12 ways for an escort to get the client to book

Even the best sales people in business have difficulties closing the deal with some clients. But those who aren’t skilled or educated in how to finalize agreements find it even more challenging when it comes down to that time to commit or walk away. Escorts have to get client commitment each and every time they book an encounter. It’s often hard to judge whether a client is ready to book or not, but it’s necessary for an escort to attempt to get him there.

Without being pushy or overly presumptuous, escorts can coax their clients to the point of booking that encounter with a solid date and time pinpointed. This, of course, is what all escorts want to work toward. Escorts who consider these tips may benefit when they attempt to transition a prospective client into a booked one.

  1. Learn from your own shopping behavior. Stalk your reactions to flyers, promotions, commercials, in-store displays. Pin down every moment when you pull out the credit card: what triggered it? How did the merchant hack your normal thinking and gently led you to believe that what you want is what you need? What words (or other carriers) did they use? What did they do to get those words into your mind? How did they make it look like it was your own decision? What choice were you offered? And what options – unfavorable for them – were not mentioned?
  2. Create a sense of urgency. This is one of the oldest sales tricks in the books… and it works. In business, it’s usually followed up with a “limited time offer” or other inclusions that will only be available for a short interval. The escort industry isn’t the most conducive to limited time offers (unless you offer discounts or specials), but you can still create urgency for your client that makes him feel like he will be most benefitted by booking time with you right now. Many escorts utilize the fact that they don’t accept last-minute appointments. So, if a client wants to see her on Friday, he must book a couple of days ahead of time, instead of being able to call her on the day, itself. Pre-booking is a requirement, and a client must do it for an upcoming date. And, because their slots fill up quickly with regular clients, escorts can entice clients to book ahead of time to ensure that they get desirable sessions. Other ways to create urgency during the booking process include offering a few extra minutes for booking now or inclusion of a special souvenir (your panties) during the appointment. Use your own creativity to come up with other plausible ideas that will work for your clientele.
  3. Move forward with the scheduling process. Transition carefully into the booking phase after you and your client have gone over his questions and concerns. Advance him naturally into scheduling by asking him what days look good for him. Saying something like this, “Now that we have all of those details out of the day, let’s decide when we’re going to get together for some fun.” Don’t give him an option by asking if he wants to schedule now or call back later. Just do it. Get out your calendar and start suggesting dates and times that would work for getting together. Odds are that he will be so excited by the prospect that he will follow along and book an encounter, not even giving it a second thought until he’s off the phone with you. Gradually moving your client into the booking phase doesn’t give him a chance to think about the reasons he shouldn’t spend time with you. It keeps the focus on the pleasure he will receive during the encounter and how soon he will get to enjoy it.
  4. Refer to your reviews and positive references. It seems that you’re always more attractive to men once they discover that other men find you desirable, too. Letting clients know that you are well-reviewed and referred will encourage them much more to explore the benefits of spending time with you. If necessary, send links of positive reviews to a client or testimonial descriptions from others. If you have good reviews, it’s a shame not to use them for your advantage. The benefits of favorable reviews are that you can use them to demonstrate other clients have found that the time they spent with you was definitely worth their coin. Much like potential clients use reviews of lawyers, doctors, dentists or mental health experts, your prospective clients will find the words of others to be a powerful incentive to move forward with booking an encounter.
  5. Communicate clearly with your client. Some escorts get so focused on the need to sell themselves, that they completely forget to talk with their client. They push their positive attributes, services they provide and how they go about making their clients feel special and appreciated. However, what they fail to do is to pay attention to the client in these early stages of the relationship. An escort who is so far removed from being able to give adequate consideration to her clients is not demonstrating the traits that clients want to see during an encounter. Shush your urges to talk strictly about yourself, and listen to what your client has to say. Attempt to answer his questions, reduce his concerns and reassure him that his needs will be met. Once you start actually communicating with a prospective client, instead of talking at him, he will be much more inclined to book time with you.
  6. Be persistent with clients who seem to be on the fence. Many clients will call an escort and ask lots of questions. Experienced escorts can tell that these clients really want to book an encounter, but something is holding them back. Use diligence with these clients to get to the root of the problem about why they are hesitant to schedule time with you. Attempt to find out if their conscience is bothering them, they are afraid of getting caught or whether they are just nervous about actually doing the escort thing. There may be other reasons that a client is unsure about booking with you. But, if you fail to be persistent enough to discover what’s holding him back, you may not get the booking. Talk to your client and try to get to the bottom of what is keeping him on the fence. If he won’t talk to you about his hesitation, move forward with being persistent about nailing down an encounter time. Additionally, many clients will deliberately distract you during your conversation, especially when you start talking about actually setting an appointment up. They will steer the conversation in other directions. Don’t allow them to do this. Gently encourage them to book. If they won’t, don’t continue to waste your time. Once they figure out that you’re not going to continue talking forever without promise of something more, they will follow through with scheduling an encounter.
  7. Treat every caller like he’s a client. Sometimes the shy, nervous clients you don’t think are serious will surprise you. It’s common for experienced escorts to pass off some callers just by the way they sound or the questions they ask. They automatically judge them as timewasters or guys who don’t have the nerve to book an encounter. However, you may miss out on some clients by discounting them as unserious callers. When you pick up the phone, you should exhibit the same level of respect and interest to every caller that responds to your marketing. Give each of them an equal chance to get their questions answered and book time. However, once they demonstrate that they are not worthy of your time through being a fanatic, timewaster or a threat, treat them appropriately as such. Until then, though, it’s important to assume that every caller is your next encounter.
  8. Attempt to be positive with every client you speak to. Escorts exhibit happy demeanors often attract more clients than those who are negative, sad and sour with their communications. Despite how your day is going, pretend like it’s the best day of your life when you are on the phone with clients. Regardless of how they sound when they call, what insults they throw out or how demeaning they may be, never resort to sarcasm, impoliteness or surliness. Be agreeable (as much as possible) and attempt to only say nice things to clients. (Your mother probably taught you that if you couldn’t say something nice, just say nothing at all… this is a good time to implement that lesson.) Clients will be much more motivated to schedule an encounter with you if you project a positive image and seem to be a pleasant person to be around. They will notice if you’re negative on the phone… and will suspect that if you’re that way without even meeting them, you may be even more so like that in person.
  9. Smile when you talk to clients on the phone. Even though you may not be Skyping with clients (and, maybe you are), smiling naturally makes the tone of your voice friendlier and more upbeat. Clients can sense you’re smiling, which may help put them in a much more favorable frame of mind. When you’re attempting to convince a potential client to bite the bullet and book an encounter, you want him to be as happy and pleased as possible. Creating a positive atmosphere to discuss an encounter provides the best environment possible for booking. He feels accepted, appreciated and wanted. And, you will get another client out of the deal.
  10. This is the persuasion wizard’s manual you need to control circumstances and get what you want

