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13 pitfalls of adult entertainment

While there are numerous benefits to being an adult entertainer, there are some definite disadvantages, too. The lifestyle, itself, may lead to certain bad habits, while others are a result of association with the adult entertainment industry. Before getting too involved, it’s always wise to know exactly what you’re getting in to, so that you can make an informed decision. For some, these pitfalls are simply too much. Others, though, see the disadvantages as simply a risk of the trade. It’s up to you; weigh the pitfalls and determine if they are too much for you to handle: Continue reading

13 things providers should never consent to even in dire need of money

Unfortunately, it’s all too common for an escort to become desperate for money. Whether it’s because you’re new to the industry and are struggling to develop a full schedule of bookings or you’ve encountered a dry spell of clients (or many other circumstances could be causing you financial difficulties), it’s a terrible state to be in. Continue reading

Which 14 comments should escorts consider “red flag”?

When you are starting out as an escort, it may be difficult to differentiate between innocent questions that clients ask you and others that have underlying intentions that work against your progress. As you gain some experience, you may be able to identify timewasters and unsavory characters on your own, using your instincts. But, in the meanwhile, you may want to rely on this checklist of red flag comments to beware of. If your clients make similar statements or ask questions like these, keep your guard up: Continue reading

12 signs that your escort is trouble

There are many reasons for escorts to screen their clients and take more security measures. However, clients, too, may be putting themselves into precarious position by seeing escorts. While in a perfect world all escorts are upright, honest individuals who mean no harm, in the world where we live it’s not always the case. Clients are equally responsible for their own safety and should pay attention to the signals that escorts put off. Continue reading

How can escorts dodge their clients’ partners?

Anytime that you are working with clients who may not be exactly living the single lifestyle, you run the risk of encountering a jealous partner. Significant others may be lying in wait, trying to catch their loved one in less-than-honorable situations. Just being at the wrong place at the wrong time may put you right in the middle of a very undesirable predicament. Continue reading

The effects of confiding your escorting secret to others

It’s common for escorts to debate the pros and cons of divulging their secrets to friends and family members. But, most often, the pros and cons directly relate to how the sharing of the truth will affect you, the escort. Even though that may be a prevalent concern for you, obviously, there are many other factors to consider when you plan to confide in others. There’s a significant ripple effect that results in situations that you may not have even thought about and how they will impact not only you, but the important people in your life. Continue reading

Girl on the go: Escorting in a mobile world

Lying in your purse is a tiny device that is, in actuality, a full-scale computer thousands of times more powerful than the computer aboard the Apollo 11 mission which landed men on the moon. Saying that the Smartphone has revolutionized the internet is no exaggeration. Add to it tablets, and suddenly the world in which a modern-day escort conducts her business is totally transformed. Continue reading

How to handle clients who accuse escorts of passing along an STD

When you’re an escort, you put your own sexual health at risk each time you meet up with a client. Although you implement strict policies about condom use and other safe practices, it is possible that, despite your best efforts, you could contract an STD. Additionally, you have to be aware that due to society’s outlook on the escort industry, your clients may be extremely fearful of getting an STD or infection from you. Being prepared for the STD discussion is a necessity Continue reading

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