An escort’s office

For an escort doing in-calls, her home is not only her castle, it is also her workplace. By paying attention to the look and feel of her surroundings, she can reap big rewards both personally and professionally.

by Hannah Jay

The space an escort uses for seeing her gentlemen callers is like a stage set. At a glance, it says something about the woman who lives there. You always want to make a positive impression, so take this presentation seriously. Your space is part of your image. And like your appearance, one to be carefully considered . It is impossible to change your height, but you can change your décor. And if you can change it, the ambitious escort can masterfully plan it, control it, and ta da — work it to her advantage.

Business acumen and personal comfort aside, a well-appointed home also sends a signal to an escort’s clients that she has taken them into consideration when arranging her space. If they encounter a pleasing environment, she is already some distance towards a successful, rewarding experience for them. A stylish décor catches the eye, but a space filled with serenity, comfort, and calm captures the spirit. It stays in the mind. And being memorable is an advantage for an escort in a crowded and competitive marketplace.

So whether you are perched in view penthouse, or reside in a character three-story walk up nowhere near the ocean (le sigh), the principles are the same. So let’s begin with the basics.


No client wants to see dirt or grime or cobwebs. An escort’s space speaks volumes about her, and the first thing it needs to make sure it is clean. If you can, have a professional cleaner spend a couple of hours every week on your apartment. If you can’t afford this, you are just going to have to suit up and do it yourself; so grab your rubber gloves, the spray and shine, and get to work. Crank up the stereo and time will fly by. Get into corners and crevices. Pay particular attention to the bathroom and the kitchen. Nothing says clean like gleaming chrome taps and a sparkling tub.

These thorough once a week cleans are vital, but so are quick spot cleans before a client arrives: a quick wipe down of the coffee table, the sink, and a run around with the vacuum. If you offer refreshments, make sure the glasses and cutlery sparkle.


Try to have tidy as the natural order of things so cleaning is not such a daunting task. You don’t have to be obsessive about it, but just don’t let things pile up. The magazines you were reading over your morning cappuccino, the scraps of paper with notes and numbers, stray lingerie draped over chairs, used glasses and plates — they all need to be straightened, put away, put in the dishwasher, put in the laundry.


Having a designated area for your papers, receipts, and such like keeps your business and personal life well-organized. When you are entertaining, there should be nothing on your desk except your computer – with a locked screensaver. All personal matter should be in drawers or a filing cabinet in the closet.

In the bedroom, have a discreet container for things such as lube and toys. A vintage hat box will do splendidly. Baskets work well for items like bondage gear. An umbrella stand can organize canes and crops. Tissues and wet wipes should be near at hand as, of course, should a selection of condoms. Not necessary to be on display, however. Slipping them inside an old, decorative cigar box or a jeweled Art Deco case is a stylish and tasteful solution.


Simply adding things to your environment is not decorating. Eye-catching home design is more often about subtraction rather than addition. Less really is more, especially in smaller spaces.

Clutter is never a good look. So take a good look around with a critical eye. Anything which has no immediate use or aesthetic value should go. Items you can’t bear to part with should be put in a box and stashed in the hall cupboard or in your unit’s storage. The rest should be sorted: tossed if broken, chipped, or worn; donated to a thrift shop if still usable; consigned if in like-new condition with a re-sale value.

Once you have the basics taken care of, you can set about creating a delightful space that suits you and is also suitable for your clients. This does not have to be done in a day. The fact is that finding nice things is notoriously time-consuming and expensive. It doesn’t have to be if you are resourceful and clever. And you are.

The first step is the predictably the same as it is for most other endeavours:

Make a plan.

Think about what you wish to achieve. What looks do you love? Modern? Bohemian? Or sea-side casual? Flip through magazines to get ideas and get inspired. Even small changes can make a big impact. Your home should make a statement about you, but since it is also your escort environment, these personal touches should be subtle rather than overt; noticed by none but the most keenly observant guest.

There is plenty of room to debate whether a feminine or masculine look is to be preferred in an escort’s workspace. I tend toward the strong, clean lines of a more masculine look. The problem with a feminine décor is that men tend to find patterns and frills off-putting. This is very much the escort’s choice of course, however there is another, more compelling argument for sleek, modern lines: by way of contrast, it sets the escort off as the most feminine thing in the room.

Style extends to art and while there is no accounting for taste, it is wise to avoid explicitly erotic pieces. Here again, the escort should be the erotic focal point of her space. Choose actual ART, please. An original watercolour, or even a pencil sketch by an art-school student is much more interesting than a print of some famous work, the original of which everyone knows, is hanging in the Louvre. Did you know that some city art galleries have art rental programs? Check out your local one.

