11 essential furniture items for an escort’s incall

While you can pretty much run on the fly to your outcall appointments, as long as you have a “go-to” bag full of basic necessities, it takes much more than that to adequately equip an upscale, functional incall bedroom for clients. In addition to all of the supplies you have to provide for your clients (such as lube and condoms), you must also present a comfortable, mood-appropriate environment to get cozy in. In order to set this room up to its highest function, you should include a few key pieces of furniture (or furniture-type items).

Of course, you can modify this list to your pleasing (and budget), but the following pieces can help create an atmosphere that is welcoming to your client and serve a variety of purposes:

  1. All escorts need a solid bed in their incall bedrooms. Period. No futons, funky floor mats, torture tables or other alternatives, unless you are working in a niche where those options are not only appropriate, but also preferred. Your bed need not be an expensive, elaborate design; but, it should be sturdy. Escorts who service clients who may be on the “big and tall” side (or just “big” side) need a bed frame and structure that will hold up under significant weight. Also, as you and your clients get “busy” on the bed, it needs to be strong enough to hold up under the activity. A bed with sturdy construction consists of a thick metal frame, several supports or slats for the mattress and heavy-duty legs that won’t bend. In addition to a sturdy frame, an escort should seek out a head/foot board combination that provides space to tie up clients. Metal frames are great for this, as they have several places to tie scarves or other binds to. Some wood frames have posts on each corner that work well, too. In addition to the frame and head/foot boards, you should invest in a quality mattress. Look for sales to acquire a quality product that is not excessively expensive. To protect it, always use a waterproof protective covering on it.
  2. A butler valet/suit stand is a piece you won’t fully appreciate until you actually have one for your clients. Many escorts allow their clients to hang their suits or other clothing up in their closets while they are visiting them during an encounter. But, that allows the client access to your closet and prevents you from utilizing it fully for storage or any personal items. Others suggest that the client lay their clothing out on the couch, chair, etc. But, unnatural wrinkling is apt to occur. The best solution is to equip your bedroom with a butler valet/suit stand. Fair quality versions typically cost under $100 and provide clients with a place to hang their trousers and jackets, along with a place to drape a tie. A tray gives space for a wallet and a client’s pocket contents. The stand doesn’t require much space and can be tucked away into the corner when not in use. Many are wooden and can be painted to match the decor of your room. Most clients will appreciate having a great place to stash their belongings, where they are in plain sight and all together, reducing the risk of forgetting a watch or any other key belonging. Plus, it demonstrates that as an escort, you are concerned about creating a convenient, welcoming place for your clients.
  3. A small side table (not a nightstand) away from the bed is a piece that is incredibly useful for different things. Clients might use it as a place to drop your payment envelope, or to put any other items they have with them, such as a laptop case, phone or other accessories. It’s a functional element in your bedroom for a pitcher of iced tea, pot of coffee or other refreshments that your client might enjoy, such as a bottle of wine or other spirits. Snacks could be on the table. A side table is a great place for a clock or a book or a couple of magazines your client can peruse while you get “more comfortable” in the bathroom. Although you don’t have to have a table in your incall bedroom, it provides space for items you leave out for your clients that you may not even think of ahead of time. It’s great for unexpected needs.
  4. Chairs or a couch are essential to the transitional time between the front door and the bed. Once you invite a client into your boudoir, you don’t want to immediately lead him to the bed, especially if he’s the shy, hesitant type. A couch or a couple of arm chairs provide a conversation place for your and he to get to know each other a little bit better. The items should blend in with the rest of the decor of the room, and they should avoid being the focal point of the room. (The bed should be the main focus.) But, it is essential to have some sort of cozy spot to settle in for a brief chat. Whether these items are cushy, lavish pieces of furniture or a home version of waiting room furniture it entirely up to you. Regardless, they should be comfortable and in a place that is convenient to the door, as you and your client first walk in. They should face the bed, to make that move feel even more natural.
  5. A nightstand with a drawer is an integral piece of furniture for every escort’s incall bedroom. Of course, a bedside table is a helpful item, as it can support a lamp, clock and other necessities for an encounter. But, a table that includes a drawer is even more useful. You can hide all kinds of things in that drawer, reducing clutter on the table top. From condoms and lube to baby wipes and pocket vibrators, necessities can be disguised from view, but be within easy reach all at the same time. Make sure as you select this nights stand that the drawer is actually large enough to be convenient. Some bedside tables have drawers that not deep enough to be very useful. The nightstand should fit beside the bed, at a comfortable height from the bed. Some are too short, if you have a tall bed. Various types exist ranging from wooden designs to metal constructions; ensure the type you pick complements the other furniture and decor in your room. Avoid bedside tables with extremely sharp edges, as they can be hazards as you and your clients get rough and ready in bed, too.
