12 facts escorts should never reveal in their profiles or ads

There are certain things that should never be mentioned in your escort marketing that you use to recruit clients. Of course, everything that you post about yourself in your escort profile should be true and accurate, but some things should just not be there, because it is entirely possible to say one or two words more than necessary.


To protect your safety, privacy and reputation, some truths should be excluded from any information that you put online about you and your services that provide as an escort.

While most of the clients you get as an escort are simply looking for some affection and intimate contact through companionship, there are others with ulterior motives who receive pleasure from taking advantage of escorts. In order to avoid these types of clients or the trouble they cause, you should implement these concepts:

  1. Don’t tell your potential clients that you are a novice in the escort industry. Even though it’s a great card to play to attract several clients at the very beginning of your career, it’s not a smart idea to open yourself up to those who wish to take advantage of your amateur status. It’s true that some clients want to book an inexperienced escort for the basic purpose of enjoying the company of woman new to the industry, untainted by its rules and procedures. They consider an new escort as fresh meat. And, they enjoy “breaking her in” before the vast multitudes of other hobbyists get their hands on her. However, other less than virtuous clients intend to persuade a new escort to bend her rules, stretch her boundaries and push limits to get services or privileges they wouldn’t be afforded otherwise. By confessing that you’re new, you provide insight to clients that you may not have the confidence to stick up for yourself or the knowledge of the industry enough to deny their outrageous or unreasonable requests. They hope they can fib to you about what standard procedure is so that they can benefit from your ignorance. Don’t provide details that inform clients you are new to the industry. If they pay attention to the directories, they will know that you’re a fresh face without you having to tell them that.
  2. Providing any details that could lead a client to find you is never a good idea. Often, escorts reveal too much about themselves through innocent details that they never think about. Boasting about your high school or which college is your alma mater may provide a nosey client with some information that he can use to locate you. Sharing details that reveal what neighborhood you live in can give too many clues to a would-be stalker. For instance, if you make comments about living down the road from the mall, along with stating your high school alma mater, a client might be able to find the general location in which you live based on school district and mall proximity. Also, examine your pictures to make sure that background details don’t give things about you away that will provide too much information to a client. If your photos were taken near you live, make sure road/street signs, identifiable buildings or landmarks aren’t obvious.
  3. Your real name should never be associated with your profile in any way. Escorts should never use any form of their real names when creating their escort identity. It can give too many clues to who they are in “real” life. Additionally, be extremely cautious when you upload photos to your profile. Often, photographers will save a photo with your last name as the file name. When you upload it, the name of the file is often available to anyone who can access the photo. Additionally, when your photo is saved, meta data or tags are often included that may use your name in them. Someone who has tech skills can easily access this information and find out details about who you are. Another thing to watch out for is including an email address, website or cell phone that can be traced back to your name. Always register these things under your escort name when possible.
  4. Never advertise that you’re desperate for clients. It’s common for an escort to get in a financial bind and need to make some quick coin. Booking extra encounters, encouraging clients to extend their session times and finding other ways to make money (like web camming) are excellent ways to quickly generate more income. However, inexperienced escorts often think if they promote the fact they are in need of bookings, the clients will start calling. And, the truth is that they will. But, they will attempt to negotiate discounts, special rates, extra privileges and allowances that push all kinds of boundaries. When they know an escort is desperate to book encounters, they assume they can get by with more and pay less, because the escort needs money. They take advantage of the fact that an escort may be tempted to accept less when she has bills looming due.
  5. Revealing your relationship status or information about your family is unnecessary for your profile or website. Your clients don’t need to know if you’re married, single, engaged or shacked up. It’s irrelevant to your professional relationship with them, and these kind of details only detract from your profile information. Also, your marketing information shouldn’t reveal that you have kids, dogs or anything else in your household who you consider family. Your nurturing qualities can be demonstrated in other ways than stating that you are a great mother, wife or whatever. Additionally, the more details you provide about your personal life, the more insight you give to a client who might be stalking you. When he discovers that you’ve got a husband, two daughters and a son, it’s much easier to track you down knowing you have a family of five than not knowing any details about your life.
  6. Indicating to prospective clients that you are “up for anything” could create problems. Even if you are a pretty open-minded escort, you don’t want to leave your services up to your clients’ imaginations. Even though most clients want fairly vanilla, garden-variety encounters, others have some seriously twisted expectations. And, when you say that you are open to anything, these kinds of clients take it as a special invitation to request the oddest, most taboo sex act they can think of. And, when you refuse, they complain that your profile was misleading and they want their money back. Specify the services you want to provide, include some you will participate in and allow other requests to come in naturally, without being prompted by an inviting statement in your profile.
