15 stipulations to look for in an escort contract

Many escorts like the security and convenience of working for an agency. Marketing, bookkeeping and client contact lists are managed by somebody else, leaving them extra time to do other things. However, when you are an independent contractor for an agency, you have to make sure your interests are protected through your contract. Continue reading

10 questions to ask before signing up with an escort agency

In a crumbling economy, functioning as an independent escort can be challenging, especially if you’re relatively new to the industry. Agencies can help escorts by providing them with a steady schedule that will help them make the income they wish to generate for themselves and their families. However, not all agencies are what they are cracked up to be. Continue reading

15 commandments of an escort driver

When you drive for an escort, you will be her security partner, transportation provider and public relations. You help her to create an image of a successful, high-end escort, all while keeping her out of danger and ensuring she makes it to encounters on time. Although an escort may be very successful without employing a driver, she is certainly benefitted from the arrangement. Continue reading