14 keys to tackling that awkward small talk

Even though escorts are supposed to be “people” persons, not everyone is. Just because you’re in the escort industry, it’s not a guarantee that you’re an extrovert or have stellar communication skills. You may be extremely shy or reserved, even though you’re trying to make a career out of companionship. If so, don’t worry about it. Due to your natural inclination for bashfulness, you can easily identify with the clients who suffer from the same issue. But you do have to get over it in order to be successful in your role. There are several things you can do to get past that awkward opening and move into comfortable, easy small talk. Continue reading

Escorts, how awful are your phone manners?

Recently I had occasion to phone escorts, literally hundreds of escorts. OMG. In a few hundred phone calls only one in ten calls – at best – were even slightly pleasant. I thought perhaps it was the sound of a woman’s voice which was putting the escorts off, so I had my husband make calls. Lots of calls. My darling loves women, has a nice voice and has made calls for a living: he would come away from the phone a bit dazed. And utterly amazed at the lack of finesse these business women possessed. Continue reading

Reading between the lines: Escorts’ guide to understanding clients

When you are communicating with clients, you have to learn that sometimes what they don’t say carries as much if not more significance than the words you hear them speak. Escorts discuss bookings and details with clients all of the time, but they usually have to read between the lines in order to fully get the gist of what their clients are saying or wanting to know. Continue reading