Step 2: Rearrange

If your furniture hasn’t moved since the day you moved in, it’s time to shake things up a bit. Think of your house like an architect does. Sketch the basic blueprint on paper. Furniture placement should enhance flow and reflect how you use each room. Where will your client sit when he first arrives? Is there a nearby table where can he put his glass? You don’t actually need much: a chair, a sofa, a side and/or coffee table. Go for quality, not quantity: real wood, not particle board; natural rather than synthetic fibres; glass instead of plastic. Your home should be not only functional, but beautiful as well. And it doesn’t have to be totally on display. Practically, a gentleman caller will see your hall, your bathroom, your living area, and your bedroom. The deployment of one or two screens can keep the rest of the space private.

Step 3: Colour

Unless you own your place, you likely did not choose the paint colours. But even if you do rent, you might not be stuck with them if you have a landlord amenable to your ideas. Talk it over and get approval before you do anything. If at all possible, hire pros to paint. They get their paint at a discount and a couple of rooms can cost as little as $150. And they clean up so you don’t have to.

Remember that you are likely not going to live there forever, so a nice neutral that the next tenant would like too is a big consideration. There are many, many shades of white, cream, and grey that all look fresh and contemporary. Get swatch cards and paste them up to your walls before you commit to any shade. Also, some companies sell little sample cans so you can actually paint a small area to really get a sense of what it will look like. What does it look like in the day, at night, in direct sunlight, and does it coordinate with your furniture, art, and rugs? The lighter the hue, the larger your space will seem. It’s a big decision, so you may want to get a friend to give you a second opinion, and don’t be afraid to chat to the clerks in home stores for advice. But in the end, you have to live with it, so you have to love it.

Step 4: Lighting

Easily one of the most important — and yet frequently overlooked — elements of an escort’s space is the light. The difference between a warm glow and an unappealing glare is often as simple as the difference between a 40 watt bulb and a 100 watt one. Dimmer switches are your secret tactic for instant changes in mood. Keep bedroom lighting soft and low. Thrift stores and rummage sales are a fabulous source for really unique floor, table, and ceiling lights. Again, the style and colour should be in keeping with the rest of your space.

Enhance any natural light there is. Are there lots of windows or few? Which direction does the space face? Sunlight is splendid for your plants, but blinds or semi-sheer curtains preserve your privacy as they diffuse outside light. Silk scarves and saris make excellent impromptu curtains and add a certain exotic softness to a room. Since you will have engagements both day and night, you must factor both into your lighting choices. As an escort, you are the star of your own show so choose lighting that is the most flattering.

Step 4: Details


Hand towels, bath towels, sheets, and pillow cases are more than necessities for an escort. She can turn them into little luxuries because believe it or not, clients notice things like this.

Go for the luxe hotel/spa look with all white. Avoid patterns and the appliqué so many towels are festooned with. A simple, clean, plush, terry cloth towel is a terrific luxury for a man showering before or after his pleasure. White has the advantage that it is easy to launder and a little bleach take care of most everything. Don’t try to make your client towels last forever. Replace often.

Of course an escort’s linens need to be fresh, clean, and crisp. And spotless. Treat yourself and your clients to cotton, linen, or bamboo for a really luxurious feel. (For more information on what to look for see HuffPo.)

Once you have purchased the best sheets you can afford, learn how to take care of them properly. And since you will buy new, watch for the sales. Yes, for a busy escort that means owning several sets, and doing a lot of laundry. Nature of the business, I’m afraid.


Fresh flowers are a lovely and fragrant finishing touch to any space. Avoid florist’s bouquets — a bunch of fresh bright tulips in a simple vase is much more tasteful.

Three places for flowers: on your hall table where your gentlemen leave their gifts; on your coffee table as a bright accent; and beside your bed. And a stem or two in the bathroom is unexpected and lovely.

Change out your flowers at the first sign of wilting. Yes, it does cost money, but it’s worth it. Never, ever try to skrimp and save by buying fake ones. Honestly, none is better than these. Ah, so now you have become a woman with a stylish apartment who can be seen carrying home flowers. Tres chic!


For an escort, music is in the background, not centerstage. It helps to set the mood, and that mood is almost never enhanced by Death Metal or Hip Hop, the twang of country, or corny show-tunes. Stick to cool jazz, classical, even some inoffensive new agey music. Program your music before your date. Most cable companies have music services included.


Only in the evening, or at least at dusk. There is not an escort alive whose beauty is not enhanced by candlelight. But since you will not be attending to them during the course of the evening, avoid tapers and choose unscented tea lights – or better still — votive candles instead. For drama, a couple of dozen are stunning, but every living space can benefit from even a few, strategically placed. The very best candles are made of natural beeswax and they fill the air with a divine aroma.

In the end, an escort’s space is part of what she brings to her business. When a client arrives in her home for the first time he is looking forward to her intimate favours. By thoughtfully creating a pleasing and serene environment, an escort adds another element to the encounter by engaging even more of her client’s attention. Before he even gets to the bedroom, he has caught a glimpse of the beauty which surrounds her. He’ll be back.