How and why to switch between the genres of adult entertainment?

The adult entertainment industry includes many unique genres. While they may all have some similarities and provide similar outcomes for customers, they include different methods of achieving client satisfaction. It’s fairly common for providers to begin following one career path, only to change directions as they learn more about other options. Transitioning to another adult entertainment genre is fully possible, if you follow some helpful tips and are altering your path for a good reason.

What are some justifiable and understandable reasons to change career directions within the industry? Continue reading

For escorts, a change is as good as a break

No matter where a girl is on the great wheel of escorting – service provider to courtesan – at some point escorting is going to become a routine. A job. A chore. Now for some girls that is a positive relief. No more worrying about dates, no pressure because everything is predictable: for others it is a huge hint that they need to rethink the whole thing. Somewhere in between is a need to change things up even for a little while. Continue reading

Escorts can change everything by changing one thing

Speaking with a lot of escorts of late doing a phone promotion, one of the things which came up over and over was that while most were generally satisfied with their business, there was a fair amount of ennui. One girl said to me, “I basically have the same date three or four times a day.” While a good, professional attitude can get you through a lot, the fact is tedium can make escorting a chore (and, let’s face it; a bore). Continue reading FAQ

Q: How do I sign up at
A: To create an account, just click the red “Post your free ad now” button and follow the process. Your account will be created along the way.

Q: How do I delete a post?
A: Just follow these steps—

  1. Log in to your account. In the left sidebar click “Delete / View ads”.
  2. In the list of posted ads find the one(s) you want to delete.
  3. Check the box in the rightmost column of each ad to be deleted.
  4. Once all the right ads have been selected, click “Delete selected” at the top or at the bottom of the list.

In the screenshot below, red highlight shows the way to delete a single ad, yellow — the way to delete more than one:

Q: How do I change my phone number or email address?
A: Log into your account, click “Your details” in the menu, then choose the option you need.
How to change email or password on

Q: How do I post to a different city?
A: Log into your account, click “Post” next to the template you want to post an ad from, and on the next screen pay attention to the “change city” button next to the city name.
Change city for your post at

Q: How long does an ad stay online?
a.k.a. When does an ad expire?
A: This depends on the area where the ad was posted. For example, in New York City the ad will expire within a month, because new ads are posted often. In small cities an ad may stay up for more than 3 months. In other words, the more ads get posted in a city, the faster will the ads in this city expire.

Q: How long before I start receiving calls, texts, and emails?
A: This will depend on a few factors. The city: if you post in New York, your ad will soon be buried, unless you repost often. Without enough eye traffic, you won’t have enough prospects. The content: If you have not taken care to prepare excellent photographs and write an enticing copy, why would anyone prefer your ad to thousands of nearly identical ones? Make sure to do your homework. The market: If you are one of hundreds of thousands posters who offer the same generic abbreviations and utter nonsense like “bubbly personality, one of a kind, bla-bla-blah”, you are going to lose. Check this list:

Q: How do I verify my identity?
A: As the site is growing in popularity, its popularity with spammers and scammers is growing, too. The good thing is that unlike honest posters they don’t like to be photographed, which we can use to our advantage. To verify your identity please follow the instructions below:

  • You need to hold a piece of paper with your current email address handwritten on it.
  • Your fingers need to be seen holding the paper.
  • Your fingers, hands, arms, shoulders, and your head need to be visible.
  • Take this photo in good light, don’t crop or process in any way — just send it as is to support at skipthegames dot com with the subject “Verification photo”.

We don’t need nudity. We don’t need your government ID. We need your face and your email. This photo is used for internal verification only.