5 themed escort session ideas with ad templates

Escorting is a competitive business. There is obviously one service at the end of the day; but how you “package” your time can make the difference between great dates and good money and routine dates and routine money.

Marketing experts talk about “experience differentiation”.

by Hannah Jay

Basic concept: a Ford Focus and a brand new Mercedes will both get you to the corner store – but they are sold as entirely different experiences with very different price points. Thinking about what sort of experience you are promising is a great way to get creative and successful.

Experience is the whole package – everything from how you dress, where you work, how long the date is and what’s included. But experience is more than that.

When a potential client is looking through the ads he’s having a bit of fun thinking about the sort of girl and the sort of ride he wants. A “meat and potatoes” ad with your hair color, breast size, hourly rate and a few escort abbreviations (GFE, PSE, DATY and so on) plus a picture puts you in competition with every girl on the board. A great entry point but for the potential client there is not much to go on. And for gentlemen looking for a change of pace, something a bit different, the ads are something of a waste land.

Great experiences begin with the fantasy, the imagination: writing an ad that you don’t see everyday starts that process. Which means offering experiences which go well beyond the meat and potatoes, day to day, services.

Here are a few advertising and date ideas which you can use to bring in new clients and keep your business growing.

Headline #1: My Town

Experience the charm of ’50s [name of city]. You’re the guy, I’m the doll. We meet for drinks then I’ll show you a bit of my city until you «come up to my place», loosen your tie and let me entertain you.

This is an ad and a date aimed squarely at out of town clients. It is a longer date, it’s not just about the sex, it is a high value experience. Booking these sorts of dates through online advertising services which reach out nation wide can put two hour dates on your calendar. And, because it is far more than just services, you can set a base price at $350 or $400 without losing clients.

For local customers coming up with unique experiences can pay big dividends, a few suggestions:

Headline #2: Retro date

1950′s gal looking to entertain gentlemen in true MadMan style. Think Betty Page. Heels, hose, anything goes. Spend some time with a girl no better than she needs to be.

Once again back to the 50′s where a lady dressed well and wouldn’t think of undressing for just anyone.

(A few trips to the thrift store or eBay and you can put together the heels, hose, garter belt and bullet bra to bring out your inner Betty Page.)

Headline #3: I’m in Charge

Hard day at the office, long road trip? Put yourself in the hands of a strong, strict, confident woman who knows just what her men need.

This is a bit subtle. While there are plenty of men who like to think they are “running things” on a date, there are also lots of men who like to be told what to do. Now, this is not the full on BDSM, whips and chains and dudgeons world, rather it is a strong woman taking charge.

(The riding crop is optional. In fact, on a date like this, you’re doing pretty much what you would do on a regular date but you tell him what to do and are somewhat aggressive. For example, have him stand in front of you with his hands behind his back while you stroke him. Or send him to a corner while you undress…)

Headline #4: Private Spa

Step into your own private spa – your handmaiden awaits to soothe the stress of your day. Take an hour to be pampered for your pleasure.

All you need is a bathtub, a few candles, a clean Terry cloth robe for him, a sheer kimono or robe for you and soft music. Go easy on the scented soap but men love bubble bath.

(For this date you greet your caller dressed nicely and spend a few minutes chatting. Then you excuse yourself to run his bath. You change into your handmaiden’s robe while you are setting the stage. Then you come out and tell him to go into the tub and that you’ll join him shortly. Then you do. You bathe him and then have him get out of the tub and you dry him very carefully and help him into his robe. Pleasure ensues.)

Headline #5: Little Black Dress

A poised, beautiful woman on your arm lets you travel in style. And knowing your evening will have a perfect, hot, happy ending makes showing her off all the more fun.

Here a good haircut, nicely done nails and a pretty, demure, little black cocktail dress are all you need. Targeted at the visiting businessman, this is the sort of date which appeals to older, more established, gentlemen. It is a ride in the Mercedes.

So there are five variants: with a little imagination you can easily come up with more. The critical thing about offering a premium experience is that you need to be comfortable with whichever persona you take on. No point in being “in charge” if your natural disposition is to do what you are told.

For each variant a quick, evocative, picture is a great idea. Think retro lingerie for “My Town” and “Retro Date”, a leather jacket and exposed black lace bra, hands on hips, for “I’m in Charge”, you in candlelight and a sheer kimono for “Private Spa” and, gee, maybe a little black cocktail dress for “LBD”.

You’ll be able to judge the effectiveness of your ads and the attractiveness of the experience if you include in your ad “Ask for (name of the date)”. That way, when a gentleman calls and asks you’ll know just what he is looking for.

There is no question that offering “themed” dates takes more effort and a bit of investment. However, for the men who are into retro lingerie or a bit of light dominantion (without calling it that) finding a provider who caters to their needs is a huge plus. They’ll pay top dollar and, in many cases, they’ll want to return to go a little deeper.

Of course, just because you are experimenting with themed experience dates doesn’t mean you take down your regular ads. Leave them up. The objective with themed dates is to expand your business and attract clients who would not, usually, respond to your regular advertising.

You want potential clients to know you are out of the ordinary: the Mercedes not the Ford. If they start there they will not be surprised at the price and will be generous with the tip. It is not an experience most men will understand; but the ones who do will keep you busy and very well paid.

Just the way you should be.