★ How to identify fake escort ads and avoid scams

We’re all humans, we all appreciate a little R&R in our lives, so wouldn’t it be nice if we could just get our rocks off without having to deal with the various lowlifes of the world?

Updated Dec 19 2019

Because of the nature of the escort and provider business, scammers and bad citizens are attracted to it to take advantage of potential clients, who may be unwilling to go to law enforcement if they’re scammed and/or robbed

Please take the time to read our guide on how to spot fake ads and avoid being scammed.

Here at Skipthegames we’ve seen five main types of problems that people have to deal with:

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9 reasons for escorts to refuse credit card payments

Even though credit cards may be becoming the way of the world, you may find that there are significant reasons that will deter you from accepting them as payment for your escort services. Although 80% of U.S. consumers own and regularly use debit cards, there is nothing suggesting that you have to accept plastic in order to continue to have a thriving business. Continue reading

6 simple steps to set up a credit card merchant account for escorts

This article is old and outdated, we are working on updating it to provide you with better and more accurate information

When you decide to begin accepting credit card payments for sessions, you will have to jump through some hoops to establish yourself as a legitimate business with the card companies. Accepting credit card payments is easy, but there are some requirements you must meet. Continue reading

5 more reasons escorts should accept credit cards

In the age of digital money, it makes even more sense for escorts to accept credit card payments for sessions they book. Whether their clients pay for their appointments online or in person, several advantages make credit card acceptance nearly a no-brainer for high-end escorts who wish to cater to well-to-do clients. Here are five more reasons why escorts should accept credit card payments: Continue reading

Top 7 reasons escorts should accept credit cards

Although common advice for escorts discourage the act of accepting credit cards for payment, there are several reasons you should consider taking them as your ONLY form of payment from your clients. Escorts who have “arrived” and run an upscale business earning several hundred to thousands of dollars per date are expected to require more of their clients Continue reading