17 common-sense dos and don’ts for exotic dancers at private parties

Adult service providers who work as exotic dancers may find opportunities to entertain clients at private parties. Birthdays, bachelor/stag events, going away celebrations and other activities may warrant some scantily clad eye candy for the party goers’ appreciation. But, working a private party is a lot different from doing a night at the club. Before you show up for a private gig, pay attention to these important tips so that you and your clients’ experiences are as great as possible. Continue reading

Dead giveaways that your client isn’t interested in hanky panky

Clients come to see adult service providers for many reasons, but most underlying intentions usually revolve around intimate pleasure. However, from time to time, an individual will have other things in mind. If you’re not on your game and miss the signs that a client has threatening plans for an encounter, you will become the victim of his wrath. Also, if you aren’t paying attention, you won’t notice when a client needs something else other than the eventual move to somewhere “more comfortable.” Regardless, there are some dead giveaways that tell you when a client isn’t interested in hanky panky. They include: Continue reading

10 misjudgments that some escorts are quick to make

Escorts have been subject to judgment and stigmatization by the bulk of society for hundreds of years: people assume they are drug addicts, mentally ill, victims of abuse, immoral offcasts, perverts or a multitude of other stereotypes. However, escorts are just like anybody else: they have families, engage in mainstream activities and shop at the same stores as everyone else. Continue reading

On escorting and addictions

Society’s overall perceptions of escorts include the image of a drug-addled, runaway who performs sex acts for money. People seem to think they lack values and morals and have low personal opinions of themselves.

Far and wide, rscorts are intelligent, beautiful, entrepreneurs who rely on their skills and talents to provide companionship for those who seek it in exchange for generous compensation. However, just like all other slices of the world population, many ARE plagued by addictions and problems that are exacerbated by their careers. Continue reading

11 ways you spook escorts without meaning to

Despite your best efforts, your inexperience may lead you to cause escorts to distrust you from the very start. Clients often fail to realize that their hesitation or quirky behavior throw red flags up to escorts who are always on the look-out for telltale behavior that a client could be a bad risk. When their safety is at stake, who can blame them for paying close attention to client actions that tip them off to potential hazards down the road? Continue reading