How to be an escort while working a full time job

Having a full time job is quickly becoming a luxury. Not just because of the income, but also because of the benefits. At the same time, the money and adventure of escorting can be very alluring. How do you have the best of both worlds?

by Hannah Jay

With real planning and a good deal of discipline.

Full time jobs come in a variety of forms. Some are 9-5; go in, do the work, go home situations; others involve shift work and still others have unpredictable and irregular hours. Each sort of full time job poses its own challenges if you want to combine it with escorting.

Just as full time work varies, so does escorting. Some girls prefer the service provider model where they see several clients a day, others look for fewer but longer dates. Both styles can work with a full time commitment to another job. Again, it is all about personal and professional management.

Time Management

At a very basic level, an escort who also has a full time job has nothing more than a bit of a time management problem. She needs to fit her escorting around her working hours. For girls with regular hours, this can be no more complicated than not accepting dates before, say, six o’clock in the evening if you are off at 4:30. With less regular hours it gets trickier.

Taking control of your time in a work situation without causing disruption or, worse, suspicion is the first thing a girl wanting to combine escorting with full time work needs to do. Weekends are easy and, for many escorts, a nicely lucrative time. Making sure that you are able to leave in time to get ready for your escort dates is pretty straightforward as well. Telling your supervisor that you are taking classes in night school or that you have a regular exercise/yoga class provides lots of cover.

If you are planning on escorting while holding down a job with variable hours you may have to change up the story slightly so that there are, say, two days a week where you have to leave by a set hour. Those days can be for early dates. The rest of the week you work the hours required and simply book your escort appointments a bit later in the evening.


So once you have worked out the hours puzzle, how do you book those appointments? At work, having two phones is deeply suspicious and answering one with a name no one in your office has heard will certainly get you talked about. There are a couple of solutions. First, you can sign up at an escort agency. A good agency, and they very definitely vary in quality, will be able to accommodate your schedule and you’ll be able to go to work knowing that the agency will handle your escort bookings.

The problem with agencies is that they are taking a big chunk of your revenue. A 50/50 split of fees, even 40/60 is not uncommon which means you have to work twice as hard to earn the same money you would as an independent escort. You have to assess whether the convenience is worth the cash.

If you decide to stay independent, you have to look at alternatives for your escort bookings. A simple alternative is to set hours where you will be available to take booking calls. Of course, as booking an escort is often an impulse purchase, you will likely miss a fair number of potential dates. You can try using email only and checking from your work but that has drawbacks as speaking to a potential escort client is a key part of the screening process.

One very practical alternative is to hire a “booker”. As‘s intrepid Sarah Brooke details in her ongoing series “A Glimpse into the Shadows”, a booker manages the business side of an escort’s life. Not just taking calls but answering emails and texts, placing the escort’s advertising and often screening new clients. In exchange, the escort pays her booker a percentage of her fees from her dates. Paying a booker 20% versus an agency’s 50% cut makes good business sense right off the top.

Finding a booker can be tricky for an escort. You have to trust her with the fact you are escorting and, perhaps more importantly, you have to trust her character judgment. After all, she is responsible for weeding out the creeps and sending you only your preferred escort clients. When you hire a booker it is a good idea as she is learning the ropes, to do a confirming phone call with the client shortly before the escort appointment. This way you can check your booker’s assessment. Ideally, a friend that you know and trust can make your two work lives sync.

Keeping Work and Escorting Separate

This might seem obvious, but you don’t accept escort dates with people from the company you work for. However, what is not so obvious is how to avoid escort dates with people who work for companies which are your company’s suppliers or who provide it with professional advice.

In a sense, the professionals question depends on what your full time job is. There are lots of positions where a girl never sees people outside the company so she does not need to worry about her escorting overlapping. As well, so long as a girl is not escorting under her own name, a voice on the company phone is tough to connect with the escort you’ve hired for the evening.

