Escorts and refunds: 7 scenarios and 5 possible ways out

Unlike some industries, the escort business does not typically offer a “money-back guarantee” with encounters. Clients take risks when they hire an escort, knowing that the described woman they fell for online may be slightly or entirely different when they actually meet face-to-face.

no-refunds-beyond-this-pointWhile many scenarios involving client disappointment do not involve a refund of their fees, there are some situations where escorts should feel that giving a client his money back is appropriate.

Escorts have to stick up for themselves with clients in order to maintain a profitable business. However, they should also have gumption enough to admit they are wrong or be willing to throw in the towel when an encounter lacks that “sizzle” that a client is looking for. When an encounter just simply doesn’t work out, a refund may be in order. Escorts should consider offering refunds in part or in full for the following situations:

  1. Escorts who find it impossible to provide the services they describe prior to an encounter may consider providing a refund to a client. Once in awhile, an escort has difficulties that prevent her from bringing her “A” game to an encounter. Escorts who come down with the flu or other illness may attempt to meet up with a client, only to discover that they cannot follow through as expected. Sometimes, emergencies occur that pull an escort away from a client, mid-encounter. Other things involving an escort may happen that prevent a successful experience, such as accidental double-bookings, arriving late for an encounter or life’s other obligations requiring her time. Regardless of whether the obstacles to a good encounter are truly her “fault” or not, they result from her inability to provide the promised time or services to a client. The final outcome is client who did not receive the attention he expected. A (full or partial) refund is in order when the client is not at fault for the failed booking.
  2. Arriving late for an encounter may provide reasons to offer a partial discount. Anytime that an escort gets to a client later than expected, causing the booking to be shortened, is a situation that is reasonable for a client to expect some refund. Escorts charge for the time they spend with clients. An escort who promised to spend a full hour with a client and, in reality, only sees him for 30 minutes should consider giving back some of the fee. Because they do not charge for specific acts or services, fees should be dependent on the amount of time spent with a client, not outcomes with clients. Pro-rating a refund is understandable and usually accepted by clients. For instance, an escort who spends 30 minutes with a client (instead of the planned 60 minutes) should only charge half her fee.
  3. Escorts who will not provide expected services should offer a refund to a client. Clients often have specific plans for how they foresee an encounter going. If, upon arrival, an escort discovers that the services she plans to provide do not coincide with the expectations of her client, she should consider providing him with a refund. It’s not uncommon for miscommunications to occur between escorts and their clients, especially when discussions about specific sexual activity are limited. A client may be excited about a particular activity that an escort is unwilling or unable to provide. Really no fault of either party, a situation where a misunderstanding occurs can be remedied by giving a client back his money. However, if after the encounter is over, a client protests that he didn’t get his money’s worth because he didn’t climax or wasn’t allowed to engage in an act clearly prohibited by the escort, no refund is in order.
  4. Clients who express displeasure in the first minutes of an encounter may deserve a refund. Regardless of their reasons, some clients may be unhappy with the encounter from its very onset. An escort may not look like a client expected she would, despite her various pictures online. Or, her personality may not live up to what a client thought it should. Many reasons could put a damper on a booking. If a client indicates he is unhappy during the first 25 percent of the encounter, an escort should consider refunding him 75 percent of the fee (minus her travel costs or expenses). Of course, this client should never be booked again by an escort.
  5. Experiencing no “spark” may be a reason to consider a refund. Clients expect to be automatically attracted to an escort as soon as she appears at their doors. If, by some odd chance, a client isn’t swept away when an escort shows up, he may decide he isn’t interested in going through with the booking. Most escorts have experienced this situation at least once, and it’s common to only request a portion of the fee to cover expenses. A client should feel pressured to go through with an encounter with an escort who doesn’t turn him on.
  6. Some clients get cold feet, backing out of following through with an encounter at the last minute. While it’s extremely aggravating to an escort to lose a client in this fashion, especially if she made the effort to arrive for an outcall, she should still consider refunding a portion of her client’s fee. Typically, clients who fall into this category are more than willing to provide some form of remuneration for an escort’s efforts to set up a booking with them. However, for personal or other reasons, they just can’t go through with the appointment. It’s an act of goodwill to refund a portion of his investment, especially if he is apologetic.
  7. Clients experience unexpected conflicts beyond their control, which may be a reason to refund some of their fees. Perhaps, applied to regular clients most, the policy to forgive clients for missing appointments due to conflicts out of their hands can be one of an escort’s best marketing tools. It proves she is compassionate and reasonable to her clients. Of course, this refund policy should not be applied to clients who are absent minded and can’t keep appointments due to poor organization or ineffective planning. Any client who experiences an emergency with his family or profession should be forgiven by receiving a portion of his payment back.

Of course, when an escort is kind and considerate enough to provide refunds to her clients, she must also take certain precautions and exercise good judgment as she returns money. Here are some tips to use when considering whether a situation warrants a refund or other actions:

  1. Attempt to correct the problem before offering a refund. If something simple is the cause of a client’s displeasure, an escort may be able to easily fix the issue. For instance, turning off the television or radio may help a client achieve better focus during an encounter, making him happier. Or, adapting your appearance through wearing a wig or donning different lingerie may be enough to solve client satisfaction challenges. Be clear about what the problem is and suggest solutions that might alleviate the issue.
  2. Refuse refunds if a client doesn’t express his dissatisfaction until after the encounter is complete. It’s very easy for a client to request a refund after he’s acquired what he wanted from the booking in the first place. Don’t allow a client to spend time with you, achieve a sexual climax or engage in other requested activities for an entire encounter and then refund his fee. If a client is unhappy, he should tell you that at some point during the encounter. Many clients will ill intentions will try to take advantage of an escort by telling her they didn’t get what they expected or wanted, after the booking is over. They accepted your time and services without complaint; do not be persuaded that you should provide money back.
  3. Consider a partial refund for situations that are not your fault. Sometimes, it just works out that an encounter with a client isn’t meant to be. When you provide a partial refund, you are still covering any costs associated with the booking that you may have incurred. Ask your client to compensate you for the time you spent with him. For instance, if you spent 15 minutes with a client, pro-rate your fee based on that amount of time. Factor into your equation any time you spent preparing for the encounter, traveling to and from and any bookings you rejected so you could meet up with this particular client. After you feel you’ve compensated yourself adequately, refund the remainder to your client.
  4. Admit when a situation is your fault and issue a full refund. When things happen to derail an encounter from occurring, it’s best to chalk it up and fess up to your responsibility for it. If you’re ill or injured and unable to provide services, repulsed a client and unwilling to provide services, unfocused or late/absent for an encounter, it’s your problem; not your client’s. When difficulties arise that make it impossible for you to provide time for a client, as promised, you should feel obligated to refund his fee in whole.
  5. Remember to advocate for yourself. Clients can make an escort feel that an encounter failure is entirely her fault, when it isn’t. Remind yourself that clients take risks when they hire an escort, hoping for the best. They are offered no guarantees. As an escort, you may lose out on other appointments with clients when you book time with another. Knowing that all professionals charge for their services, despite the outcomes of their skills and knowledge, may help provide an escort with a good base for how to determine what’s fair when providing a refund to clients. There’s a lot of give and take between what’s appropriate behavior when a refund may be in order. By keeping in mind that a client obligates himself to an escort’s fee when he books an encounter may help an escort avoid overly generous refund offers. However, offering a refund for an occasional scheduling problem may be a great way to build rapport and trust with clients.