Escorts’ standard operating procedure

In the escort industry, agencies often dictate how their escorts go about conducting business, ensuring that certain precautions and actions are taken during any standard encounter. However, independent escorts are left to their own devices to create a “standard operating procedure” of sorts that guides them through the details of setting up, confirming and attending encounters. Without a standard routine to lead you through the process, you may run the risk of omitting important steps that make your efforts successful and efficient.

Creating a standard operating procedure is fairly simply when you run through all of the elements you need covered as you service clients. Of course, each escort has her own style and ways of doing things, but consider this basic list as some standards that should be implemented each and every time you book a client:

  1. Make proper efforts to screen your prospective client. After a client has contacted you and the two of you have engaged in basic, pleasant conversation, ask sufficient questions that will provide you with information you can use for screening purposes. You might inquire about his profession, place of employment, full name, residential address and how long he’s lived in the area. If he’s new to town, ask him where he lived recently. Failing to ask proper questions may limit your abilities to fully check on a prospect, possibly leaving you unaware of crucial information that could warn you about taking him on as a client. Allow yourself enough time to conduct research about your client. Sometimes, clients will try to rush you to book an encounter, not leaving you appropriate time to do a background search on them. Don’t allow this to happen. Your standard procedure should be to never take on a client without proper time to screen him. If through your research you are left with unanswered questions or discrepancies, be sure to follow up with him before settling on a date and time for an encounter. At the very least, verify any loose ends about him before you meet in person. Other than persuading a potential client to book you, screening is the first step in the encounter process.
  2. Schedule an encounter with your client. Often, escorts provide information in their profiles or other marketing about their upcoming availability. Days, times and other information about scheduling is typical findings in promotional material. If you have included these details for the client, do your best to make him adhere to your openings. (Otherwise, he will always think he can get by with booking you other times than your listed availability.) If your schedule is fairly open, request the client to give you his preference for a date and time, attempting to make it work for him. As you are settling on a time and date, verify whether the encounter will be an incall or outcall. (Your availability may hinge on this factor based on other bookings before or after his preferred time.) As you and your client nail down a time to meet, talk about the location of an outcall. Do your research about it to determine if it’s a private residence or hotel room in safe neighborhood and how much any travel costs may run you. After accepting the terms, reconfirm them including the exact date and time. Don’t allow your client to give an approximate time…you need to know when the encounter is slated to start and end.
  3. Settle on how long the encounter will last. Because you charge for your time, the length of an encounter is a crucial element of your negotiation with a client. Some clients may insinuate that, if things go well, the encounter could be extended. Refuse to allow a client to be so vague with you. Inform him that you need to know how much time to book for him…period. Provide him with hour or 30-minute increment options, ranging from your minimum to the maximum amount of time you would be willing to spend with him. As he is deciding how long he wants to be with you, he may want to know what your rates are for the various times. Be very clear as you explain your rate schedule and how it applies to his specific booking. At the end of your conversation, repeat the terms you and he agreed upon, along with telling him how you expect to be paid. Some escorts want an envelope of money set out for them, while others want their fees to be directly handed to them. The important thing is to decide how you want to collect your fee and explain to him clearly how to get it to you.
  4. Consider your client’s preferences. After you and your client have booked the encounter’s time, date and place, it’s time to discuss the basics of his expectations. While you do not ever want to engage in a discussion about your intentions to engage in any sexual activities with him, you can talk to him about what his ideal encounter would include. Ask him what his basic expectations are for the booking, encouraging him to provide any details that are important for your preparation for you session with him. (For example, role-playing encounters may require special accessories or costumes. You will have to bring scarves, a blindfold, handcuffs, etc. for a booking that will include light bondage. Other situations may entail other specific preparations or props.) It’s also a good idea to get an idea of what your client hopes to accomplish through the encounter. Some clients only want to feel appreciated and desired; others want other forms of satisfaction.
  5. Go over your list of prohibited activities with clients. This ranges from the use and abuse of illegal drugs or alcohol to other physical limitations such as refusing anal sex. Often, escorts wait to review this list until they meet clients in person, but others feel it is a general part of booking an encounter, so their clients don’t expect something on the “no” list. It’s also necessary to provide to boundary-pushing clients, so they know you aren’t going to be a pushover to their efforts. If you feel awkward about going over a specific list of “don’ts,” phrase it in such a way that it’s a casual discussion about your dislikes when you spend time with a man. As you wrap up the discussion, provide the disclaimer that your client should always gain your consent before attempting anything not previously discussed and approved. If he gets a yearning to shake things up a little mid-encounter, he needs to know that he must get your blessing before proceeding. Surprises are not acceptable in this form.
