12 ways to deal with client cancellations

Escorts who work hard to ensure their schedules are fully booked each week may experience disappointing client cancellations from time to time. But diligent escorts can find a silver lining in the abandoned appointments by being proactive and focusing on important priorities in their lives or careers.

Smart escorts use these situations as opportunities, instead of holing up and sulking about lost revenue from the encounter. The worst thing you can do when a client cancels on you is to mope around about it, wasting the extra time you’ve been granted in your schedule. By thinking ahead and establishing an ambitious attitude, the missed booking can actually help you become a better escort in several ways.

Implement any or all of these top 12 ways to deal with client cancellations the next time that you find yourself with an extra, unspoken-for hour or two:

  1. Rebook your client as soon as possible. When one of your regular clients has to cancel for a legitimate reason, it’s best to get him back into a time slot as soon as he’s available. You may be counting on his fee for part of your income for the week, which means you may fall short of your weekly goal without his booking. Attempt to work around your client’s schedule to squeeze him in later during the week. You may have to adjust your usual working hours, too, in order to find something that works for both of you. Be flexible, unless his cancellations begin to be a habit. If a new client cancels, and you are certain he has a good reason, make efforts to reschedule him, too. When a new client is in the mindset to schedule a booking with you, don’t give him time to rethink his decision or to get distracted. Get him back on the schedule as fast as possible or you may lose him. However, if you suspect that a client is canceling and will become a timewaster, count your blessings and let him go. Don’t pursue further action to encourage future bookings.
  2. Find a fill-in client for your empty time slot. It’s tough to make up projected income you expected to have through a booked-up schedule. However, it’s completely possible to fill an empty time slot, if you have a bit of notice and some motivation. Call any clients you turned down during the week due to a booked schedule and offer them the open encounter slot. It may or may not fit with your client’s schedule. If it doesn’t work out, go through your client list, looking for someone you haven’t seen in awhile, but expect to soon based on his previous habits. Discreetly contact him through his email address or mobile phone and suggest getting together by telling him that you’ve unexpectedly got an opening. If you don’t find any clients from your list that fit the bill for filling in, consider advertising that you have unexpected time available for an encounter and provide an incentive for booking it. The incentive could be that you’ve got new lingerie to model or a new toy to play with (or anything else that sounds tempting to your favorite type of clients).
  3. Use the extra time for administrative work. You’ve always got emails or phone calls to return, and your profile could use some spiffing up. Utilize this gift of time to do some tasks for your business that you normally don’t have time for. Perhaps, you need to analyze your marketing data, determining which sites or directories are bringing you the most business in relationship to your investment. Maybe, you need to examine your financials to see if you’re hitting goals, depositing enough in savings, etc. There are numerous administrative duties you can take care of when you find yourself with extra time. However, if you don’t think you have extra administrative work to do, swap out the time. Do administrative tasks during the canceled encounter slot and attempt to book a client during your usual administrative working period. Trading this time around may open up a booking time that is convenient for your clients.
  4. Clean up and organize. Not only is a successful escort motivated and proactive, but she is also organized. When you have extra time become available, use it to ensure your supplies are organized and fully stocked. For instance, take a quick inventory of condoms, wipes, shower gel, lube and other necessities that you use regularly with clients. If you notice you are running low, restock items. And, make sure your inventory of items is well-organized so it’s easy for you to access what you need quickly. Another area of your life that needs to be organized is your closet and lingerie drawer. You need to be able to quickly put your hands on your favorite outfits and matching undies so that preparation for encounters is quick and efficient. If you have to take extra time to find the cami that goes perfectly with a particular jacket, you are wasting precious time. You can also use a canceled encounter time slot for an opportunity to clean up your incall, vacuum, dust and do laundry associated with encounters.
