13 escort-specific money-saving tricks

Though it’s assumed that escorts are rolling in big money as a result of their prosperous careers, they don’t always start out on easy street. In the beginning, escorts are trying to find a balance for all of their expenses, just like anyone else. (And even as they reach successful levels of financial independence, they may still seek out methods of being budget conscious and conserving their funds.) In fact, there are many costs associated with escorting that add up to substantial amounts of money. Smart escorts look for ways to save money and budget more efficiently like the 13 below:

  1. Reduce the costs you incur when you stay in hotels. Many escorts conduct incall encounters from their favorite hotels in either their own cities or more exciting ones. And, while it might seem like booking a room using a discount travel site like Travelocity or Orbitz is the method that should get you the cheapest rate, this is not always the case. While these are great places to start, you should explore your options further. These days, there are a variety of “daily deals” sites that feature travel options, such as Groupon and Living Social. Often, well-known hotels will advertise special rates or discounts on these sites which will allow you to get much lower rates than you could other ways. Another way to obtain lower fees is to call the hotel directly and ask about the lowest rate available for the room type of your choice. Many hotels have resorted back to offering deeper discounts to travelers who book with them directly, as they save the fees they have to pay other reservation services. Also, check into your favorite hotel’s customer loyalty rewards program. Many give free overnight stays after you’ve been a visitor there a number of times.
  2. Buy your supplies in bulk when you can. Incidental costs from shower gel, lotion, shampoos, wet wipes, mouthwash and other items can eat into your monthly budget. Saving on these types of toiletries and other supplies will help cut down your overall expenses. Even though it may not seem like much, over the course of a year it significantly adds up. Save your smaller containers and refill them with your bulk purchases. There is no need to buy a new soap dispenser each and every time you run out of hand soap. The same goes for shower necessities, wet wipes and other items you use during your encounters. Many escorts provide snack options and refreshments to their clients during incalls. You can reduce these costs by purchasing snacks in large quantities (or making them) and offering tap water in a fancy pitcher with fruit infusion. Laundry detergent is a quickly used-up supply and can be purchased in large quantities at quite a savings. Often, when you order bulk quantities online, you even save more with free shipping, reducing your time spent in the store and gas to go pick them up.
  3. Do your own photography. Professional images are extremely expensive, even though they may be worth it. However, with photo editing software and online options, even the most mundane photo can become quite interesting. A plain photo of you can be jazzed up and made to look more professional with the use of filters, special effects and other aspect focuses included in many photo editing options online. Bluetooth remote shutter buttons can even be purchased for your smartphone that makes it easy for you to maximize your selfie options. When you do your own photography, make sure that you pay close attention to your clothing choices, the background (no unsightly images in view) and ensure the photos are in focus (unless you’re going for a soft focus thing). In taking your own photos isn’t working for you, considering swapping out assistance with another escort who needs help with her images, too. Consider taking a photo editing webinar or class to maximize your abilities.
  4. Decrease the amount of your incall lease. Usually, when you sign a lease for a property (whether it’s a primary residence, office space or other work area), you agree to a deposit amount and a monthly payment to be administered regularly. However, if you want to decrease the cost of your incall, it might be possible to negotiate a better rate with your landlord. Instead of renting month to month or settling into a term lease with monthly payments, offer to pay the entire lease amount up front for a discounted rate. He might be willing to take 10 percent or more off the entire amount if he gets a lump sum payment for the entire year. However, be careful in this scenario. If anything happens throughout the term of the lease to nullify it, a lump payment can make getting out of it and obtaining a refund nearly impossible. If you work your incall lease this way, be sure that you’re going to be happy with it for the year (or whatever the term is for).
  5. Reduce your clothing costs. There are several ways to decrease how much you spend on clothing and lingerie for your encounters. The first thing to consider is purchasing high-quality clothing and taking extremely good care of it. Get it dry cleaned, launder it carefully and mend any small rips or replace buttons as soon as you notice them. High-end clothing will last lots longer than cheaper garments made from chinsy fabric. Secondly, check out offers on eBay. You can find new or nearly new garments for incredibly reasonable prices on eBay. Consider a clothing swap with your friends or other escorts for some great bargains. Even though these items may not be new to you, they may help complete aspects of your wardrobe that could be lacking. Check out high-end consignment stores for bargains, making connections with the manager for head’s ups when specific merchandise comes in the store. Use coupons or online codes to reduce prices for garments you want to purchase new. And, finally, learn to sew. Many trendy items are fairly easy to construct and sew. Being able to sew your own clothing may add much individuality to your wardrobe. (Don’t attempt this if you’re an amateur; your garments must be in top condition in order to be accepted by clients.)
