20 beauty pageant tricks that work swimmingly for escorts

The escort industry is somewhat like the beauty pageant stage, in that women are chosen as “winners” based on varying criteria including looks, personality and other attributes. Escorts capitalize on their positive characteristics, just as beauty pageant contestants do, appealing to the judges (or clients) in an attempt to be singled out from the crowd of competitors for reward. Continue reading

Are you looking good enough to be an escort?

Many women ponder whether they have the good looks to pull off a successful escorting career. But, what they fail to understand is that there is no standard for good looking “enough” when it comes to the escort industry. Some escorts are drop-dead gorgeous; others are simply fair looking; some look terrible without their make-up and perfect hair styles. As a prospective escort, it’s definitely wise to assess your looks in order to predict how successful you might be. Continue reading

Escort’s beauty changes with years – and it’s OK

Nothing ever stays the same. The world is in a constant state of flux, and so are its inhabitants. Regardless how determined you are to hang on to today, life changes daily. Often that’s a good thing. However, it can pose challenges for those who are content with what they have currently. Many escorts fall into this category, as they are extremely pleased with their image and appearance and how the two elements help them succeed in the industry. Continue reading

Does an escort have to look like Barbie to be successful?

Growing up, too many children have their imagination and the notion of what’s normal brutally violated by the Barbie doll — the epitome of pseudo-reality imagineered by Hasbro, Disney, Coca-Cola other major advertisers of pseudo-reality. Blonde hair, glass-smooth skin, perky boobs, small waist and endless legs. While some women do kind of fit this mold, the vast majority of healthy, normal human beings do not even begin to come close to resembling this image of fantasized perfection. Continue reading