  6. A lamp with a dimmer is an essential item as your encounter progresses. Most overhead lighting in bedrooms leaves a lot to be desired. It’s either too harsh and bright or too dim and placed awkwardly. You can alleviate the need to use your overhead light by incorporating a lamp (or two) into your room’s decor, including one on your bedside table. This lamp on your nightstand should include a dimmer to enhance the mood with your client. Some clients don’t want to indulge in the “fun part” of the encounter until it’s nearly dark in the room. But, as an escort, you don’t want it to become completely dark when you’re alone with a client. (It’s a safety risk; you don’t know what your client may do in the dark or who he will encourage to come in while it’s dark.) Protect yourself by dimming the lights to the point where the room is darkened without being pitch black. A dimmer is easy to put on lamps that don’t have them. Many are available that screw into the receptacle for the light bulb, and the light bulb screws into them.
  7. A serving tray is a handy item to have accessible in your incall bedroom. When your client wants to indulge in ice cream or other snack after a good round of fun with you, a tray that can be placed on the bed helps keep crumbs and spills off of your comforter and from between the sheets. It also helps you carry the items from the kitchen to the bedroom in one trip and aids in getting rid of the leftovers after your client leaves, too. Make sure it’s fair sized with handles in order to make it more convenient. If possible, it should match the decor of your room. Of course, when you have this tray on the bed, things can still get spilled, but it helps reduce problems. Also, it gives the snack or goodies more of an “event” feel, which makes them seem more special, even if they are just store-brand cupcakes.
  8. A mirror is a necessary item that can serve a dual purpose. Escorts can do one last quick check of their appearances before bringing a client into their bedrooms with a mirror, and clients can use it to make sure they are put back together at an encounter’s conclusion. It helps clients inspect for any lipstick marks on their collars or love bits. Additionally, having a mirror strategically placed within view of your bed allows you and your client a view of your antics. Many clients become extremely aroused through watching themselves in a mirror with a lover. It can amp up the lovemaking you and your client experience, also providing interesting views about which angles you look best in for your clients’ appreciation.
  9. A stereo helps make your encounters better in a variety of ways. Firstly, you can create just the right mood for your client by playing romantic music or other genres of his choice with the aim of spicing up the encounter and spiking his arousal. Not only can music add to his excitement, but it can also help ease the nerves of an unsure client. Additionally, music played through a stereo or other sound system (including an iPod stand) can muffle distracting noises from outside if you live in a busy neighborhood or building. For instance, train whistles, truck noises or other sounds coming from the street can be flooded out by music played in your incall bedroom. Similarly, you can disguise the sounds coming from your incall, so neighbors can hear you and your client, if the walls are thin. Music also helps in keeping track of time that passed from the beginning of an encounter.
  10. A dressing table is a nice touch for your bedroom, if there is room available. Many escorts fear their clients will tinker with and rifle through their personal items in the bathroom, when it’s time for them to take a shower. Make-up, expensive lotions, skin-care solutions and other expensive items that escorts want to keep away from clients can be easily and conveniently stored in the vanity or dressing table. And, as your client is showering and using the bathroom, you have a place to touch up your make-up, refix your hair or tend to other details that make you feel more put together after a roll in the sack with a client. It can also hold extra supplies, such as massage lotions, condoms and lubricant. Toys and other sexual devices (handcuffs or scarves for bondage, etc.) can be stored there, too, out of sight from anyone entering the room.
  11. A ceiling fan is a nice touch for the end of your encounters. It’s likely that after a lively encounter, you and your client may both be a little sweaty. A tasteful ceiling fan can be turned on (via remote) to cool down the room slightly, helping your body temperature to decrease to a comfortable level. The fan should blend in with the decor of the room, and not detract from the rest of the furniture. If your ceilings are not high enough to accommodate a ceiling fan, consider placing a fan in another location in the room, to help circulate air flow after you and your client get hot and bothered.

Even though there are a number of other items you could put in your incall bedroom, these pieces are easy to find and, for the most part, budget friendly. Of course, you can certainly do without some of them; although their presence will surely make your encounters function easier and more conveniently.

Before purchasing all of these items, however, you need to measure the bedroom to ensure they will all fit. Small bedrooms will not be able to hold all of these pieces. You may have to pick and choose which seem the most useful to you.