12 ways for an escort to get the client to book

Even the best sales people in business have difficulties closing the deal with some clients. But those who aren’t skilled or educated in how to finalize agreements find it even more challenging when it comes down to that time to commit or walk away. Escorts have to get client commitment each and every time they book an encounter. It’s often hard to judge whether a client is ready to book or not, but it’s necessary for an escort to attempt to get him there. Continue reading

Organizing escort’s little black book: 8 record-keeping tips

Escorts rely heavily on the records they keep about their clients. And, while most outsiders incorrectly assume that an escort keeps only essential details about their contact information, successful escorts keep careful track of their clients. Marketing, avoidance of bad clients and general preparedness require escorts to keep careful records about their clients. While most escorts choose to keep their client lists in different ways (hard copy, on their phones or on their computers), there are similar elements that all escorts should maintain in their little black books. Continue reading