12 signs that you are sabotaging your own escort business

Starting and maintaining a successful escorting career is challenging, to say the least. But, it’s even more obstacle-filled if you are sabotaging your own success. In all industries, professionals are known for stirring up conflict and creating problems for themselves, often without even knowing it. Reasons stem from fear of success, lack of work ethic and simple oblivion. The same can be said for escorts. While you are concentrating on specific aspects of your escort career, you may be letting others slide, which could cause you catastrophic problems that will result in a sabotaged career.

Pay attention to any of these 12 ways that you may be your own worst career enemy and attempt to fix them as soon as possible:

  1. Escorts who lack accountability may contribute to their own career failure. It’s very easy to blame someone else if your career isn’t going as well as you hoped it would be. Your clients are just too picky or cheap. They must not like brunettes and favor blondes, instead. Or, they just don’t understand you. While these excuses may be true once in awhile, they can’t explain the overall demise of your career. Successful escorts are responsible for any shortcomings they have and attempt to fix them. They don’t blame others for their failures or challenges. They learn from their mistakes and move forward with positive attitudes. Realize that it isn’t always someone else’s fault that your career is stalled. Thinking that others are out to get out you or that a conspiracy has been created by other escorts to thwart your success is not only a bit crazy, but it is also detrimental to being able to analyze your strengths and weaknesses as an escort.
  2. Failure to make your career a priority may be causing your escort calendar to remain empty. When you make the choice to become an escort, you have to commit yourself to a lifestyle that isn’t easy. Your schedule may be sporadic (especially at first), your clients may not always look like movie stars and the physical, mental and emotional demands of the job are great. It’s hard work to market yourself, provide good communications with clients, prep yourself for encounters and provide services that will please the men you visit. But, it’s even more difficult when you aren’t dedicated to making the personal sacrifices necessary to ensure a successful career. If you aren’t willing to give up your Friday lunches with friends for clients who want appointments or travel to a hotel downtown to meet a client, you are limiting yourself in ways that could derail your career for good. It’s important to safeguard your personal life and routines, but it’s also necessary to sacrifice some things so that your career thrives. Your schedule may have to become more flexible (especially as you begin), and you will have to establish your career as priority over fun things in your life. By giving more to your career, you will eventually get more out of it, too. It will pay off, but you must have patience and the ability to set your professional aspirations as a priority.
  3. Bad customer service or relations may stunt your career growth. Failing to return phone calls or email messages leave prospective clients wondering if you value their patronage. And, it could result in them looking elsewhere for an escort. Not thanking a client for scheduling an encounter could leave him feeling unappreciated. Being impatient with clients both in the scheduling/screening process or during an encounter might be enough to send them down the road, taking up with the next escorts they find in the directory listings. You must remember that while some parts of the escort/client relationship seems routine and mundane to you, your clients see it otherwise. They appreciate your attention, patience, kindness and appreciation. They want to feel they are getting an encounter personalized just for them. And, they want to feel that you enjoy the time you spend with them. If your people skills are lacking, you need to refine them. Keep your moods in check and remember that your clients expect the best that you have to offer them. If you’re providing anything less, you are not living up to their expectations. Remember that how you treat and talk to your clients will be just as remembered as any other activities involved in the encounter and may factor heavily in their decisions to book future visits with you.
  4. Poor hygiene isn’t something that your clients will overlook, even if you do. They expect that when you arrive at their door (or they come to yours) you will be primped, coiffed and manicured to the fullest. Your scent will intoxicate them and appearance mesmerize them, or so they hope. And, if you fail to focus on your personal appearance, it will definitely cause your escort career to fail. Your hair should look healthy, clean and modernly styled. Fingernails should be clean and manicured. Liberal use of deodorant is recommended, especially for extremely physical encounters. Removal of body hair (legs and underarms) is essential, along with strategic trimming of the bikini line and other intimate areas. One area that you may fail to take into account is your mouth. Good oral and dental hygiene are musts for escorts. Make sure your pearly whites just that by brushing regularly and using over-the-counter bleaching remedies. Keep bad breath at bay by avoiding halitosis-causing foods or drinks. And, visit the dentist regularly to maintain your teeth. A pretty smile is immediately ruined by stained, snaggled teeth.
  5. Attempting to appeal to a closely defined niche may cause you problems attracting enough clients to maintain your career. Escorts who target clients fitting a slim demographic may have great success; however, if your demographic is one that has few potential clients in it, you may be setting yourself up for disaster. Smaller areas with little diversity are not good places to identify a unique set of qualities for targeted clients. There are just not enough of them to go around. Broadening up your client scope will provide a much greater number of clients from which to pull business. While it’s nice to have a specific niche that you cater to, it’s also sometimes necessary to appeal to a more general client base, certainly in the beginning of your career.
