Artful escorting

Do you have an image of an escort? Twenty something, tawny hair, sleek but with mildly oversized breasts and slightly too loud make up? Or brunette and sultry with pouty lips and an attitude? Or a Vegas showgirl with impossibly long legs gone bad. Or Catherine Deneuve in Belle de Jour looking all blonde and French and bewildered?

All these images are right and all are equally wrong. There is no “typical” escort. In fact there is not even a typical escorting business. Some girls are purely service providers catering to hobbyists and hoping for great reviews, others are courtesans with a wealthy clientele who barely advertise much less solicit reviews. It is all about style and presentation and where a girl feels most comfortable. At the same time, an escort is in business and wherever she places herself on the escorting continuum has to create income. Continue reading

10 reasons to see “American Courtesans”

Escorts typically lead their lives through a veil of mystery and secrets. Their lives are hidden from their families and exposed (sometimes literally) to everyone on the Internet. However, many escorts wish that general social attitudes and moral judgment would suspend and extend them acceptance and understanding. But in the real world, this will probably never be the case, unless things change drastically. Continue reading