  7. Attempt to hide your insecurities. It’s extremely common for escorts to harbor serious insecurities about themselves. They may have doubts about their appearance, intelligence, sexual experience, background or any other aspect of their personalities, qualifications or skills. Even if you feel extremely hesitant about a facet of your life or abilities to perform as an escort, do not mention it in your profile. Your profile is the place where you should project the most positive, confident image of yourself possible. Play up your assets, embellish your abilities (without lying about them) and promote yourself to potential clients. Avoid self-depreciating humor, comments that indicate being unsure of yourself or lack of self pride. Clients (with ill intentions) will have a field day with you if you demonstrate weakness in your profile. They will pray on your insecurities and take advantage of you through them. Admitting your insecurities in your profile will only encourage others to use them against you.
  8. Ditch the drama in your profile. Some people attract (or create) drama wherever they go. If you happen to be one of these people, attempt to hide it from your profile. Most clients are looking for an escort who won’t have tons of baggage that distracts from their good time with you. They desire an escort who lives a simple existence and doesn’t want to engage in drama in any form. Letting on in your profile that your life is complicated or challenging only tells a potential client that his encounters with you may be less than relaxing, too. Often, it’s impossible to avoid drama created by others in your life. But, advertising it openly in your profile distracts from what you’re really trying to market. Use your profile to promote yourself through your character, appearance and personality. Airing your dirty laundry isn’t going to attract clients to you; in fact, it may deter them from calling at all.
  9. Attempt to disguise your lack of intelligence. It’s true that not every escort was class valedictorian or graduated cum laude from college. (There are many who fit this description, but others who do not.) In fact, some escorts just aren’t very smart or didn’t catch on to the lessons they were taught in school. A few lack common sense. If you fit into one of these categories, it’s perfectly alright. But, attempt to avoid disclosing it in your profile. Blatant grammar mistakes, misspellings, misuse of words and naive viewpoints can quickly demonstrate that an escort lacks a few IQ points. However, don’t dismay. When you create your profile, have a friend or other escort read it over for you. Ask them to proofread it for errors and encourage them to provide you with feedback about your content. If you don’t have anyone to look it over for you, and you’re in doubt about how to create an appropriate profile, attempt to keep it short and simple. You run a smaller risk of demonstrating your ignorance when you say less. (Follow through on this with clients, too. Don’t try to act smarter than you are, but don’t let your words or actions indicate you aren’t as smart as you wish you were.)
  10. Taking sides politically is something you should avoid when marketing yourself to clients. Even if you pride yourself on your extremely liberal or conservative views (or anything in between), your escort profile is not the appropriate platform for airing your beliefs. Create a blog, post on forums or go to political rallies if you are so inclined, but do not post information in your profile about politics. (Unless, you are seeking to fill some sort of political niche.) Even though some clients may be turned on by the fact that you think Reagan was the best president ever or that you wish you could’ve been Monica Lewinsky, it’s best to focus your profile information on reasons that clients should book encounters with you. Political rants, musings or comments should be reserved for other venues. After you get to know a regular client, discussion of politics may be a wonderful part of your relationship with him. But, do not use your beliefs to identify you in your profile.
  11. Use your profile to create a positive impression, not one focused on your pet peeves. Some escorts type up a long list of pet peeves they hate in a client, hoping to deter the problem client from booking an encounter. Clients who should take heed to the list rarely do, but others who don’t fit the description are often put off by the bad attitude displayed by it. Negativity in any form should be avoided at all costs in your profile description. Even if you feel strongly about an action or service, leave negative comments about it out. As clients read your profile and notice things you hate, services you won’t do or comments that frustrate you, they are discouraged from contacting you at all, fearing that they will tick you off, too. Generate a positive vibe by simply staying away from a pessimistic attitude.
  12. Showing that you really have nothing to say is never good in your profile. Many escorts have this problem. They want to fully use up their allowable characters when they input their profiles, so they create a lot of vague statements that are somewhat true, but don’t really say anything. For instance, a profile might tell a client that the escort is fun and communicates well. What does “fun” mean? And, if an escort communicates well, wouldn’t she demonstrate more clearly how her communication skills set her apart from others? Of course! As you’re writing your profile, include clear statements that tell the client something real about yourself. Avoid half statements that leave a client wondering exactly what you mean. When you use these kinds of declarations, clients often think that you really don’t know how to describe yourself or don’t know what to say. They usually anticipate that this will follow through to indicate how an encounter with you would be. These statements detract from the success of your profile.