For extra security it is not such a bad idea to put some distance between what you look like at work and what your look like escorting. Some of this is natural – after all you don’t wear a slinky little black dress to the office – or at least you shouldn’t. But even things as simple as keeping your hair up at work and wearing a pale lipstick and very little eye make up and then, for your escort encounters letting your hair down and switching to a sultry scarlet lipstick will make you look like a completely different girl.

Of course the best camouflage can be destroyed if you use your escort phone at work or are silly enough to use work email to communicate with your clients or your booker. Practice great communications discipline and your co-workers will never be the wiser.

Escorting Strategically

One of the best things about being an escort with a full time job is that you have an income whether you escort or not. This gives you the luxury of trying strategies to boost your escorting income while reducing the amount of hours you actually work escorting.

When escorting is your only income you really can’t afford to be too experimental. But when your rent is already paid you can twist the dragon’s tail and see just what you can do with your escorting business.

What may look like the limitations of running your escort business while you are working full time may actually turn out to be strengths. You have a limited number of escort hours available which means you have a lot of incentive to use them efficiently. You also want to keep your escorting activities well under corporate and co-worker radar and that gives you some helpful constraints as well.

Take a look at what a manageable number of escorting hours a week looks like for you. Do you want to work every evening and weekends or would two or three evenings a week and Saturday be more pleasant?

If you set your schedule carefully you will also have a pretty good idea of how many dates you can accommodate a week. You can work as much or as little as you like as an escort, and you have the freedom and flexibility to think about some escorting alternatives.

For example, you might look for a mistress arrangement on your Saturdays. Or, if you hit the jackpot, you can ditch your escort gig for good. Moonlighting as a mistress is the ultimate side job for a young career girl Four hours in the afternoon can easily cover your rent and provide an attractive allowance. I don’t like the term Sugar-Daddy but those sites offer one method of finding an “arrangement”.

At the same time, a brilliant ad in, yes, the old style print media in the classified section can work wonders. Nothing flashy, just a simple invitation:

Make me your Mistress

Enticing, educated young woman is seeking a special someone. Enjoy pampering, pleasure and delight. For gentlemen of discerning taste. Apply herein.

No picture, no email or phone number. Yes, it is old-fashioned but for some men it will be irresistible. Remember, you only need one. Be picky. Be patient. Run your ad weekly until you find the gem you are looking for. You have to have coffee with a few frogs before you find a prince amongst men.

Becoming a mistress is a long term commitment and, while a bit like escorting, brings with it challenges all its own. However, entertaining a patron of a Saturday or Sunday afternoon is a charming way to cover your expenses, and live well beyond your real income. Find the right man, who adores you and thinks you are a goddess, and the world can indeed become your oyster. You may be set with a not only the basics, but the luxuries as well. And, in some best case scenarios where you are kept for years, your career path may be paved in ways you couldn’t imagine before you met. You needn’t ever mention your other escorting activities and the fact you have a full time job will be a plus. Many men who would like a mistress do not want to feel the financial pressure of being her sole financial support. However, if he wants more of your time and attention, you can always switch your job to part time work, or even take a sabbatical from your career for a time. You and he can devise an arrangement that works for both of you.

If you have secured a patron, or even as you are interviewing potential patrons, it is time to decide whether to continue your escort business. Having a full time income means that you have the pure luxury of actually deciding if and how you will escort. And it provides the financial cushion necessary to allow you to experiment a little with your marketing and services.


Starting at the Top

Many girls sort of “slide” into escorting. They can’t make their rent and decide to put up an ad or they need to make tuition or pay off credit cards. Escorting in these circumstances becomes a matter of survival and that, I fear, is not a good start to any business.

Becoming an escort is attractive when you don’t have any money because, in theory, it has next to no start up costs. Sign up with an agency and you are pretty much on your way. The problem, of course, is that you are on your way to a destination which may not be the one you actually want.

Having a full time job when you start escorting eliminates a lot of the pressures which lead girls to settle for an agency or for a business which is all about being a service provider. There is more to escorting than half hour to hour dates with random hobbyists.

