How can escorts deal with no-show clients?

Even the best, most experienced escort gets stood up by a client once in awhile. However, the methods you use in dealing with the issue can help alleviate the problem in the future or allow it to worsen. Escorts who fail to take action against no-show clients tend to get taken advantage of regularly, especially if they don’t learn from their mistakes.

A no-show client can really put an escort into a bind financially and cause her to waste much-needed time. It can be maddening, frustrating and damaging to one’s self esteem. However, there are several ways that you can manage these kinds of clients and experiences that will help you eventually come out on top:

  1. Realize that not every client will show up. Some clients are flaky, constantly forgetting appointments and special events. They are just bad at keeping track of their schedules. Once in awhile, a client can’t make an encounter due to an emergency or work crisis that takes priority over his escapades with an escort. Others find themselves unable to get away as planned, getting diverted by their spouses or family members. However, these kinds clients typically maintain a good track record with you, arriving as scheduled the majority of the time. Many new clients, though, don’t have an established reputation with you and fail to show up, anyway. They don’t call, text or message you to give you a head’s up that they won’t be coming. They just leave you hanging. Some clients are like this; they make the effort to book an encounter and then never show up. You may never find out if they are simply timewasters, cowards or whatever else. Regardless, you should recognize the fact that at some point in time, a client will not show up.
  2. Avoid taking it personally when a client stands you up. Some escorts blame themselves when a client doesn’t arrive as planned for an encounter. They wonder if it’s a result of something they said (or didn’t say), how they looked or their rates. If this describes you, quit it. Most of the clients who are no shows are that way with every escort they book. It has nothing to do with the particular escort; it’s a client’s problem. He may have personal issues that cause him to bail on a booking. Or, he may get a thrill out of chatting up an escort and booking her time, knowing that he’s going to leave her hanging as she waits for him to arrive. If you take it personally each and every time that a client fails to follow through on a booking, your self esteem can’t take the pressures of being an escort.
  3. Book more encounters regularly than you actually need to meet your budget requirements. If you have a certain dollar amount you must earn each week or month in order to pay your bills, attempt to schedule more encounters than necessary so that you won’t be left short if a client fails to show up. Many escorts leave themselves wide open for failure by not allowing themselves any room for unforeseen circumstances, such as a client who doesn’t show up as planned. For instance, if you need $600 per week, you should schedule the number of encounters that will earn you more than this within a week’s time. If you charge $150 per hour, you should book at least five hours (or more) to ensure you have enough income. If all of your clients pay as promised, you have extra money. If one of them doesn’t pan out, you aren’t left trying to figure out how you’re going to earn an extra $150 to cover your bills. (This plan also helps alleviate worries if you have a personal emergency and miss an encounter, too.)
  4. Rely on your savings if your earnings fall short due to a no-show client. Every escort should have some savings stashed away for a rainy day (or a client who ditches her). Dipping into your savings is often painful, but it’s better than an eviction notice when your rent is due. Attempt to maintain at least six months’ worth of expenses in savings in an account (or in some other safe location); if six months’ expenses is unrealistic for you, save as much as you can. Keeping a stash of cash available for situations like this helps to minimize a catastrophe that a time-wasting client can have on your finances. Protecting yourself from the effects of such a client also diminishes your stress and fury at a client who fooled you into thinking he was serious about a booking. It saves you from acting unprofessional due to the problems he caused you the next time you and he communicate. When you can, replenish your savings to make up for what you withdrew from it to cover your expenses.
  5. Reschedule your client within a day or two. Some clients may not show up for excusable reasons. If you forgive your client for standing you up, encourage him to reschedule as soon as he can. Being able to book him into the same general timeframe (week or month) that your budget relied on the income from the encounter helps to lessen the impact of his previous no-show status. For example, if you depend on a weekly income to sustain your finances, get your client to book an encounter before the end of the week period. Rescheduling him may be challenging, depending on how busy each of you are, but it’s worth it when you look at your finances. Go to the extra trouble to get his encounter booked, even if it means working when you hadn’t planned to.
  6. Ask for an explanation from your client. Especially if he’s a regular, you will want to find out why your client failed to follow through on your booking with him. As a rule, the most productive way to go about finding out why a client missed an appointment is to inquire sweetly. Tell him that you missed getting to see him and were worried that something bad had happened to him. When you approach him in a caring (versus accusatory) manner, his ego is stroked and he doesn’t see your inquiry as whining or nagging. He may even feel guilty for making you worry about him. Most of the time, a client will provide an excuse that makes sense, along with an apology and insistence to reschedule ASAP. However, if you angrily accuse a client of standing you up, he may immediately go on the defensive, shutting down and withdrawing from your confrontation. If a client has a steady history of maintaining his bookings, don’t verbally attack him for forgetting a date with you once. However, if a client commits this faux paus repeatedly, you have the right to express frustration or anger. Sometimes, you don’t get an opportunity to get an explanation from a client by calling him. You may have to resort to text messages, chats, emails or other forms of communication. Once in awhile, you have to wait until he contacts you next time, wanting to book another encounter.
