15 minor health conditions with major effect on escorts’ success

When you have a minor health condition, it’s pretty easy to pass it off as insignificant, a slight bother. However, some of these minor health issues may be having MAJOR impacts on your success as an escort, as they may manifest in physical symptoms that deter clients from returning. Alternatively, they may make your performance subpar in other ways. The 15 health issues below should never be ignored:

  1. Poor dental health: The American Dental Association recommends that everyone (young and old) should see a dentist twice a year for regular check-ups and cleaning. However, when you’re busy or without insurance, your dental exams may not be priorities. Escorts should consider that poor dental health can be a detriment to their careers. For instance, when you have cavities or extensive plaque buildup in your mouth, it can cause halitosis (bad breath). When you’re getting up close and personal with your clients, the last thing in the world you want is bad breath. A lot of times, bad breath may be caused by something you’ve eaten. But, if you fail to take care of your mouth, your dental health could be causing you problems with your breath. Additionally, cavities or gum disease may cause infections that negatively affect your immune system. Any attack on your immune system makes you more susceptible to colds and flu bugs that will cause you to miss days of work. Also, the inflammation in your body due to cavities or gum disease may make you sick in other ways, causing you to never full good, eventually impacting your escorting career.
  2. Insomnia: Insomnia is a temporary or long-term sleep disorder that is characterized by difficulty falling and/or staying asleep, according to WebMD. While most escorts work an odd schedule, establishing a consistent sleep schedule may be a challenge. If you have problems falling asleep, wake often throughout the night, wake too early in the morning or feel chronically tired upon waking, you may be the victim of insomnia. If so, the symptoms of it the next day may be having negative effects on your business. Common symptoms include: sleepiness during the day, general tired feelings, irritability and memory/concentration issues. Escorts need to be sharp and focused while they are with their clients. If your lack of sleep at night is causing you problems staying awake or being “in the moment” with clients, you could be allowing this health problem to majorly affect your career. Physical symptoms that may impact how you look include: sallow skin, puffy and red eyes, dark circles and a sad expression. Extended bouts of insomnia may make you really look bad, making clients wonder why they booked you after seeing you in person. Treatment may include taking prescription sleeping pills or simply adhering to better routines immediately before your bedtime.
  3. Acne: Adult onset acne is fairly common, or so says the American Academy of Dermatology. Several factors may be causing your acne: fluctuating hormone levels, stress, genetics and side effects from medications. Additionally, the hair and skin products you use could be making the situation even worse by clogging your pores or causing your skin to be oilier. (Beauty products should indicate that they are: non-comedogenic, non-acnegenic, oil-free or won’t clog pores. Traditional treatments may not be effective as an adult, so you may be stuck with the problem, unless you seek professional treatment from a dermatologist. Acne break-outs can cause your skin to look irritated and scabby. In addition to blemishes on your face, you may have back and chest acne, which detracts from your beauty. Regardless of how sexy your lingerie is, a big, fat zit in the middle of your chest will totally diminish the sex appeal of your outfit.
  4. Bad back or back pain: The Cleveland Clinic says that eight out of 10 people will experience back pain at some point in their lives. “Even the most basic tasks can become difficult and painful for people with back and neck problems,” indicates verbiage from the clinic. When you suffer from back and spine problems, you are miserable. It may keep you from engaging in encounters or preferred positions with clients. It negatively affects your posture and causes you to walk unnaturally. Your pain may distract you from your clients and deter you from booking encounters. Escorts can’t afford to live with back pain if they want to be successful. Depending on your health issues, your back pain may be alleviated or lessened with a quick visit to a chiropractor. If not, surgery is definitely worthwhile in order to get back in the swing of things with your career. Back pain can essentially ruin your efforts as an escort, due to incapacitating you with clients.
  5. Eczema: The National Eczema Association says that over 30 million Americans suffer from eczema, so you are not alone if you have it. While it’s not curable, it IS manageable. Everybody’s rashes look different, but they all look red, irritated and sensitive. Most clients seek out escorts with smooth, photo-finish skin. They don’t want to see escorts who consistently have rashes on their arms, face or other parts of the body. In addition to your rash being a physical turn-off to clients, it can cause you to itch intensely. As you scratch at yourself in front of clients, they are less and less impressed with your professionalism and all hopes of being sexy flies out the window. And, if you DO manage to visit with clients without scratching your rash, you may be more focused on not succumbing to the itch than you are their pleasure. A regular skin routine that includes proper moisturizing is essential when you have eczema. If you experience bad outbreaks, seek professional advice and medications from a dermatologist or allergist.
  6. Allergies: According to the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, allergies are common reactions from the immune system where the body attempts to protect against invading organisms that may cause illness. Allergens vary greatly, but if you are plagued by seasonal problems or hay fever, you may have a runny nose; watery, puffy eyes; cough; drainage; sinus issues and several other symptoms. As a result, when you see clients, it’s immediately obvious that you are suffering from an allergy flare up. Regardless of how attractive you are when your allergies aren’t raging, your snotty nose and sneezes don’t do much for your allure. It can make it downright difficult for a client to engage with you, if you are constantly excusing yourself to blow your nose. (And, if you don’t excuse yourself, it may be disgusting to hear you blow out snot.) It’s essential that you consult with an expert to get your allergies under control. Escorts need to be able to see clients without the worry of an allergy attack. Most allergists can prescribe therapies that will help to alleviate your symptoms to the point of being nearly non-existent. Otherwise, you may lose clients due to your chronic allergic condition.