  6. Too much personal drama may turn clients off. If you’re always complaining about your boyfriend, children or the bill collectors, your clients may grow weary of your tales. You don’t have to explain to your client why you can’t take his Friday 3 p.m. appointment (even if it is because your child is winning an award at the recognition ceremony after school). Simply tell him you’re unavailable for that encounter and attempt to find another time that works for both of you. When your personal life interferes with and overflows into your professional life, you run the risk of losing clients to other escorts who make experiences about the client and not themselves. Clients need to feel that they are your priority during an encounter. By sharing unsolicited stories about your personal life with them, you are indirectly telling them that your mind is really somewhere else. Even if a client seems interested in your life, he really doesn’t want to know all the intimate details. Additionally, intermingling your personal life with your escorting career can result in dangerous consequences when a client turns into a stalker and knows how to find you or details about your family.
  7. A bad attitude can tank your professional career. Clients book encounters with escorts to get away from their real worlds. They want to escape to a fantasy land, where troubles don’t exist and happiness is prevalent. Your negative attitude will permeate all of your clients’ attempts to relax and enjoy pleasure. It doesn’t aid in the creation of an erotic or calming encounter, and it may actually cause your clients even more stress than when they first met up with you. If you leave your clients feeling depressed, angry or uptight, they won’t book more encounters with you. Constant complaints during an encounter may influence a client to avoid booking with you next time. Most clients indicate they want an escort who is upbeat and happy. They receive pleasure from being around someone who makes the visit enjoyable. Maintaining a positive attitude will help you create a thriving escort career.
  8. Punctuality is extremely important to your clients. If you are habitually late or never ready for an encounter to begin, clients may find your actions disrespectful and, at the very least, unprofessional. They are busy individuals with schedules to keep. Not having the time to wait on you, they feel that you don’t appreciate their business when you regularly run late. Even the most punctual of people may be tardy once in awhile due to unforeseen circumstances, but prepared professionals attempt to avoid issues that will cause them to run behind. You should always give yourself some spare time to travel to encounters, know where you are going ahead of time and avoid waiting until the last minute to get ready. Clients who can depend on you to arrive on time and prepared for their bookings will call you again and again, establishing themselves as eventual regulars.
  9. Mixing business with pleasure may inhibit your success as an escort. Women who enter into relationships with clients or agree to date them are hurting themselves. It is rare that an escort finds a lasting love connection with one of her clients. (It’s possible, but it doesn’t occur for most.) When you start giving away your attention for free, you lose out on the income you can make from clients, much of the time without gaining anything in return. Some escorts are known for doing simple favors for their regulars. That’s great, and it may be good for business, in that it gets you additional tips. But, look out for giving more than you get from clients. If you feel that you are being taken advantage of, you probably are.
  10. Escorts who do not enjoy what they are doing usually fail in the industry. From the beginning, if you detest this line of work, don’t fool yourself into thinking that it will get better. Many escorts get burned out and attempt to “fake” it for clients, trying to convince them that they are actually enjoying themselves greatly. However, most clients can sense when an escort isn’t really into her job. Denying to yourself that it will all work out is just lying to yourself. If you really hate being an escort, you are not going to be successful at it. If you are determined to stay in the industry, you have to find a way to like your job, again. Take some time off, enjoy relaxing activities that make you feel good and return to the industry when the thought of it doesn’t depress you. Also, it may help to seek support from other escorts in your area or online. Many forums and chat rooms exist for escorts to share their thoughts and fears, along with ranting about common issues plaguing them.
  11. Failure to toot your own horn could hold you back significantly. Women in nearly every industry experience one common problem: modesty. Despite how skilled, talented and accomplished they are, women find it hard to speak compellingly about themselves, especially when marketing themselves. Escorts are really no different. Escort ad listings are full of weak language and cookie-cutter descriptions. Put your best foot forward with your marketing by bolstering yourself and your abilities. Provide details about your strengths and avoid mentioning your weaknesses. Give clients reasons to contact you through describing yourself in strong, positive terms.
  12. Escorts who think they are divas soon find themselves with very short client lists. Thinking you are irreplaceable is a bad way to conduct business. Escorts work in a service-oriented industry and must always focus on pleasing clients. If you think that a client isn’t going to have another escort on speed dial if he feels like you aren’t interested in his business, you should think, again. Clients are extremely fickle and will not tolerate actions from you that indicate a sense of entitlement or privilege.

The escort industry is highly competitive and consists of professionals who are extremely talented, beautiful and accomplished. To succeed, you need to utilize every positive trait you have going for you and avoid emphasizing your weaknesses. Creating situations that give clients reasons to take their business somewhere else will be the downfall of your career.