  6. Use your credit cards to get cash back. Many card companies offer 1.5 percent or more back for purchases made using their cards. Many people utilize them for their utilities and monthly expenses, in order to capitalize on this cashback option. Because escorts conduct most of their business using cash, utilizing a credit card to pay bills makes great sense. At the end of the month, simply pay off the amount with a money order or one check. It saves on lots of paperwork and check writing. You can pay bills online, which is quicker and more efficient. And, you have a clear paper trail of what your expenses were for the month. Cashback options may reward you monthly and add up quickly. Even if your card promises only 1.5 percent, if you spend $2000 a month on it, you could end up with nearly $300 extra in your pocket after a year.
  7. Implement a frugal food plan. Escorts with busy schedules may easily find themselves ordering take-out or going through fast food drive-throughs in order to accommodate their limited time capacities. Not only are these foods unhealthy for you, but they are also expensive. Instead, eliminate these routines from your habits and incorporate ones that include cooking at home or taking your own snacks and lunches with you. Even though grocery shopping can be pretty spendy, these foods cost less than an extra value meal. Stock your pantries with healthy alternatives that cost less. Pack a lunch to take with you when you know you’re going to be away throughout the day. If you know you get hungry at 2 p.m. each day, take some fruit with you to nibble on if your encounters span this time. By eliminating eating out so often, you will be able to save some serious amounts of money.
  8. Decorate your incall with flea market finds or second-hand bargains. Not only is this smart, but it’s also incredibly trendy at the moment. You can find great deals on used furniture, decor items and other furnishings. Visit several flea markets and second-hand stores for good buys. Keep your eyes on used furniture sites or Craigslist for items that interest you. If you find a great piece, but it needs some TLC, consider refinishing it or painting it in a trendy motif. If you’re not handy this way (or don’t have time), you may be able to find others who are willing to restore these kinds of items for you. Even though this method may take more time than simply going into a home decor store and selecting options, it will create a more eclectic and personalized atmosphere, in addition to saving you tons of money.
  9. Stay healthy to avoid high medical bills. Escorts should visit their ob/gyn regularly for STD testing, but any visits beyond that may be eliminated by a healthy lifestyle. Eating a nutritional diet, taking vitamins, maintaining a healthy weight, exercising and getting an annual flu shot may help you avoid getting sick throughout the year. Other healthy habits to implement include regular hand washing, trying to avoid illnesses (people with colds/flus), getting enough rest and staying emotionally balanced. When you maintain your health, you won’t incur medical bills associated with illnesses and other issues, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, digestive problems, etc. Additionally, always use condoms during encounters to avoid sexually transmitted diseases.
  10. Regift presents from your clients during holidays or special occasions. Gift giving can get pretty expensive, especially if your list of recipients is long and you tend to be generous. However, you can take advantage of one of the perks of being an escort. Some clients think so highly of their escorts that they present them with trinkets of their admiration in the form of gifts. Electronic gadgets, perfume, wine and other desirable items may be some of the gifts you receive. If so, keep these items for special people in your life and use them as gifts on birthdays, etc. In the cases that the presents are suitable for regifting to your loved ones, consider selling them and using the money to purchase other items your family members or friends would prefer. Either way, you’re saving money by not having to dole out the cash in the first place.
  11. Spend only the amount of money that you have. Using credit cards can be advantageous in some instances (such as cashback situations), but it can seriously defeat your attempts to save money. Know how much money you have in your possession before you go buying items or paying for things. Keep a running tally of how much you’ve spent and compare it to your balance, so that you don’t extend beyond your means. If you dip into your credit for simple, unimportant things you want, you may find yourself having to work extra to pay for them. Keep your credit available for larger, more necessary purchases. It can be pretty easy for an escort to feel she has a lot of money, as carrying cash sometimes gives the mental impression that you have more than you think. Set a limit and adhere to that.
  12. Participate in free activities for your free time entertainment. Escorts often get to indulge in the finer things in life, including concerts, shows and other events that are fairly costly. But, when you’re having fun in your personal life, you don’t have to pay lots of money to have a good time. Take advantage of free or cheap festivals, concerts and venues. Parks offer trails, playgrounds and entertainment that are open to the public. Museums and public recreation centers may offer free or cheap programs. Explore what’s available on the cheap in your community, instead of instantly thinking you have to spend a lot of money to be entertained.
  13. Save. Actually set up a plan to put extra money into an account or shoe box, making it off limits in all situations, except for emergencies. When you physically put money aside, it’s much easier to leave it there, than when you plan on just not spending it. Even though an escort may have the best of plans to leave the extra $500 in her wallet alone, she may be tempted to spend it on a great coat or purse, during an impulse purchase. When you’ve put the money in a designated saving location, it’s much easier to forget that it’s there. Additionally, success at saving a little bit of money encourages the desire to continue doing it.