Escorting in the UK: Health, safety and the law

Rather then turning a blind eye to the sex industry and leaving escorts to discover the boundaries of the law themselves, the UK in general — and the NHS in particular — along with other government health authorities are now accepting of the existence and function of this industry in society. As a result of this growing trend of acceptance, those in it are becoming better protected and increasingly able to operate in a safer and more regulated environment where there is advice and help at hand. Continue reading

Oliver Twist’s friend Nancy

Many of us know the story of Oliver Twist, though far lesser of us have actually read Dickens’ classic book. A famous Broadway musical, several children’s books, multiple film adaptations and even cartoon variations have abounded in the 150 years since it was first published. While the main story lines each version—a poor orphaned boy gets into trouble with some criminals but eventually finds a good home—there is something dramatically missing in all of them that was a strong statement in Dickens’ original: Oliver’s friend Nancy was a prostitute. Continue reading

Royal Navy gays in Napoleonic Wars

From 1803 to 1815, Napoleon’s armies waged war in Europe, attempting to expand French territories throughout the land. These battles became known as the Napoleonic Wars. The British navy fought long and hard during this time to save the whole of Europe from Napoleon’s control. Men served for many years aboard ships, fighting against the French armies and navy. Continue reading