  6. Confirm the arrangements ahead of time. This is especially important when you book outcalls with new clients. If you are supposed to see a client at a hotel, call ahead to make sure that your client is actually there. (This may save you a wasted trip if he fails to show up.) When you call the hotel, simply ask to be connected with your client’s room. If the operator or desk clerk indicates that no one by that name is a current guest, you’ve probably been duped. But, in case he booked under a different name, it’s best to double-check with your client. Often, if he’s tricked you, he won’t answer the phone. Otherwise, when you are connected, find out what room number is his so you can easily get to him when encounter time arrives. If you are to meet your client at his residence, scope it out ahead of time. Verify that the residence is actually his by doing an online search of public records. Additionally, if you have time, drive by to ensure nothing looks suspicious. If your client is to travel to your incall for a booking, agree ahead of time that you will text him a couple of hours prior to the appointment to confirm everything.
  7. Line up security for your encounter. No escorts should ever, under any circumstances, meet up with a client without some form of security in place. Whether you work with a driver who doubles as security or have someone present at your incall as clients arrive, it’s up to you. Escorts who don’t have the resources to hire security personnel may network with another escort to check in and out about comings and goings with clients. Or, if you have a friend who is privy to your secret career, you can inform her/him about your whereabouts and how long you should be there. If you don’t return on time, at least someone will know where you went and that you are missing. With new clients, it may be important to establish a strategy to alert a security partner that everything is “all clear” when you meet up for the first time. In this case, agree ahead of time that you will call when you get there and determine that the client is a safe bet. Venturing out to bookings on your own, without any kind of back-up plan where somebody at the least knows of your whereabouts, is not safe. You leave yourself open to going hours, if not days, without any kind of assistance if something bad happens to you at the hands of your client. Even though a security partner might not be able to help you immediately, you can rest assured that help will be on the way in time. AND, when a client knows you are in touch with others when you are spending time with him, he is much less likely to act on violent or worse impulses.
  8. Secure your fee before you engage in any kind of activities with your client. Once you and your client meet in person, he should be willing to hand over the money you and he agreed upon for your time. It helps to discuss this transaction and exchange briefly prior to meeting up, so he knows how you prefer him to deliver your funds. If your client doesn’t take action to give you your fee after the first five minutes, you are justified in bringing up the matter. If your client doesn’t want to give you your fee until the end of the encounter, refuse services. Some clients take what they can get from an escort and never pay her, despite their promises. Once paid, many escorts excuse themselves (or step aside) to count the funds, to ensure that the client has enclosed the proper amount. Others, though, don’t hesitate to quickly eyeball it right in front of the client. It’s entirely up to you how you handle this, but you should always count it immediately. If your client has attempted to shortchange you, his “error” should be dealt with as soon as possible. He can either correct his mistake, or you can leave if he’s not willing to pay you the negotiated on amount.
  9. Engage in small talk with your client to warm up to each other. Unless you and he have a movie-like instant connection, it’s likely that you need to prompt conversation so you and your client can get to know each other slightly and become more comfortable and establish a connection. Discuss inane topics such as the weather, travel to and from the encounter location, the time of year (holidays, seasons, etc.) and current events. If you know of other subjects the two of you share an interest in (such as last night’s play-off game, for example), you can bring that up. Be mindful to avoid wasting your client’s time, though. He is paying for your companionship and has certain expectations from the encounter, which probably don’t include mindless small talk. Try to strike an appropriate balance of basic conversation to reduce the awkwardness.
  10. Keep all of your belongings in sight at all times. Clients can’t always be trusted, so it’s essential that you never leave your valuables or personal items in sight for him to pilfer through when you leave the room to use the restroom. Take your personal belongings with you to alleviate any possibilities of this occurring. Clients may steal from you or try to obtain details about your personal life from your driver’s license or other information in your purse. (This is why many escorts choose to leave all identifying items at home when they see clients.) However, some clients who rifle through your things are only being nosey and pose no real threat. But, it’s difficult to know which type of client you have, so it’s always best to keep your belongings with you. This is easiest when you minimize the amount of stuff you bring with you to an encounter.
  11. Examine your surroundings when you do an outcall. Take a good look around, and if things don’t seem right, make an excuse to leave immediately. Don’t criticize your gut instincts; they may keep you safe. If other people are present at the outcall, refuse to follow through with the encounter as planned. (Other people may want to become involved in the booking, assault you, rape you or rob you.) If you notice weapons out in the room you are in with your client, you have a right to ask him to put them away. Even if you don’t suspect that he will cause any trouble, a handgun on the dresser is too convenient if you and your client disagree about something. Also, keep an eye out for cameras in the room. It’s popular for clients to attempt to sneak by a camera that records images or video of their tryst with you. Look for a cell phone or laptop that is in plain view (you can cover it up to reduce the risk), notice any oddly reflecting mirrors or unexplained red lights in the room when it’s dark.
  12. Track the time you spend with a client. When you invite a client to your incall, it’s fairly easy to keep track of time, because you may have clocks in plain view. But, when you travel to an incall encounter, it’s more challenging to determine how long you’ve spent with a client if clocks aren’t available. Find an app for your smartphone or use the alarm clock mode to let you know when the time is nearly up. Whether you are at your incall or with a client at his place, it’s important to end the encounter on time. Find a way to tactfully prepare to leave so that you’re out of there in a timely fashion. If your client is at your place, persuade him to get dressed and depart when it’s time to go. Don’t allow him to doddle or make up excuses for “just five minutes more.” Stick to your guns and stay on schedule.