12 little known on-the-job escort injuries and how to avoid them

When one-third of adults suffer a sex injury each year, it’s really no surprise that escorts frequently suffer from some sort of job-related sex-induced issue. This is to be expected when delicate tissues collide with repetitive motions, unnatural positions, and passion. Add to that the fact that the body releases an increased number of endorphins during arousal, so pain is naturally suppressed. However, the next day (or even in an hour or two), when the endorphins are gone, the pain comes out.

Most sex-related injuries are not serious, but they may require some attention. Additionally, most of them can be avoided with some forethought and simple planning. Refer to these tips to treat and avoid escort injuries on the job:

  1. Tendonitis is a common complaint from escorts who are asked to perform hand stimulation that requires extensive massage to create results. Escorts and happy-ending professionals sometimes call this “peckeritis”. Medical professionals often call it tennis elbow or quarterback shoulder. Regardless of what you call it, the problem occurs when too much stress is put on a joint. The joint could be the shoulder, elbow or wrist. According to the American College of Rheumatology, the tissue will repair itself if damage is slight or non-recurrent. However, chronic pain and inflammation can occur when the injury is repetitive. If you have several clients who request manual stimulation, you may need to find a new method of helping them achieve orgasm or develop a new angle for your hand so it’s not in an unnatural position. Vary the way you hold your client’s penis and how you stroke it, changing your angle and body position during the activity. You can treat your pain with over-the-counter painkillers and ice the joint when not in use. Wearing an elastic bandage or compressive brace may help, too. Surgery may be required to correct severe cases.
  2. Neck pain occurs regularly when you give blow jobs to clients, especially those who do not climax quickly. Prior to getting into position to pleasure your client, stretch your neck by rotating it around several times and shrugging your shoulders repetitively. Change positions during the blow job, and don’t hesitate to incorporate your hand into the activity, to give your neck a break, if necessary. Additionally, position your client so less stress is on your neck. Request that he sit down and you kneel down, between his knees. Or, ask him to stand in front of you while you sit in a chair or on the bed. Decreasing the angle that you must bend to perform oral sex will ease your neck pain. If you end up with a crick just the same, ice it and massage the muscles with your hands.
  3. Hip displacement can occur when your client insists on the missionary position and he is much heavier than you. Ask to change positions frequently or adjust yourself underneath him throughout the encounter. Staying in one position too long may result in your hip popping out of place, which is quite painful and can hinder your ability to walk. You may be able to avoid displacement through working on your own flexibility by stretching and doing yoga. Treatment should include a visit to your chiropractor for realignment and adjustment.
  4. Muscle pain is a common complaint when clients require you to maintain uncomfortable positions during sex. To avoid this, build up your core and body strength by lifting weights and doing yoga. Stretch ahead of time to loosen up and ask to change positions frequently. Afterward, ice packs and over-the-counter pain relievers may help you overcome strained muscles. Take it easy for a day or two to allow your muscles to heal.
  5. Rare injuries of the eyes can occur, including popped blood vessels. It causes a temporary decrease in vision and is caused by extremely strenuous sexual activity and straining during orgasms. Slow down activities if you feel pressure in your eye. Treatment requires time to heal.
  6. Loud clients can burst or rupture your eardrums. If you have a screamer or a loud moaner, make sure you position him so that his mouth is away from your ears when he is close to climaxing. All it takes to burst an eardrum is a loud noise, such as a human scream, close to your ear canal opening. Surgery may be required to fix a ruptured eardrum.
  7. Vaginal bruising is a regular problem for escorts with extremely rowdy and physical clients. All you can really do is insist that your client be more gentle, use more lube and treat yourself to a cool bath later. Your vaginal tissue heals quickly, so if you take it easy for a day or two, you should be as good as new soon.
  8. Love bites hurt when a client bites your neck or nipple in a bout of passion. Unless you like the pleasure/pain sensation, tell your client to stop it. If broken skin is a result of an amorous nibble, put antiseptic cream on it and cover it with a bandage to prevent infection.
  9. Broken penis is a real sexually-related injury that is getting more attention from the media and is more common than you might think. Use caution when having extremely active sex with your client, and make sure that you communicate when changing positions. Broken penis occurs when the erect penis is bent, causing the tubes filled with blood to rupture. A snapping sound usually accompanies the injury, and it requires immediate medical attention to avoid future complications to the urinary system or erectile functions.
  10. Rug burns commonly occur on the knees when giving a blowjob or on the back during missionary intercourse on the floor. Put a pillow under your knees to avoid scrapes or burns on your legs, and take all other activity to the bed.
  11. Avoid risky locations. Many injuries occur from having sex in unsafe spots, such as your kitchen table, sofa, car, shower or stairs. None of these locations are meant for horizontal action, and falls, bumps and bruises can occur as a result of attempting to have intercourse in an awkward position.
  12. Other common injuries such as bumps or bruises from a randy slap on the hip or konking your head on the headboard are par for the course when your business is sex. Take it in stride and know that these slight injuries are just standard risks of your trade.

Always know that if your client is causing you to be in pain for any reason, it is your right to tell him that he is hurting you and demand that he stop. You don’t deserve any purposefully-inflicted injuries just because you’re an escort. And, if you are injured severely, seek professional medical attention and report the abuse to law enforcement officials.