Because working full time provides an income, a girl can target her marketing efforts at her ideal market rather than the overall escort market. Which means your full time income lets you take your time planning your escort advertising, web presence and niche. You can set your prices high because you are not worried about making enough money to pay the rent this month.

Here is where the strategy lies. Depending on where you live you can decide to focus on very specific, high dollar, niches. Older men are always a good bet. They have more money and, usually, fewer demands. Better still, they have learned that you really do “get what you pay for” and, as an economist would put it, are relatively insensitive to price. Plus, as they tend to be better established and better known in the community, they will usually see it in their interest to be very discreet.

If that is your niche make sure that your advertising is to the point: “Over 50 only” will usually do the trick. So will setting yourself apart from other girls by keeping your advertising enticing rather than explicit. You don’t need twenty random phone calls from thrill seekers, you need one or two from gentlemen who are intrigued.

Precisely the same strategy can be used to address the out of town business client niche. Here the filter is “available at finer hotels” if you plan to do outcalls, or “near exclusive downtown hotels” if you are doing in-calls. Of course the great advantage of dealing largely or exclusively with out of town businessmen is that it is very unlikely your escorting activity will intersect with your work. It can happen, but in a large city it is just not likely.

The client profile of your escorting business is something you should pay close attention to. Different niches will have different arrays of escorting clients. Out of town businessmen tend to produce a series of single encounters because the clients are rarely coming to your city every week or every month. Older gentlemen are exactly the opposite with escort regulars being the rule rather than the exception.

For maximum discretion, it is wise to try to push the client profile of your escorting business in the direction of regulars. This reduces the need to advertise, screen and take the risks associated with seeing a client for the first time. Here again, having the income from a full time job means you can afford to develop the client profile for your escorting business which makes the business most cash effective while, at the same time, safe and pleasant.


Having made the decision to escort while keeping your full time job, you need to address the question of balance. Put simply, for every girl there is a point where her need for cash has to be set against how many clients she can easily see during a given week. This is an equation which varies greatly depending on the girl, the nature of her escort encounters, her pricing and, realistically, how demanding her straight job actually is.

If a girl can manage to secure a patron and price herself towards the higher end she might well have more than enough money seeing two or three gentlemen callers a week. And that is a pace which is sustainable for years. On the other hand, if an escort has a particular goal – a car, travel, a down payment on a house – she may want to see more clients.

The critical thing about escorting strategically is that a girl retains a great deal of control over her escorting life by planning and executing her plan in a disciplined way. Balance is achieved by setting specific goals for your escorting business. The obvious metric is revenue – set a weekly and monthly goal for gross and net income and see if you can achieve it. However, a less obvious but more useful goal is to set both a net escorting income goal and a total hours spent goal. At the end of the month you divide actual income by actual hours spent to find out what you are making per hour. See how you can grow that per hour number month to month.

Escorting, whether you have a full time job or not, is a business and needs to be taken seriously as such. If you are just looking for a little side income, being kept as a mistress is safe, easy and lucrative. It has a revenue cap but virtually none of the risks retail escorting entails.

However, a well-run, selective escorting business in addition to a mistress situation, can pile up money quickly when you are already drawing a salary from your full time job.

Which leads to a temptation: once you have established your escorting business you’ll be finding that even with a few dates a week you start making more money escorting than you do from your straight job. Plus, as a business, you get to deduct all sorts of things from your gross escorting income for tax purposes which means you can keep more of your escorting money than you can of the money from your regular work. So…why not quit the 9-5?

The answer will vary from girl to girl but the realistic version is that escorting income is more than a little fleeting. While many escorts work for years, many others have had enough after two or three months. Keeping your day job means that you are building a lot of financial credibility. Your business skills and credit score will improve, your bank balance will increase, you will have medical and dental benefits and, perhaps most of all, you will have a real story about a real life. Time spent as an escort is more than a little difficult to explain on a resume.

Achieving a balance between your desire for the lovely piles of money escorting can bring and the security and respectability which a job and even a career can bring, is a delicate thing. A clever girl creates a solution which works for her.