  7. Strabismus: Most people are diagnosed as children with strabismus, says the American Optometric Association. But, a diagnosis of it doesn’t always mean that it was successfully treated. Others develop it in adulthood. As an escort, strabismus can really diminish your business. Misalignment of the eyes really freaks people out. Even though it’s not your fault, clients may be turned off by the way your eyes look. They say that the eyes are the mirror to the soul; your clients may want to dreamily look into them during a moment of passion or after an encounter of ecstasy. When you have an eye that doesn’t line up correctly, it can be offsetting to your clients, so much so that they won’t rebook with you. But, don’t fret! Strabismus can be treated. Opticians can prescribe special eyeglasses or contact lenses or prism lenses to help realign your eyes. If that’s not an option vision therapy or eye muscle surgery may be options.
  8. Arthritis: Escorts who have arthritis are in good company, according to the Arthritis Foundation. Over 50 million Americans suffer from arthritis (in its many forms) and fight to maintain daily activities. When you have arthritis, your pain and fatigue may limit you with patients. Pain in your joints may hinder you from being able to perform in certain positions; it may limit your mobility or movement during intimate moments; and it can cause limited stamina with clients. When your clients discover that you are unable to do as much as other escorts, they may book with your competitors, causing you to lose valuable encounters. It’s essential to learn to manage your pain and other issues associated with your medical condition. Therapies of prescription medicines (and over-the-counter remedies) may sufficiently handle your pain, if you follow through with them consistently. In addition to your medications, you need to take care of yourself and exercise in order to maintain strength and a full range of motion.
  9. Digestion problems: Women often experience several digestion issues during their lifetimes, including: ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome (disease), GERD, heartburn, gas, constipation and diarrhea. All of these problems can make an encounter with a client miserable. And, when you’re suffering from a digestion problem, your client is bound to know it. Your issues may cause you to limit times that you’re available to clients (decreasing your availability). They may cause embarrassing incidents during visits. And, they may gross out clients to the point that they won’t come back. It’s important that you balance your digestion issues through diet, probiotics, exercise, diet or medical assistance in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle and retain clients. Sometimes, it’s an issue of simply being mindful of what you eat prior to visiting with clients. However, if your problems are not alleviated by this, a medical professional may be able to help.
  10. Hemorrhoids: The Mayo Clinic says that hemorrhoids, also called piles, are “swollen and inflamed veins in your anus and lower rectum.” They are often the result of low fiber diets, pregnancy, strained bowel movements, obesity, constipation, lack of exercise an low water intake. Additionally, vigorous anal sex may bring them on or irritate them severely. If anal sex is something that you engage in habitually during encounters, a hemorrhoid problem may seriously limit the fun clients can have. If anal sex is important to your clients, they will probably stop booking with you if you can’t engage in the activity regularly. As a result, you’ll lose clients. To stop that from happening, you may have to have a minimally invasive procedure done or undergo surgery to alleviate your symptoms. If your hemorrhoid problems are minor, a sitz bath, topical ointments, pain relievers and ice packs may help your flare up diminish.
  11. Migraines: Migraines can be intense and debilitating and are three times more common in women than in men. Escorts may be very prone to them due to their erratic schedules, lack of sleep, stress and other factors. While there are no cures for migraines, it’s important to learn to manage your headaches in order to have a successful escorting career. Clients expect you to be available when they book you. If you have to frequently cancel encounters due to the onset of a migraine, your inconsistency may drive clients away. They won’t understand that you can’t function during a migraine, much less focus on their pleasure instead of your pain. Even if they do understand, they will look for someone who is available when they need them. Managing your migraines through diet, exercise, stress reduction and medication can be the solution to your problem if your headaches seem to be affecting your career.
  12. Urinary incontinence: Weak and damaged muscles are pretty common for escorts due to the constant work-out your lady parts get from clients. Pregnancy, age, medications and lack of exercise can also contribute to urinary incontinence problems, which pose real issues for escorts. Leakage issues can be a big deal when you’re with a client you’re trying to impress. And, most clients are not turned on by the idea that every time you sneeze, you fear losing a bit of urine. It’s really un-sexy to urinate a bit during the middle of an encounter, especially when you’re doing a striptease in your birthday suit for a client. Kegel exercise and medications may help alleviate your symptoms. If these don’t help, a doctor may recommend surgery. Regardless, it’s important to clear up this problem if you want to retain a professional career in the escort industry.
  13. Urinary tract infections: Escorts who are having frequent sex with clients are at a heightened risk for urinary tract infections, which can be quite painful and uncomfortable. They make sex unpleasant and persistent infections can bring you down to the point where you won’t want to schedule encounters. If you’re missing bookings due to UTI’s, it’s time to nip that problem in the bud before your infections get more serious. (Serious complications can impact fertility and cause infections of your bladder and kidneys.) Medications can easily clear up your infections, along with dietary changes (such as drinking more water and cranberry juice). However, don’t rely simply on home remedies when you have an infection. A visit to your doctor is necessary to get an antibiotic.
  14. No sex drive: Birth control, too much sex, depression, stress or other factors can seriously diminish your libido. An escort with no desire for sex is going to have a problem mustering up the passion and desire for her clients. If you’ve found yourself without the ability to get turned on, a brief visit with your doctor may be in order to change up your medications or address another issues that could be limiting your hormones. Your clients expect you get hot and bothered with them. If you’re unable to do that, they will find another escort who can and will.
  15. PMS: Most women will experience PMS issues at some point in their lives. Bloating, cramps, breast tenderness and other symptoms may make you want to veg out on the couch and eat a lot of chocolate. While that may be acceptable treatment if you don’t have encounters booked, it certainly won’t work when you’ve got places to be with clients. Managing your symptoms is essential when you’re an escort with a tight schedule. Over-the-counter medications may help with the pain and bloat, and exercise may help ease other discomfort. A contraceptive may alleviate overall symptoms when taken long term.