How can escorts handle seasonal increase of business?

As the temperatures rise and spring comes along, the libido of clients often increases, too. The feeling of the weight of winter being lifted away and the promise of more fun with the sight of more skin as people venture out and about will cause your clients to call and book more encounters. You may hear from clients who you thought had fallen off your list, in addition to acquiring new clients who are excited about their first experiences with you.

Escorts nearly always benefit from spring fever. But if you’re unprepared, spring fever business may catch you off guard or unable to deal with the increase in business. More business is not something you want to turn down, especially after the slow months of winter. It’s common for January and February to be fairly dead months, as a whole, so when the clients begin to call, again, it’s best for you to be ready to take them on.

Use these 11 steps to embrace spring fever clients as a way to increase your escort business:

  1. Plan to work more. If you’ve been an escort for awhile (meaning at least a couple of years), you should be able to look back and notice a trend in the increase in your business during the spring months. When time comes along that demand for encounters usually increases, set aside extra time for additional clients. Plan to work a few extra hours each day, or add a day to your existing weekly schedule for spring fever clients. Knowing ahead of time that you will likely have a surge in your bookings will allow you to plan ahead accordingly. By setting aside time before the bookings come in, you are acting proactively so that you will have ample time to fit in your amorous clients. Keep in mind that your schedule should slow back down after the initial demand is met. By the time that summer rolls around, many of these hot-libidoed clients will have fizzled out and your schedule can return to normal.
  2. Streamline your administrative time. During what you know will be a busier period, attempt to reduce the amount of time you spend on administrative duties. Avoid changing phone companies or email servers during this time. Attempt to pay some of your regular bills ahead of time, or schedule automatic bill pay, so that you don’t have to manually take care of these mundane tasks. Make extra effort to avoid other time-sucking activities that may distract you during the time you typically set aside for administrative duties. Don’t get derailed by Facebook or the latest recipes on Pinterest. Don’t agonize over emails to clients, and refuse to spend time chatting or instant messaging excessively with clients, unless it’s to book encounters.
  3. Request that clients provide you with more lead time. It’s important to plan ahead when you have to adjust your schedule to meet the demands of clients. By requiring longer amounts of time before you meet up with a client, you are better able to adjust your schedule. You won’t be caught with other obligations that you have difficulties rescheduling or obtaining help with. It’s wise to require clients to give you the courtesy of 24 to 48 hours before a meeting, so you can properly prepare. Sometimes, it’s important to have this lead time in order to adjust your daily routine to make all client encounters fit, as opposed to being required to run from one encounter to another, unprepared due to little ahead-of-time notice.
  4. Avoid scheduling out your regular clients. If you haven’t allowed extra time for additional client bookings, your regular clients may be without time slots. Be sure to confirm encounters with your regulars when your busy season arrives. Ask them weeks in advance if they will be keeping their regular appointments, informing them of the reason behind your inquiry. While they may be hesitant to plan so far in advance, they will likely go ahead and book time with you when they find out they may be without a time slot if they wait due to an increase in business. Additionally, it’s good for your regular clients to know that you’re in high demand. It gives them further reassurance that they have selected a successful and desirable escort, which may make them value time and experiences with you even more.
  5. Cut back on your other activities. When you know that your schedule is due to become extremely busy or more demanded, it’s wise to decrease other activities or responsibilities. Don’t sign up for that extra Pilates class or volunteer for activities at your children’s school. Avoid taking on any additional responsibilities or making promises to friends and family when you suspect that you will be more consumed with your encounter schedule than time at home. Plan your activities accordingly, always being hesitant when you know your schedule is apt to explode at any time.
  6. Get prepared by completing important tasks ahead of time. If you know you need a haircut soon, don’t hesitate. Get it taken care of so that you don’t have to worry about getting in for a cut and color during the busiest part of your year. Finalize any marketing efforts you are working on and get them booked and paid for before clients start knocking on your door for spring appointments. Getting new photos done for the spring and summer onslaught of business is a good thing to do, but don’t bank on scheduling them during the time you predict clients to increase their calls to you. Do any necessary spring cleaning and sprucing up of your incall ahead of time, and stock up on supplies before you need them. You know that as clients increase, you will need more condoms, lube and wipes. Order them, so they are ready and waiting for your appointments with clients.
  7. Get healthy and take care of yourself. When your schedule gets busier, you may have less time to tend to your personal welfare. So, it’s important that you do it before time is of the essence. Take extra supplements of Vitamin C and incorporate a daily vitamin into your regular routine. Eat a healthy diet, full of fresh veggies and fruit and lean protein. Limit bad carbs and eliminate junk food from your diet. (You should be doing this all of the time, but it’s especially important prior to periods where you will have less time to tend to your health.) Make sure you’re getting at least eight hours of sleep nightly and that you’re keeping yourself healthy through exercise and other good habits. When your body is at its best, it will react positively to being pushed during a short-lived demanding schedule.
  8. De-stress your life. By eliminating stress and drama from your life during the period you anticipate to be working more, you make yourself mentally healthier and more able to focus on your clients. Avoid people and places that tend to create drama in your life. If that means steering clear of your sister whose life is always in a crisis or avoiding your ex-husband at all costs, do it in order to rid yourself of mental and emotional baggage that can drag you down when you least need it. Try to bow out of activities that are stressful for you and concentrate on positive aspects of your life, instead of negative ones. Visit with a mental health counselor, if you feel it is necessary, to work through any emotional issues that are plaguing you. It’s not a shame to seek professional help to deal with personal issues causing you trouble. If you need to clear up any personal situations you are involved with, do so before the busy season hits. When you’re at your best emotionally, you are best prepared to handle more clients and book more encounters.
  9. Know your limits. Even if you’ve got clients telling you that you can handle just one more encounter, don’t let yourself be talked into something you know isn’t right for you. You know what you can handle and what you can’t. Appreciate those boundaries and stick to them. When you acknowledge that you can only do so much, you won’t be tempted to over-commit yourself. When you over-commit yourself, you are apt to provide unfocused encounters, less-than-perfect customer service and poor attention to clients. Avoid negative experiences by paying attention to your body. It will tell you when it’s had too much and when you need to take a break.
  10. Reward yourself. After you’ve worked hard and increased the number of clients you typically see in a week, you need something to look forward to. Whether you choose to book a vacation or just to take some time off, you need to dedicate some time for yourself. Take some time to pamper yourself and feel like new. Some escorts reward themselves for hard work by using their additional earnings to make a significant purchase. Perhaps, you’ve had your eye on a luxury car, designer watch or something else that has sparked your interest. Using your extra earnings to obtain something special is a great reward for a job well done. You deserve to treat yourself when you’ve gone above and beyond the typical expectations.
  11. Don’t panic if your schedule doesn’t increase as expected. Most escorts will see an increase in business, especially compared to the cooler winter months. However, the economy may have a huge impact on your business. When the economy is depressed, clients don’t have as much money to distribute to escorts, nor do they have great attitudes about life, which may prevent them from seeking encounters with you. Also, tax season rolls around during spring, which is a huge deterrent for many, with recent tax law changes impacting the amount of money some will have to pay in. Escorts with younger clients may not have a surge in business, because their clients have obligations with their children and families, such as ballgames and other outside activities. Don’t worry if your business doesn’t increase. As long as your client demand stays steady, you’re still doing something right!