    Practice and prepare for client calls ahead of time. Brainstorm the kinds of questions your clients will ask and what details they need to know. Make a list of the reasons they will use to decline setting up an encounter with you right now. Come up with responses to each of those reasons, so you’re prepared to refute their comments with replies they can’t turn down. Rehearse your basic “all about me” spiel. Create a brief 30-second introduction to who you are as an escort and what you offer the client. Get this speech down pat so that it naturally flows when you are visiting with a client. You want to be able to rattle all of this off as if it’s the most natural of conversations in your life. Record yourself and listen to the results. If you don’t like how you sound, fix it by changing your pace, what you say, your tone of voice, etc. The time you put into getting your delivery down pat and brainstorming persuasive arguments to get your clients to book will pay off in the ease you will eventually have with clients.

  11. Avoid sounding desperate when attempting to close the deal with the client. Some escorts find themselves in desperate situations where they must make some money in order to pay bills or keep their utilities from being disconnected. If you discover that you’re in this spot, do not allow it to influence how you speak to clients on the phone or over email. Never let on that you need their business in order to continue your current lifestyle. Don’t offer special discounts as a way to ensure that a client books… this makes you sound desperate, especially if it’s after a client has declined scheduling. Don’t tell him that you’ll give him extra time if he books, after he’s already said no. Pleading and begging a potential client is also a negative way to get a booking. And, never share your worries or troubles with a prospective client, thinking that you can put a guilt trip on him to book with you. This is not good business, and it makes you look unprofessional and needy. Neither are traits you want to be associated with as an escort.
  12. Exercise a call to action during your conversation with your client. A call to action is a statement that persuades the listener to do something. As you talk about the encounter, what services you might provide, how all the details work and anything else the client has concerns about, take the process one step further and encourage him to actually book an encounter in order to find out for himself. Some escorts fail to set up bookings simply because they don’t ask a client to book. They may ask if he has other questions, comments or concerns, but they don’t end the conversation with the encouragement to book at that time. They may say, “Call me later if you want to set something up”… but this lets the client go. Don’t let him go without putting forth a call to action, imploring him to do something before the conversation is done. Sometimes, all a client needs is to be told what to do and he will do it. Give him that guidance so he knows what to do next.