggressively than normally expected, creating a lustful and erotic scene.
  6. Role plays that involve any character in uniform can be hot and steamy. A fireman rescue can result in repayment through sexual favors and extreme gratification. A policeman can insist that a speeder pay her fines through oral sex and other activities. A prison guard can be seduced by a sexy inmate. A female officer can order around a low-ranking soldier, with duties including sex and foreplay. A pilot can order a passenger or flight attendant to observe his “cock” pit. Other uniforms that may cause fantasies for role plays include delivery personnel (such as pizza delivery guys or the UPS man). The mail carrier is also often a role that can be exciting to play out.
  7. With the popularity of redneck television series, blue-collar themes might be interesting for an escort and her client. Basics such as race car driver and fan may include a lot of innuendos, such as “getting your motor running”, “look under the hood”, “would you like to drive my stick shift” and “I like it fast”. Many people like to play out a scenario involving a truck stop waitress and truck driver. From ordering coffee and a piece of pie to asking for more “dessert,” the trucker and waitress can get it on in the truck stop booth or in the trucker’s semi cab. Either way, lots of flirting and foreplay are involved in this role play scenario. Moonshiners, kissing cousins and virginal backwoods girl/boy can be possible redneck role plays, too.
  8. Gambling can spur on some ideas, too. From wild west gamblers and saloon girl combinations to modern day gamblers who can’t pay their debts, a deck of cards and some poker chips can lead into some hot encounters for an escort and her client. Using sex to repay debts or betting sex acts on hands of cards (as world-class poker players) can incorporate a lot of fun into a role-playing encounter.
  9. Often the fantasy of dirty-minded choir boys, nuns exert a certain degree of sex appeal. This can be used during role play scenarios where a sexy nun seduces or is seduced by a parishioner or priest. Part of the allure is wearing sexy lingerie underneath a nun’s costume, allowing a bit of lace or a sexy garter to flash once in awhile during the set-up to the action. It’s taboo and naughty, which makes it extremely titilating for a client.
  10. Science fiction has a lot of potential to produce exciting role play scenes for an escort and her clients who love the genre. Star Trek offers lots of opportunities through its many storylines and characters. Lots of men dreamed of Princes Leia during their childhood and are pleased to play out a scene between her and Jabba the Hut. Other possibilities include astronaut/alien; robot/scientist; alien/alien slave; and futuristic beings.
  11. Fitness-related characters are enticing, too. Yoga instructors should be able to bend their students in all kinds of sexy directions. A fitness trainer may push a client to his or her limits with rigorous workouts. Lifeguards can be rewarded for their heroic efforts with more than just a kiss from their damsels in distress. And, professional athletes may get it on with adoring fans.

Regardless of the scenario that your client picks, the main thing to do is to use your imagination and encourage him to utilize his. Even the same, traditional role-play characters can be interesting with a unique spin or different dialogue. Have fun and encourage the action.