  7. Discuss the impacts his cancellation without notice has on you. Let your client know that when he just fails to show up for an encounter, you incur several problems, as a result. First and foremost, let him know that when you book time with you, it is a commitment made between the both of you. You reserve your time (which is highly valuable) for him. When he doesn’t arrive, not only do you waste your time waiting for him, but you also lose potential income from another client who might have actually showed up for an encounter in his time slot. If you had to rearrange your schedule to fit him in, he caused you to unnecessarily move your activities around or miss an event. In addition to these issues, he has strained your relationship by failing to live up to your trust. He has also disrespected you, by indicating that your time isn’t worth as much as his and that you didn’t even deserve a cancellation notice.
  8. Block repeat offender. Some people live by the saying, “Burn me once, it’s your fault. Burn me twice, it’s mine.” Many escorts don’t give second chances to new clients who don’t show up for a slated encounter. Once is enough for an escort to waste her time; she will block the client from there on out. Other times, an escort may give a client several chances to prove himself, eventually electing that he is not worth her time or effort. Clients who don’t have reasonable excuses for missing encounters are usually put on short leashes after an incident or two; many are blocked temporarily until an escort calms down enough to talk to them. You can block a client for any reason you choose; failing to show up for booked encounters is more than a sufficient reason to deny these clients your time. Timewasters shouldn’t even get a chance to squander your efforts after the first no show.
  9. Require future confirmation from suspected no-show clients. Many escorts implement the policy that requires ALL of their clients to confirm their presence for an encounter 30 minutes to an hour ahead of time. As an example, if a client has a session scheduled for 3 p.m., he might be required to text the escort at 2 p.m. to confirm that he will be there on time. This provides an escort with the beforehand knowledge that a client has good intentions to show up as planned. She will get ready and travel, if necessary to meet up with the client. However, if the expected confirmation time rolls around and the client fails to call, the escort won’t even waste her time preparing for the encounter. While this confirmation process works most of the time to weed out timewasters, once in awhile, one will confirm that he will be there and still not show up. If you don’t feel comfortable making your regulars call in ahead of time (when they have consistent attendance records), you shouldn’t force this procedure on them. But, it’s smart to do it with new clients who haven’t proven themselves, yet. Another way to do it, so it doesn’t sound like a confirmation verification, is to instruct the client to text you one hour prior to the encounter for the address of your incall and any other pertinent details.
  10. Learn to recognize the signs of a timewaster. Some timewasters give obvious clues when you talk with them on the phone or communicate with them via email/text during the booking stage. They ask lots of questions, especially ones that aren’t really topical. Many want to chat about sexually-related things, right off the bat. Others book elaborate encounters far in advance or request off-the-wall fetishes. They want you to go to extra trouble preparing for their encounter, even though they know they won’t be showing up. Many escorts recognize timewasters by their tone of voice: it’s often whiney, nasally or very unsure. They may hesitate about committing to a booking, and they rarely obligate themselves to the encounter. Overall, they are usually unconfident and sound as though they are lying during the entire communication.
  11. Charge a no-show client more next time. When a client actually arrives for an encounter after being a no-show, let him know you are charging him an extra fee on top of your normal rate for the inconvenience he caused you last time. (Dentists, doctors and lawyers sometimes charge up to $50 for last-minute cancellations or failure to show up; you can, too!) This policy should also appear on your website or in your profile, as a way to deter clients from taking encounters with you for granted. Don’t apply the extra fee to clients who have a legitimate excuse for standing you up. If they had an emergency or aren’t habitual offenders, don’t punish them. However, most of them will be the ones who feel responsible enough they will want to compensate you for the trouble they caused.
  12. Require a deposit from repeat offenders when you book with them. If you have clients who consistently book encounters they never show up for, start requiring a deposit from them to hold their reserved time slot. Get their credit card number, request payment through PayPal or insist that they drop off cash prior to the encounter if they want to reserve their appointment with you. Then, if the client fails to show up as scheduled, you aren’t totally out for your time and effort. If he does actually follow through with the encounter, simply deduct the deposit from what he owes you and only request the balance. He’s not out any money if he plans to show up, and it helps ensure you’re not totally left high and dry without income for the missed encounter. It’s a win-win situation: It will also weed out timewasters fast.