Deathmatch: An escort vs. a one-night stand

A lot of people scoff at the idea of calling an escort to fulfill any of their communicative, sexual or romantic needs. They argue that they don’t have a problem finding a suitable partner to engage in intimacy with. But, in reality, a warm body to just have sex with is much different than hiring the services of an escort. Prospective clients claim that it’s cheaper to go out and look for a one-night stand, forgetting that you get what you pay for. Continue reading

12 reasons why escorts should only book married clients

Many escorts implement strict rules or policies that stipulate the type of clients they accept for bookings. Some base their qualifications on age, income or race. Even if clients think that escorts are being unfairly judgmental to exclude them based on these criteria, it’s an escort’s prerogative to decline any client she wants to for any reason. She’s the one providing services, and she gets to decide whom she spends her time with. As escorts brainstorm qualifications for their clients, one to seriously consider is their marital status. Continue reading