  5. Work out. An extra work-out period during your day will never hurt you, and it can help to relieve stress associated with a hole in your schedule. If you’ve got anxiety about how you’re going to make up the income or why your client canceled, exercising can help take your mind off your worries. Plus, it can help you burn off any calories that you would’ve gotten rid of during the encounter that got canceled. (Experts agree that acts of intimacy burn at least 200 to 300 calories or more per hour.) Typically, a good work-out session helps to boost your self-esteem, elevate your mood and helps to kill time.
  6. Call up a friend or do something with a family member. When you’ve got a sudden opening in your schedule, set up an impromptu date with someone special. Go get coffee with your sister or get together with your best friend over a late lunch. Your escorting career probably makes it difficult for you to find time for the important people in your life, so it’s best to take advantage of opportunities that come along. It may be just what you need to reconnect and feel like you’re in a better place in the world.
  7. Get some “me time.” When you’re an escort, your life is all about pleasing others. If you are involved in a relationship or have children (or both), the non-professional part of your life is also likely about taking care of others around you. Once in awhile, it’s necessary to have some time where you take care of yourself and do things that rejuvenate you. Book a massage at your favorite spa. Take a long, uninterrupted, hot bath, complete with candles and your favorite music. Read a book or watch a movie. Regardless of what you do, spend the time doing something that refreshes you and helps to restore your inner balance. If you don’t know what to do during this time, probe your mind to unearth something simple that you’ve been wanting to do, but never had the time.
  8. Upsell another client. Upselling is a popular marketing and sales technique that creates consumer need for more products or services than were initially sought. For instance, the popular phrase, “Would you like fries with that?” is one of the most recognized versions of upselling at a fast food restaurant. Since you charge your clients for your time, you may think there are limited opportunities for upselling in the escort industry. But, you are wrong. You can help to fill the gap in your schedule by encouraging a client to extend his encounter by another hour or two. Inform him of different activities that could be included in the encounter extension, and entice him to pay extra for a more complete encounter. Clients who ask for the girlfriend experience are perfect ones to attempt this with: suggest to them that the experience won’t have to seem so rushed and will feel more natural if the encounter is extended slightly. The upsell can help compensate you for the canceled encounter.
  9. Prepare for your next encounter. If you typically feel rushed as you ready yourself to go from one encounter to the next, utilize the extra time to get primed for your next client. Extra preparation is always a positive thing to engage in. You should plan what you will wear ahead time, mentally rehearse the encounter and take lots of time to fix yourself up. This extra time for preparation can really put you in the right mindset to provide an excellent encounter for your client.
  10. Get some fresh air. Depending on your schedule, it may be difficult for you to get outside and enjoy the season. With your newly found free time, go for a walk, take a drive or just take a break to sit outside. Fresh air and getting out and about can do you a world of good through providing a sense that there is more to your world than your incall or the confines of a hotel. Fresh air is good for your lungs, and sun exposure is necessary for your health in order to maintain sufficient Vitamin D levels. Studies also indicate that getting some sunlight each day helps to elevate your mood and create positive feelings.
  11. Look for new marketing techniques or ideas. When you have extra time, search through other directory profiles, escort ads or escort industry websites. Through your browsing, you may find new language that you can incorporate into your profile or other marketing, different photography ideas you’d like to try in the future or some new places to advertise your services. A good escort is always looking for better and more efficient ways to attract her ideal clients. Identifying new methods is necessary to keep your approach fresh and up-to-date.
  12. Take care of yourself. Even though part of your job as an escort is to keep up your appearance, you may not always find time or energy to do it through professional avenues. Use the hole in your schedule as an opportunity to fit in a hair appointment where you get a professional highlight/lowlight or new style that is appropriate for your image. Get a spray tan to brighten up your complexion, or visit a spa for various skin treatments to restore your natural glow. Contact your favorite nail tech for a complete mani/pedi. In short, take the time to enhance your appearance through working to spiff up your best assets. While your personality and wit may help to hook clients so they come back for more, your appearance may be what attracts them in the first place, making it an ever-present priority for your concern.