Which 14 comments should escorts consider “red flag”?

When you are starting out as an escort, it may be difficult to differentiate between innocent questions that clients ask you and others that have underlying intentions that work against your progress. As you gain some experience, you may be able to identify timewasters and unsavory characters on your own, using your instincts. But, in the meanwhile, you may want to rely on this checklist of red flag comments to beware of. If your clients make similar statements or ask questions like these, keep your guard up: Continue reading

What clients mean when they make these 12 obvious comments to escorts

You took great care when you wrote the content for your escort ad. You pondered every word and sentence to ensure that your message was clear, concise and specific. Pictures in your photo gallery are really you and give accurate representations of what you look like. You realize that your conversations over the telephone may be a bit vague, but they must be for you and your clients’ welfare. The majority of clients understand the subtle nuances of your communications with them. Continue reading