Overwhelming success: 13 steps to making it as an overweight escort

It’s pretty common knowledge that the majority of escorts are slim, fit and have a lower-than-average BMI. But they are not the only ones achieving success in adult entertainment. Because sexual appetites desire all shapes, sizes and colors of providers, those who are bigger boned or more voluptuous have an equal chance of thriving in the business. BBW escorts should realize, though, they have a unique set of challenges they may face when they enter the industry. Follow these tips and you’ll have higher chances of creating a top-notch career: Continue reading

15 reasons for escorts to be proud

Working as an escort within a society that stigmatizes the profession, it can be especially trying to maintain high self esteem and pride in oneself. However, escorts have a lot to be proud of. All women deserve to experience the confidence gained from self satisfaction with their careers and lifestyles. Escorts are no different. In fact, escorts have a particular set of behaviors that place them apart and establishes foundations for honor in various areas throughout life. Continue reading

How do escorts deal with tattoos and piercings

According to the National Tattoo Association, over 10 million Americans sport at least one tattoo somewhere on their bodies. Getting a tattoo is an easily achievable task with over 4,000 tattoo studios operating in the U.S. However, for an escort getting a tattoo isn’t always the right thing to do just because a tattoo is easy to get and “everyone is doing it”. Continue reading